Monthly Dateline Newsletter
February 2018/Shevat 5778
Columbus Torah Academy Monthly Dateline
Message from Head of School by Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff
In Parshas Yisro, the Torah informs us that Moshe’s father in law Yisro brought his daughter and her two sons to Moshe at the encampment of the Jewish people in the desert.  The Torah then proceeds to review for us, once again, the names of the two sons and the reason why the names were given.  Rabbi Yissocher Frand notes that Rabbi Elyakim Schlesinger in his sefer Bais Av asks why was it necessary for the Torah to repeat at this point in the narrative the names and reason for their names since the Torah had already stated that earlier.  The question we can examine is:  What is the message the Torah is conveying to us as Yisro is reuniting Moshe with his family?

To answer this question, the Bais Av offers an important insight for life.  He explains that Yisro was cognizant of the fact that while Moshe was separated from his family he became the leader of the Jewish people.  Yisro understood that, as leader, Moshe’s days would be dedicated to the needs of the general population and his attention would be consumed with the demands of the Jewish people.  Yisro repeated the names of Moshe’s sons with their explanation to convey to Moshe that while the needs of the entire Jewish nation will rest on his shoulders, he cannot ignore the individual needs of his own children.  Moshe must remember that despite the distractions of leadership, he must remain committed to his children and his family.

Rabbi Frand takes the idea of the Bais Av one step further.  He explains that in all circumstances of leadership, the leader has to be focused on the community at large, while simultaneously not losing sight of the individual.  A leader must constantly be mindful that a community is not only a single entity, rather it is also comprised of people.  When a leader is making decisions, the leader needs to reflect on what the impact of the decision will have on the community as a whole, in addition to its individual members.  .  

At Columbus Torah Academy we embrace the notion that we are a school community while also being a school specifically designed for each one of our students.  We recognize that our students have a lifetime of accomplishments ahead of them and our role as educators is to not only run an excellent school but to partner with each family and individual child to prepare them for success.
One of the central missions of the school is to strengthen the connections between our students and the State of Israel. Tu B'Shevat is a great opportunity to emphasize this. Many things happened during this period of time.

Tu Bishvat Seder: This year, the students prepared for Tu B’Shevat in a new way. The school kitchen was very busy as each grade from 2nd - 6th created a dish from one of the Shivat Haminim (the Seven Species of Israel). They measured, mixed, kneaded, baked and cooked. The results were colorful and tasty! Tables were set up and decorated by the Kindergarten and the different foods were served to the students throughout the grades who sat together for a Tu Bishvat Seder- singing, playing, dancing and of course enjoyed eating each other’s tasty treats. Kol Hakavod to the amazing Judaic team for orchestrating this event.

Fruit and Imagination : Using their creativity and art skills, the students from 6th grade created many different characters from fruit. It was really fun trying to guess who each character was.

Brachot Bee:  Morah Shira's 3 rd graders worked very hard learning all about Brachot Rishonot (blessings over foods) these past few weeks. They invented delicious kosher restaurants and wrote menus with the appropriate blessings in the right order listed next to the food. Additionally, they studied very hard for the Brachot Bee competition on Tu B'Shevat. Mazal Tov to the two winners, Gabriel Almasanu and Noam Levy! They each got a gift card to Graeter's for their hard work - enjoy that delicious Shehakol ice cream!

Trees in Israe l - As every year, the students collected money for our friends in Kfar Saba who used it to help us fulfil the Mitzvah of planting trees in Israel. In the Shilo School's garden are 7 fruit trees that have been planted over the years on behalf of the students at CTA.

Kindergarten Chumash Bereishit Siyum:  After weeks of learning the parshiot stories and the values of the various characters in the Chumash, the Kindergarteners finished Bereishit and celebrated with a siyum on Thursday. Wearing crowns and performing a play with songs reflecting the main idea of each parsha, the students put on a beautiful presentation. We were so proud and gave each student a medal and a special certificate. At the end of the program, everyone watched a power point presentation of the students dressed up and acting out the scenes which they learned. Each student received an album as a memento and concluded the party with a yummy treat. Kudos to Morah Jamie for all her hard work and dedication in preparing the students for this occasion. This also could not have happened without our special daily help from Morah Naomi. This is just a small picture of what occurs in and out of their classroom on a regular basis. Yishar Koach. Chazak, chazak, v'nitchazayk! May we go from strength to strength!  

By Dror Karavani, Lower School 
Judaic Studies Coordinator
Tu Bishvat Seder
Brachot Bee
Tu Bishvat Seder
Fruit and Imagination
Kindergarten Chumash Bereishit Siyum
Kindergarten Chumash Bereishit Siyum
Shirly Benatar, Hebrew Language Department Chair

While it is so karrrr (cold) outside, in the classroom our students warm our hearts with great Hebrew and Israel learning!

Second-grade students studied the story “Shisha BeSakit, Six (Fruits) in the Baggie” as part of the unit celebrating fruits and trees, and the holiday of Tu B’Shvat. They identified fruits, decorated baggies, learned about the seventh species of the Land of Israel, played board games and physical movement games. All in Hebrew and in connection to this charming Hebrew story about six fruits trapped in a bag. (see pictures)

Morah Tehilla’s 5th grade students studied about the Israeli Parliament and The Knesset, read articles, researched on their iPad, answered questions, played trivia games, and wrote articles. They learned that the Knesset does not have its own emblems, but many different symbols were used to represent the institution. Then, the students created their own Knesset Emblems which incorporated and symbolized the facts they have learned about the Israeli Parliament. Kol Hakavod to this group for their in-depth work, use of Hebrew language, and creativity! (see pictures)

In the Upper School, 9 th & 10 th grade students began the important work of getting to know and commemorating an Israel fallen soldier. They started the Remembering 2gether project, which will culminate at the Community Ceremony for Yom HaZikaron on April 17, where they present their work to the entire Jewish community.

Our 8th graders were engaged in project "Kibbutz Galuyot-Gathering of the Exiles" for two weeks and have made beautiful presentations to their entire 7 th & 8 th grade class about Jews from different origins who immigrated to Israel in different periods. The 8th grade students researched and found out very interesting facts including history, population changes, Aliyot (immigration) waves, famous people, recipes and unique customs of Jews from such countries as Argentina, Yemen, Russia, Syria, Ethiopia and more. The students integrated facts, pictures, videos, songs, and used both English and Hebrew in their visual and oral presentations, we are so proud of them!!! (see picture)

Thank you to all our students for warming our hearts, and Todah Rabah to Morah Ester, Morah Tehilla, Moreh Oded, Morah Malca and Moreh Mordechai for leading these meaningful units and projects.

Second Grade
Second Grade
Second Grade
Second Grade
Second Grade
Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade
Eighth Grade
Kindergarten Chumash Bereishit Siyum
Kindergarten Chumash Bereishit Siyum
Rabbi Weitz
Upper School Judaic Studies Coordinator
YU Students See the Light
Our HS had the unique opportunity to meet and learn Torah with a group of approximately 15 YU and Stern students interested in joining communities outside of NY and NJ. After the learning session, the Judaic Studies faculty met with the YU team to share what brought us to Columbus and the rich opportunities that are unique to a community like ours.

Can’t Get Enough
To encourage students to fulfill the mitzva of Shinayim Mikra v’Echad Targum (completing the entire weekly Torah portion twice and Rashi’s explanation once), we launched a high order extra-credit challenge in our JH Boys Chumash class. Baruch Hashem, there are now 10 boys (Moshe Metz is the 10th but was absent the day of the pic) committed to this very substantial weekly Torah undertaking. They are pictured holding the main incentive; their personal copies of pocket size Artscroll Hebrew-English Rashi sets. It is our hope that this initiative will spread throughout all the Upper School Chumash classes.  Please give them all a big yasher koach when you see them next!

Yeshiva University Visit
Junior High Chumash
January’s Lower School Parent Café with Nicole Miller focused on shifts in the English Language Arts and Mathematics standards due to Common Core. It is important for parents to be aware of these new standards and to partner with the school in the CTA Way as we prepare our students for lives of meaning and success. This video, shown at the Café, is a good overview .  For more information, speak with Mrs. Miller. Thank you to Meagan and Jeff Buren for hosting. 

The next café will be on February 23, at 8:30 am at CTA . The topic will be a Book Talk based on the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck. Parents are encouraged to read the book and Mrs. Miller will present leading questions for a discussion about how a growth mindset prepares our students for future success. A growth mindset gives our children problem solving skills and the tools to understand that effort and time equal higher achievement. Dr. Dweck’s studies have shown that when students believe they can get smarter they understand that effort makes them stronger.
The Susan Zanner and Julie Moskowitz Literature Library was established in 2017 thanks to the generosity of alumnus, Daniel Friedman (Class of 1998) to memorialize these two CTA educators. Daniel’s gift created an award which is presented to an upper school student annually who demonstrates a love of literature and appreciation for books. Dani Lane received the first award which included a $500 stipend for her to begin her own literature library as well as a $500 stipend for the English department to select books for a dedicated library in Mrs. Zanner and Mrs. Moskowitz’s memory. The dedicated library is housed in Mrs. Delman’s office and includes a variety of selections ranging from a Stephen King memoir, to a book on writing by Annie Dillard and a collection of essays and novels. Books from the collection can be borrowed by visiting Mrs. Delman’s office.

On Feb. 20 children’s author, Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum will visit CTA’s Kindergarten – 3rd graders. She’ll speak with the boys and girls in each class. Mrs. Rosenbaum will share how she gets her ideas and how they become a book. One of her books was inspired by her grandson, CTA 3rd grader, Yoni. Can you guess which one?

The children are excitedly preparing for her visit by listening to her stories and relating them to their own experiences during Library and in class. I know they have lots to ask and tell her, too!

Mrs. Rosenbaum will autograph her books for the children. If you haven’t done so yet and would like to purchase your child’s favorite, please contact Cheryl Miller at for availability. For more information call her or the school office.       

Thanks to a generous grant given in memory of Saul Schottenstein and in honor of Sonia Modes Schottenstein from the Susan and Jon Diamond Philanthropic Fund  at the Columbus Jewish Foundation, the lower school has added the Collins Writing Program to its educational toolbox for grades K-6. The Collins program is a unified, researched based writing program that can be used across the curriculum in all subject areas from English language arts to mathematics to any Judaic course. All general and Judaic studies teachers have attended the trainings. The program is based on five types of writing and it shows teachers how to guide their students to use the five strategies to become better writers. The types are grade level appropriate, aligned with the common core expectations and build upon each other. 

Noted lower school principal, Nikki Miller, “Developing strong writing skills are essential to prepare our students to be college and career ready. The Collins program helps build stamina in writing and uses powerful tools so that students can continually grow and improve their writing. Our teachers are excited to see it come alive in the classroom.”

The Collins program consultant came to CTA in January for her third visit working with teachers and students. She will be coming back two more times this year.  The teachers have received training and resources to use to design lesson plans that incorporate the writing curriculum. On the last visit, the teachers modeled lessons in the classroom with the students. Until the next visit, they will be working on creating more lessons that align with our school curriculum.

ENROLLMENT AGREEMENTS and FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FORMS for the 2018-2019 school year must be turned in by February 23 including a deposit of $250 per child. The Financial Assistance forms must be begun while it is understandable that all supportive data including 2017 tax returns will not be turned in until a later date.
Students in the lower school will be embarking on a mission to increase the amount of paper recycled from classrooms. Thanks to a grant from the PTO, official recycling bins have been purchased and will be placed in each elementary classroom and office. Last year, the garden club created recycling bins and took responsibility for their maintenance. For a few months out of the year, this worked; however, recycling needs to be a school year effort. The “homemade” bins also took a beating! The new bins are commercial grade and easily identifiable. With the help of the student council the bins will be emptied once a week after lunch. Many thanks to the PTO and Student Council for making this happen.
This year’s Garden Club season is getting a jump start thanks to the third and sixth grades. For the past three years, the Yarok Together program funded by the Columbus Jewish Foundation has provided organic seedlings for our garden beds, from the White Barn Organic Farm. As the seedlings usually arrive in late April, it has been difficult to get a sizable harvest to deliver before the end of the school year. Both the third and sixth grade classes recently completed science units on soil. As a continuation of this unit of study, each class was given CTA garden beds to manage this spring. Students will be starting seeds inside the science lab in soil or hydroponically. Students will observe the growth process, learn about different agricultural growth methods including vertical gardens. After six weeks, students will plant their seedlings in the garden bed(s) assigned to their class.

Following the start of Daylight Savings Time, all 4th through 7th grade students will be invited to participate in the after-school garden club which begins on Wednesday, March 14, at 4:00 pm. Parents pick up students at 5:00 pm. This spring the Garden Club will be growing vegetables and herbs in regular garden beds, low tunnel garden beds and in the greenhouse. Registration information will be sent home at the end of February for this program which runs through the spring. If you have any questions about garden activities or the Yarok Together program, please contact Diana D’Angelo-Wolff 614-864-0299.
Nights at the Games:  Basketball season was made more fun as families from lower school classes came out to enjoy the game, the concessions and the family fun at Grade Nights! Kindergarten and 3 rd grade were featured in January and the families had a fantastic time. The kids love to come out at half time to give a shout of the LIONS and to shake their pompoms. Thank you to out sponsors: the Blumberg (3rd), Almasanu (3rd) and Greff (Kindergarten) Families for their generosity. There are a few more games to come and support. Don’t miss it!
Tu B’Shevat at Franklin Park Conservatory:  CTA was proud to partner with PJ Library and CJDS for a very successful Tu B’Shevat Community Day on Sunday, January 28. More than 230 people attended the event celebrating the new year for the trees and featured a story time with Moreh Dror and Eran Rosenberg. CTA’s attendance at the event is focused on visibility to such a crowd of young families. Mark your calendar for PJ Concert and Purim Palooza on February 25 at the JCC.
Fifth Grade Learn from Weaver:  The 5th graders have been studying about weaving in art class and thanks to a grant from PTO, received a special guest visit from professional weaving artist Sarah Harste. Sarah creates original fiber art designs using bold colors a variety of textures and patterns. Sarah also makes her own looms and weaving kits and teaches weaving workshops in Columbus and around Ohio. Check out some of Sarah's art at  The students had a blast trying their hand at weaving using some of Sarah's techniques and using her awesome variety of yarns! 
Visitor to Anatomy and Physiology Class:  Jon Hartstein, PT, spoke to the Anatomy & Physiology class about the field of Physical Therapy. His engaging talk started by telling students the educational requirements they would need to pursue careers in physical therapy. He then used demonstrations to illustrate to the class the physiology of muscle contraction and spoke about the nervous system control of muscle contraction. He used real life examples from sports medicine and muscular system diseases to illustrate the concepts and also demonstrated the use of a nerve stimulation device in class. Mr. Hartstein also held a question and answer session for the students during their lunch break.  The students really enjoyed seeing and talking about the practical application of their knowledge of the muscular system
IT day:  Students in 2nd grade celebrated a very special day when they learned how to write their first cursive word - IT! The teachers marked the day by having “it” day in honor of their hard work!
KG Preview Day cuteness: Preschoolers ready for kindergarten for Fall 2018 spent a morning attending Kindergarten Preview Day earlier this month. WOW! This class is the High School graduating class of 2031! They enjoyed a fun story time with Moreh Dror, fantastic activities around learning and the holiday of Tu B'Shevat and a delicious chicken nugget lunch. The day was capped off with a fabulous parachute time with Mr. B along with the 5th and 6th grade gym class helping out .
3rd Grade Biography Book reports:  The third graders chose to read a biography or autobiography and wrote a report about the subject. They came to school dressed up as their person and presented to their class. The students were very creative with their costumes and were very engaged in their subject’s life story.
Homopolar Motor in Mrs. Rosenbaum’s Class:  Mrs. Rosenbaum's 8th grade science class completed a unit on electromagnetism by building homopolar motors. This simple electric motor uses a battery, copper wire and neodymium magnet. The electric current causes a magnetic field around the wire. The permanent magnet has its own magnetic field. When the two magnetic fields interact we get motion!
CPR/AED Training:  Dr. Naomi Kertesz, led the CTA High School students in CPR/AED training. In addition to being a CTA parent, Dr. Kertesz is the Associate Medical Director in Cardiology and the Director of Electrophysiology and Pacing at Nationwide Children's Hospital. She directs Project Adam Ohio which aims to prevent sudden cardiac death in children and adolescents through education and implementation of life-saving programs. She conducted a similar training for the CTA staff this past August.
1st Grade Engineering Unit:  Over the course of 3 weeks, the first graders used the steps of the Engineering Design Process (ask, imagine, plan, create, improve) to guide them as they worked to make high quality play dough. They learned how each of the materials (salt, flour, and water) affect each other and worked with lab partners to improve the sticky, gooey, grainy play dough process that was presented to them.
Principal Jak Klynn Shadows Mrs. Miller for the Day:  Earlier this week, 4th grader, Jak Klynn was Principal for the Day. Jak's parents bid on the role at the Teacher Experience Auction at the Scholarship Dinner and won! He spent the day taking on the full tasks of the responsibilities of principal.
Yoga Time!  The 2nd Grade welcomed a special guest, Mrs. Dembe (mother of Morah Savage!) last week. Mrs. Dembe, who is a certified yoga instructor, demonstrated some simple stretches and moves to the class. She also donated a number of yoga mats and other supplies that are available to the children when they need a movement break. Downward dog anyone?"
Escape the Room:  Lower School teachers held a Professional Development day that seemed like it would be a little more fun than work as Rabbi Ari Neuman led an Escape the Room where the faculty divided into two teams and boy, were they frustrated to find the answers! The teachers examined goals, reflected on where they have been this year and where the lower school is headed and worked together to problem solve. The afternoon was filled with lots of laughs though!
Shakespeare:  7 th grade students had a very successful Shakespeare Festival that culminated in an awesome production to the community on the JCC stage and again for lower school classes on Friday morning. The Shakespeare experience is a highlight of 7 th grade. The performance has been uploaded to YouTube in case you missed it. Enjoy it at

Lions Spirit:  The Varsity Boys Basketball team got custom made sweatshirt hoodies with the new CTA Spiritwear lion on them. They look awesome in their shirts! Their last game of the season will be this Thursday, February 8 at 6 pm at HOME. The concession stand will be OPEN with the addition of eggrolls! Come show your CTA lion spirit!

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Wed., Feb. 7: 5th and 6th Grade Parent Junior High Informational Meeting, 7:30 pm, CTA
Mon., Feb. 12: Turn in Tzedakah Box
Fri., Feb. 16: Faculty Professional Development Day - No School
Mon., Feb. 19: President’s Day - No School
Tues., Feb. 20: Author Visit for K-3
Thur., Feb. 22: 2nd Grade Chag HaChumash, 9:30 am, CTA
Fri., Feb 23 Enrollment Agreements & Tuition Assistance Forms Due 
Fri., Feb. 23: Parent Cafe with Mrs. Miller, 8:30 am, Lower School STEM Lab - Room 8 
February 23-24: CTA High School Shabbaton
Sun., Feb. 25: PJ Concert and Purim Palooza, 10:30 am, JCC (CTA is a partner)
Wed., Feb. 28: Fast of Esther
Thurs., Mar. 1: Purim Festivities, 1:00 pm Dismissal
March 7-11: Varsity Girls’ Miami Basketball Tournament
Sun., Mar. 11: Daylight Savings Time Begins; turn clocks ahead 1 hour
Fri., Mar. 16: End of 3rd Quarter
Sun., Mar. 18: Passover and Hebrew Story Time, 2 pm, Bexley Library
Mon., Mar. 19: Turn in Tzedakah Box
Tues., Mar. 20 and Wed, Mar. 20: Upper School Drama presents "100 Dresses", 7:30 pm
Wed., March 28: Model Seders
March 29-April 8: Passover Vacation

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Adina Bitton and Rabbi Michael Emerson on the birth of a baby girl

Laura Zakin, former staff member at CTA, on the passing of her husband Jacques "Jack" Zakin

Keshet (Shenkar) (Class of 2003) on being named a Wexner Field Fellow and to parents Miriam and Oded Shenkar

Dr. Rochel and Rabbi Henoch Millen on the birth of a great-grandson and great-nephew. Proud parents are Devori (Talansky) and Reuven Solomon, and Talia (Froelich) and Hillel Katchen

Paul Zwelling (Class of 2006) on his marriage to Naomi Alt and to parents Rick and Sheila Zwelling and to Rabbi Michoel and Shira Alt

Ilana Klamka and Daniel Newman on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Bina

Jacob Portman (Class of 2009) on being accepted to Northwestern Law School and to parents Drs. David and Miriam Portman and grandparents Dr. Sam and Susan Portman

Chana (Schottenstein) Marinovsky (8th Grade Class of 2005) on the birth of a son and to grandparents Tovia and Lea Schottenstein

Miriam (Schottenstein) Engelson (8th Grade Class of 2002) on the birth of a daughter and to grandparents Tovia and Lea Schottenstein

Dr. Benjamin and Rachel Metz on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Aviel

Victoria Summers (8th Grade Class of 2009) on her marriage to Avi Leibowitz and to her mother, Shoshanna Garron
The Kopp, Ilin, Myers, Kohn, Berger, Klynn, Preisler, and Brenner-Berger families for sponsoring January’s Rosh Chodesh Kislev Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

The Slabodnick, Lefkovitz, Berger, Hoffman, Import and Adam Chaykin for sponsoring the December Rosh Chodesh Tevet Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.
February 2: 5:35 pm
February 9: 5:43 pm
February 16: 5:51 pm
February 23: 5:59 pm
March 2: 6:07 pm
March 9: 6:15 pm
March 16: 7:22 pm
March 23: 7:29 pm
March 30: 7:36 pm

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CTA's Day of Learning for Friday, January 26, the 11th of Shevat, was sponsored by Rabbi Michael Emerson and Dr. Adina Bitton in memory of Rabbi Emerson's grandmother, Bernice Cooper, Basha Bat Yaacov Dov. May her neshama have an aliya.

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Norman, Suzanne & Ericka Schneiderman in memory of Bob Lane


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