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May 2022
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Is it summer yet?

Warm weather is finally starting - thus summer reading is almost here! And we have oh-so-many summer reading things for you: a informational session recording, Camp Sparkler, a partnership with CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, CT Summer Meals, Girls Who Code, AND more! Read on to learn all about it.
Kymberlee Powe | Children and YA Consultant
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Ready for Summer Reading?

If you haven't already, now is definitely the time to visit iREAD Summer 2022: Read Beyond the Beaten Path to view the badge, flyer and artists. 

Please note, the iRead program manual has been shared with libraries that submitted the 2021 Summer Reading Report. Don't know if your library submitted data last for last year? No worries - you can look it up with our Data Report Creator!

For more information and to address your questions, visit iREAD linked above or visit our Summer Reading page and especially the FAQs
Summer Reading Informational Webinar

Summer Reading is right around the corner. As library's prep summer activities, reading lists and summer clubs, the CT State Library is here to remind you of the many resources and services we provide that your library patrons may need or want access to. 

In this virtual Summer Reading Informational Webinar we covered:
  • iRead resources
  • An overview of the Summer Survey
  • Access to eBooks and e Audio Books through the Palace Project
  • Available resources through the CT Library for the Blind
Go Camp Sparkler 2022!

Families Learn and Play Together All Summer Long

Join Camp Sparkler 2022 for 8 weeks of free, virtual camp for CT families with children ages 1. 5 - 5. Sparkler is creating this fun summer lineup in collaboration with partners including: The CT State Library, CT Office of Early Childhood, and 211 Child Development.

Get ready!
Download and register for sparkler's mobile app. Use access code CT or a local code from your CT school/ program.

8-week virtual camp starts July 4, 2022
Starting July 4, children 1.5 through age 5 can play five new, off-screen camp activities each week with their grown-ups, plus attend virtual story times with Connecticut librarians.

Learn through play — together!
Over 8 weeks, explore themes — from astronaut to zoologist — and practice important early childhood skills. Camp sparkler is designed by early childhood educators to grow children's hearts, words, minds, and bodies.

Prizes for 2+ plays each week. (to be eligible, families must press "we did it" on camp activities, and submit a photo.)

Questions: email [email protected] 
Logo: CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
Summer Reading Program Partners!

The CT State Library and the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

With the Summer Reading theme Read Beyond the Beaten Path hosted through iRead, the CT State Library is partnering with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) and its State Parks and Public Outreach Division, several of its Nature Centers and Museums, as well as the No Child Left Inside® program this spring and summer to offer some wonderful Storywalks and reading opportunities! 

Did you know that Connecticut has 110 State Parks and 32 State Forests within 15 minutes of where you live, all of which are perfect for outdoor activities including birding, boating fishing, hiking, reading, and on-site learning, to just name a few. 

Partner with CT DEEP!

If you haven’t reached out to your nearest CT DEEP State Park or Forest Interpretive Center for possible partnership opportunities, there is still time – DEEP staff are available to connect with you! 
CT Summer Meals Program

No-Cost Meals for All Kids, All Summer

The CT Summer Meals Program is federally funded by the USDA and state-administered by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE). The program provides free, nutritious meals to kids during summer break. Summer Meals meet federal nutrition guidelines and are composed of milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat or another protein. Summer Meals are offered at over 400 sites around the state from June to late August, serving combinations of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meals are free to any child age 18-and-under, no questions asked.

Summer Reading Report

Deadline | Friday, October 7 by 4 pm

As a reminder, submitting a complete Summer Reading Report – both the library statistics and the Patron Survey sections – by the due date is a requirement to receive access to the summer reading program materials for the following year.

Even if you do not participate in the CT State Library Summer Reading Program, we will still take your data! It all helps us tell the statewide Summer Reading story.

Find all the information you need at Summer Reading Reports and Summer Reading FAQs.
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Access Girls Who Code for Your Summer Programs!
Looking to incorporate STEM into your programs this summer? You’re in luck! Girls Who Code designed the perfect summer coding curriculum so you don’t have to. And, given our special partnership with Girls Who Code, Clubs affiliated with the CT State Library you will also be able to receive even more tailored support!

Whether you’ve never coded before or are a resident expert, you can host a Girls Who Code Summer Club for 3-5th or 6-12th graders and gain access to:
  • Over 120+ hours of self-guided coding tutorials for all skill levels in Scratch, Python, p5.js, or Swift
  • Curated summer resources with community-building activities and spotlights on inspiring role models
  • Training and ongoing virtual support from dedicated Girls Who Code staff
  • Easy-to-use meeting guides with flexible scheduling options whether you meet weekly or daily
  • Engaging virtual events with top tech company partners dependent on availability

Ready to access Girls Who Code’s Club resources – all for free!
Girls Who Code logo over photo of three dark-skinned girls at table with coding equipment.
Join Our Partnership with Girls Who Code 
Monday, June 6 | 11 am-12:25 pm 

The CT State Library has partnered with Girls Who Code to bring free computer science opportunities to girls and nonbinary students across our communities and would love for your school or library to host a Club! 

Join the CT State Library and our Girls Who Code Community Partner Manager Michaela Burger to learn more about the program and resources available to partners (like a facilitator toolkit and meeting guides) in this deep dive demonstration.

Girls Who Code Clubs are free, flexible programs for 3rd-12th grade students to learn how to make a positive impact on the world through computer science. When you sign up to start an in-person or virtual Club, you’ll gain access to loads of free resources and training, plus, NO coding experience required.

And there are extra benefits for Clubs affiliated with Community Partners, like the CT State Library! If you already have a Club, it’s not too late to affiliate with the CT State Library!

Growing Equitable Library Services
Growing Equitable Library Services (GELS) is a workshop series that strives to build all of our understandings as library staff, that much of our library work has a strong common thread; we all need to consider how to create more accessible, DEI-conscious libraries with services rooted in social justice. 

With many GELS program, we follow with a GELS Postscript session for small group processing, engagement, and action.
Approaching Patrons Who Have Experienced Trauma 
Monday, May 16 | 2-3:30 pm 

Presented by Patrick Lloyd: Library Social Worker at the Texas State Library Archives and Commission as part of a 4-part series.

Even before the events of 2020 and 2021, most of us had experienced trauma. Today, we are only beginning to understand the impact of recent events on the mental and emotional health of our communities.

However, research is indicating widespread trauma responses in our society including increased cigarette sales, rising opioid overdoses, and other societal ills. How can libraries continue to meet the needs of our communities given these escalating challenges?

This session will provide a brief overview of trauma and its subsequent behavioral responses in the library. We will focus on physically approaching patrons in a compassionate, trauma-informed manner with the goals of increasing felt safety in our libraries and mitigating confrontation.

GELS Postscript
Tuesday, May 17 | 10-11 am

This GELS Postscript session follows the workshop titled, Approaching Patrons Who Have Experienced Trauma, held on Monday, May 16. If you did not attend this program, your ability to participate in this conversation will be limited.

Growing Equitable Library Services Postscript sessions create a space for processing, discussion, engagement, and determining action after a GELS program. It is not a training or a presentation, but rather a space for reflection, processing, and thinking about action within the library. They are participatory and facilitated. 

Please note, as these small group virtual sessions are interactive, we ask that you be prepared with camera and audio capabilities.
The remaining session of a 4-part series with Patrick Lloyd, Library Social Worker at the Texas State Library Archives and Commission:

The Connected Library: Vetting and Partnering with Social Service Providers 
Tuesday, June 7 | 11 am-12:30 pm
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