Governor Lamont announces all workers at non-essential businesses are to remain home EFFECTIVE MONDAY
This afternoon, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced all workers of non essential business are to remain home "for the foreseeable future" as the state and nation attempt to reduce transmission of Covid-19.

An official list of essential businesses will be released later today . During the Governor's press conference, he specifically referenced gas stations, "package stores" and those in the food supply chain. For the past week, NECSEMA has been actively advocating for convenience stores, gas stations and the businesses that supply them to be included on any list of essential businesses.

Other details we know:
  • The Governor will issue an Executive Order describing all details
  • Non-essential businesses must remain closed.
  • Commissioner David Lehman of the DECD will be in charge of approving exempt industries and businesses. The list is subject to change.
  • Will utilize self-enforcement and will not be heavy handed, but fines will be issued if businesses refuse to close.
  • Governor Lamont said the Order will have the same intent as NY Governor Cuomo's which listed our businesses as essential.