Monthly Dateline Newsletter
March 2018/Adar 5778
Columbus Torah Academy Monthly Dateline
Message from Head of School by Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff
Under the dedicated and professional leadership of Shirly Benatar, chair of the Hebrew Language Department, our school’s Hebrew language program has experienced remarkable growth and is headed towards establishing long term success that will benefit our students for years to come. Shirly came to CTA with more than 20 years of experience in Jewish education. She is well known for being a hard worker, a thoughtful planner and a caring team leader. In the last 16 months, since her arrival at CTA, Shirly and her academic team have aligned the curriculum across the grades, improved the standard of Hebrew instruction in the classroom and infused our school with new and exciting programs that foster a love of the State of Israel.

Our shlichim, Ester and Mordechai Bar-Asher played a major role in the growth and improvements of our Hebrew language department. They have been wonderful colleagues, effective teachers and stellar role models for our students during their service to our school. With the positive impact of the Bar-Asher’s experience in mind, I recently traveled to Israel to recruit new shlichim to replace the Bar- Ashers who will return to Israel this summer. We will miss them and their children, but we will retain fond memories of our friendship and of their efforts to improve our Hebrew and connection to Israel.

While in Israel, I had the pleasure of interviewing strong candidates and observing model lessons of potential educators interested in teaching in the United States. They were from communities in Bet She’an, Ra’anana, and from all the way in the northern part of Israel, Hatzor HaGlilit. Since my return, Shirly and the principals have joined me in phone and skype conversations as we finalize a selection from among the candidates. We hope to share good news with the school community in the near future as we select shlichim who will come to Columbus for no less than 3 years to teach Hebrew in our school.
The best part of the trip was seeing our alumni and hearing about their amazing experiences learning in Seminary and Yeshivot in Israel. 
The 9th Annual Columbus Baseball Invitational is set for April 29-May 1, 2018. Twelve teams are registered to play. The teams come from across the United States representing Jewish day schools and yeshivot.  

Missing from the planning is co-Commissioner Bob Lane, z’l, who passed away in December after a three and a half year battle with cancer. His partner in planning, Jonathan Hartstein, continues his legacy and leadership of the tournament. While Bob’s absence is a great void to the program, his passion will live on as the CTA athletes play in his memory and Bob will be remembered this year and in subsequent years with the naming of the tournament’s championship trophy.  

“The winning team of CBI will receive the Bob Lane Memorial CBI Championship Trophy”, announced Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff, Head of School. “This will give us an opportunity to appropriately pause and remember Bob for all he did to support CTA, the Jewish community and to further this Tournament.”

Since 2012, Bob served as volunteer co-Commissioner of CBI with Jonathan Hartstein. Bob, along with his wife Betsey and daughter Dani, committed hundreds of hours to the success of the event and the promotion of CTA baseball – everything ranging from setting up breakfast, picking up bags of ice, helping to arrange the tournament schedule and fundraising – no job was too small or too big for Bob. Bob’s additional CTA roles as an active parent, a leader on the Board of Trustees and a generous donor are greatly valued by the CTA community.  

Registered for the 2018 Invitational include returning teams led by CTA, Fuchs Mizrachi (Cleveland), Ida Crown (Chicago), SAR (NY), HAFTR (NY), Kushner (NJ), TABC (NJ), Kohelet (Philadelphia), Shalhevet (LA) and new teams Farber (Detroit), Katz Yeshiva (Boca Raton), and Rochelle Zell (Chicago).

To see a full list of rosters and follow information about the Tournament as it gets closer, go to

The tournament, the only one of its kind, will welcome 220 athletes, coaches and athletic directors for central Ohio and CTA hospitality. They will be housed in a local hotel, but if past experiences are any indication, Graeter’s, Starbucks and kosher Kroger pizza will get lots of business among other locations.

Games will be held at the JCC fields on College Avenue and Wolfe Park fields in Bexley. All games are free and set hours for concessions for team supporters will be available. CTA parents with and without athletes are encouraged to volunteer for opportunities ranging from food serving to scoring to clean up. To volunteer, contact Lisa Kaufman, Event Coordinator, at

On February 16, 2018, CTA teachers across all grades and departments enjoyed a day of professional development. Thank you, parents for allowing us this time to work on our practices.
As a staff, we looked at learning standards and worked on useful ways of breaking them down into bite-sized pieces that can be assessed along the way. In a dual curriculum school, where half of the staff must conform to state standards and the other half might need to adjust their goals depending on the class, there was productive and illuminating discussion about the merits and challenges of each system. This will be an area that we will continue to develop so that we can create pacing calendars of all our standards for the year.

In addition, we were able to have school wide lunch breakout sessions. English Language Arts/Social Studies, Math/Science, Judaic Studies, and Hebrew sat together to discuss how we are doing from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This allowed teachers to discuss vertical alignment, which is the task of looking at grades above and below to make sure we are preparing our students for future success. 

Finally, we met in school bands to discuss the CTA Way, preparing our students for a life of success and meaning. The Upper School looked at how to teach Speaking and Listening skills. The Lower School discussed Positive Behavior Intervention Systems as well as how we will implement two part objectives.
By Nicole Miller, Lower School Principal
The weather is finally warming up which is nice for us in the Lower School so we can start to spend more recesses outside. Students and teachers love to be outside for recess. It allows students to have a brain break from the long day! Remember, we keep students inside if it is raining or if the temperature is below 20 degrees.

The Lower School has been working extremely hard this past month. Students are increasing their stamina in writing as a result of the Collins Writing Program. Kindergarten- 2nd grade celebrated the 100th day of school by collecting items to give to a shelter and other fun activities. 3rd-4th grade wrote papers about music Genres and World Music. The 5th and 6th grade have started to use Prodigy in math. We have had the Kindergarten Siyum and Chag HaChumash celebrations. This brought in our wonderful and supportive families. 6th grade earned enough Middot Money and had a faculty versus student kickball game. There was a lot of laughter that day! Grades K-3 were fortunate to have a visiting author, Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum (savti of 3rd grader, Yoni) to share her books with the students. Thank you, librarian Mrs. Miller for arranging the visit. And we all celebrated the 1st grade Iditarod race with pictures in next month’s issue of Dateline. And, of course, I enjoyed celebrating my first Purim at CTA. I loved the lower school student council spirit wear dress ups leading up to fabulous costumes and such fun activities on Purim. I was so proud of the 6th graders and their hard work on their Purim Play as well as the 4th-6th graders on the Purim commercials.

I enjoyed the Lower School Parent Café book talk on Friday, February 23 focused on the book, Mindset. It was nice to discuss with parents about how to talk to our children about having a growth mindset. We came up with ways to celebrate a child’s progress versus just looking at intelligence or grades. We will continue this conversation on March 14 at 7:30 pm the home of the Gary and Lara Blumberg. RSVP to

In addition to our ongoing professional development opportunities and our full faculty in-service, 2nd-6th grade teachers have volunteered to do a book study with me. We are reading a book called The Daily 5. This is a book that discusses ways to put in structures to allow teachers to meet students’ individual needs during the English Language Art block.

See more photos and articles from Lower School below.  
In March, we will discuss the book, Mindset by Carol Dweck. You can easily purchase it online at  The program will be at the home of Lara and Gary Blumberg on March 14 at 7:30 pm.

In April, we will read a new book and the café will again be a morning session at CTA on April 27 at 8:30 am. The book is called Raising Happiness:   Please check out the book in preparation for the discussion. We will continue the discussion at the May café at the home of Dor and Lissie Markush. Date to be determined.
2nd Grade Unit About Magnets:  When 2nd grade finished their unit on magnetism they were visited by High School science teacher, Ariella Rosenbaum, to learn about magnetic field lines.
100th Day:  The 100th day of school was celebrated in grades K-2 with appropriate activities of counting and more. 1st graders wore their 100-day shirts (thank you PTO) and 100-day glasses. Students also had a 100-item food drive. In 2nd grade, they marked 100 day a few days early by imagining what they might look like in 100 years! What a fun day that was!  
Writing Workshop Planning Meeting:  Amy Greenberg will be Artist in Residence for the 2nd and 5th grade Writing Workshops scheduled for May. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Greenberg and Mrs. Lerner met to plan Mrs. Greenberg’s residency. Mrs. Greenberg will also hold a teacher workshop and some mini workshops for students in grades 3-4. The residency is funded in part by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council and is an important part of the writing curriculum.  
1st grade Iditarod:  First graders are getting ready for the great CTA Iditarod Race on Friday, March 9 at 9 am. A recap will be in the next issue. The students have learned about Alaska and its terrain and will culminate their study with a mock race. The students are teamed up by Mushers and Huskies and will follow a race track on the soccer fields that include checkpoints with learning activities.  You can see the promo video at
Author Visit:  Author Andria W Rosenbaum visited with students in grades K-3 and taught our students about her books. The students loved hearing about how Mrs. Rosenbaum became a writer, how she thinks of her stories and then seeing her autograph the books. Third grader, Yoni, also enjoyed having her visit since she is his Savti (grandma). Thank you to the PTO for sponsoring Mrs. Rosenbaum's visit by purchasing books for the teachers. And, thank you to librarian Mrs. Cheryl Block Miller for arranging the author visit. What a special treat!
By Dror Karavani, Lower School 
Judaic Studies Coordinator
Chag HaChumash
The major new subject in 2nd grade is Chumash studies. During the first half of the year the students start to develop basic skills using a Chumash workbook and a Chumashon. This promotes an understanding of the Pesukim (sentences) in Hebrew in a simple, friendly way. During the last part of the year, students start to use their actual Chumash and study directly from the original text in order to continue and grow with their Chumash skills and comprehension.

Two weeks ago, the 2nd grade celebrated their Chag HaChumash – receiving their first official Chumash. With a big smile on their faces, great enthusiasm, singing and dancing they presented a show titled "Living through the Chumash". The goal of the production was to show how what they learned in Chumash can guide their everyday decisions. They acted out the story of Creation, The Tree of Life, Good and Bad, Noach and the Ark and Kayin & Hevel. For each of these stories they created a modern day example of how Torah stories helps us to use good Middot. The children even memorized all of the 54 names of the Parshiot. Kol haKovod! They concluded the program with an interactive panoply game with their parents. It was great seeing both parents and students solving different riddles about Chumash and Holidays. May the sweetness from these festivities remain with the students throughout their further learning experiences in their lives. Special thanks go to Morah Leah for her dedication and love of teaching our students on a daily basis. Mazel Tov! Check out the video of their presentation at
Mishenichnas Adar Marbim Besimcha -When Adar enters we increase in joy!
This was the exact school atmosphere during the month of Adar.

In honor of Rosh Chodesh, with mismatched clothes, the students were dancing and singing in their classrooms and all around the school.
You could not have missed the sweet scent of Hamentaschens baking in the ovens, made by the Lower School students. One of the highlights was Morah Shira's 3rd grade Challah- Hamentschen! (Ask them for the recipe.)

We continued the celebration with Morah Elana's "Shorashim Bee". This is where students demonstrated their mastery of Hebrew root words. Yishar Koach to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners - Gabe Katz, Bina Newman and Shavit Levi.

As a prelude to Purim, Spirit Week really brought a lot of amusing costumes and an uplifting atmosphere. Thank you to the Student Council and advisor, Mrs. Allison Mast, for organizing. Each day students dressed up differently! Whether it was putting on sports jerseys, staying in pajamas or dressing up for the spotlights everyone had a great time!
Making Challah with Morah Shira
Shorashim Bee
Purim in Our School... It seems like it never ends.
On Thursday, we had our Purim celebration! Since this year we were privileged to celebrate together on the actual day of Purim, all the students were able to complete the four Mitzvot of Purim together. The day began with Megillah reading for all of the grades. Students brought Matanot L'evyonim (Tzedakah for the poor). They designed and made Mishloach Manot to exchange with each other and enjoyed a special lunch around decorated tables in the lunchroom. In addition, there were many festivities including a Krav Maga lessson for the boys, dancing class for the girls and a costume parade. The carnival, organized by Rabbi Weitz's 7th graders, was a hit as always and a fun time was had by all. We concluded the day with a Megillah play performed by the 6th graders and enjoyed clips made by the 4th, 5th and 6th grades during their Shabbat Shabang with Morah Savage that left us smiling.  Check out all the awesome costumes and lots of purim fun at and the kindergarten megillah read by the 4th grade at

The spirit of Judaism is a very important part of our curriculum. At every opportunity, we try to strengthen the connection to our Jewish tradition from the academic side as well as the experiential side. Chodesh Adar and Purim were definitely a wonderful time to do this.

Purim Photo Montage
Kindergarten Megillah
By Eliza Delman, Upper School Principal
Our High School Model UN team, advised by Mr. Pray, went to the Yeshiva University Model UN (YUNMUN) Convention in Stamford, CT. I’m always happy to chaperone the trip. This, our fourth year participating in YUNMUN, our delegation represented Italy and served on the committees: World Food Programme, International Maritime Organization, Counter Terrorism Committee, Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund and the International Criminal Court. Students applied for a position on the CTA delegation by writing position papers on various topics that required research on topics that were unfamiliar to them. At the convention, our students honed their public speaking skills, met Jewish students from around the world and learned more about the complications of world diplomacy.
I enjoyed giving a presentation to 5th and 6th grade parents earlier this month about the transition to Junior High school at CTA. I love our school and enjoy telling the Lower School families what to expect when their children come upstairs. We know that there are big changes in the academic, social and emotional needs of students as they move from elementary school to junior high and high school. We feel ready for them and want to make sure the transition is also comfortable for the parents. Sixth grade students also had the opportunity to come to the Upper School and have a special presentation introducing them to Junior High. I look forward to watching them grow and mature next year.
The Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team is in Miami Florida this week to participate in the Hebrew Academy basketball tournament. They will have the opportunity for healthy competition (and great weather!) The Boys’ Varsity Team went to a tournament early this winter in Detroit. 
High School students enjoyed a Shabbaton weekend spending Shabbat at CTA. The students initiated and planned this program, making the food, arranging the programming and even cleaning up. Thank you to the Savage, Rosenbaum and Kimche families for chaperoning.

Here are some more highlights:
Pictured are 6th graders on their visit to the Upper School.
J r. High Transition:  Fifth and Sixth grade parents attended an evening Parent Information Session about Junior High (7th and 8th grade) at CTA. Beginning in mid-elementary school, families start to look at what a CTA education offers beyond 6th grade. We hope families look at what CTA has to offer. The CTA Way is to prepare our students for a life of meaning and success and the small class size, the customized learning and accountability ensure that that is the hallmark of our school. As students are growing up, families start to look at what best meets their child’s needs and we hope that they will continue their education at CTA.
Film Studies:  Mr. Guinan's film class seniors Hannah Adler, Yonaton Chriqui, and Benny Makias filmed on location at Sutter Park preschool in Worthington. CTA graduate Tanya Shats ('05) is a member of Sutter Park's PTA as well as a fan and follower of her alma mater's award winning videos. The special needs preschool is kicking off a campaign to build an all inclusive playground, and sought the expertise of CTA's film class to help with their fundraiser video. Mr. Guinan and his students were inspired by the amazing students and teachers at Sutter Park, and are excited to help this incredible community school achieve its goals.
Anatomy and Physiology:  Visited by two special speakers, the high school Anatomy and Physics class has had some great opportunities to learn from professionals in their field.  

Parent, Olga Eskin, a registered nurse, came and spoke with the students about general first aid including CPR and the education required for a career in nursing.

Mary Beth Cole, a PhD candidate in Anthropology at The Ohio State University, where she also received her master’s degree in Anthropology in 2014, is a biological anthropologist with a specific focus on skeletal biology. Broadly, biological anthropologists study how human bodies meet the demands of their differing environments, both now and in the past. Skeletal biology focuses further on how the material and structural properties of bone tissue, primarily at the microscopic level, contribute to bone strength and function. Mary Beth’s doctoral research involves three-dimensional visualization of the complex vascular pore networks that increasingly perforate solid bone tissue with age. She is interested in how bone is progressively lost across the lifespan, contributing to osteoporosis and fracture risk. Her presentation involved a video tour of the preparation of bone tissue samples in her lab. She also discussed how microscopic structures within bone tissue tell the story of an individual’s growth, repair, adaptation, and pathology. Additionally, she considered some forensic applications of skeletal biology, and provided an overview of her ongoing research projects.  

YUNMUN:  Six students represented CTA as delegates to the 28th annual Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN). The two day program, run by the YU Admission office, is the ultimate in experiential education in the functioning of the UN. High school students from Jewish schools all over the world participate, with each school assigned a country to represent, and each student assigned a UN committee. The six CTA students, Akiva Epstein, Shylee Delman, Talia Delman, Addison Horwitz, Galia Makias, and Drew Samuelson represented Italy in the student-run simulation, playing the role of actual delegates to the UN, representing a variety of positions, often ones with which they may not agree. The CTA students have been working for months conducting research of Italy’s interests and policies on a wide range of issues and concerns and sharpening their public speaking, note taking and diplomacy skills

Kids Kicking Cancer:  Both the Junior High and the High School had presentations with Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, Founder and National Director of Kids Kicking Cancer, a non-profit that provides weekly classes for children who have cancer in mind-body techniques that are found in the martial arts. He shared his story, plus some of those very valuable skills he teaches, with our students. Thank you, Rabbi Weitz, for his arranging his visit.
Rabbi Weitz
Upper School Judaic Studies Coordinator
Staying on the Cutting Edge
After studying the section of Parshat Shimini dealing with the basic laws of kashrut, our JH boys Chumash class delved deeper, researching complex contemporary topics in the world of kashrut. They researched topics including the complexities of gelatin, turkey and “Ben Pakua” meats. They were not satisfied simply sharing their findings with the class but rather decided to share it with the world.
Check out their blogspot and tell them how impressed you are!
This Year’s 7th Grade Purim Carnival
Awesome. Once again, our 7th graders managed to thoroughly entertain our Lower Schoolers with a blast of a time, impress our staff, learn about running a business, earn some money for their 8th grade trip and have a great time in the process. We had some wonderfully creative and fun booths this year to add to CTA’s legacy of carnival innovations. Way to go 7th grade!

Shirly Benatar, Hebrew Language Department Chair
February was an exciting month in the Hebrew department. We stay focused to our classroom and curriculum goals as we increased vocabulary and proficiency with the Hebrew language. We look forward to lots of planning for Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut in April.

Here are a few highlights:
In Morah Tehilla's second grade Hebrew class, students were composing and practicing short dialogues in pairs and presenting them to the class!

Morah Ester’s class learned how to write the recipe for Oznei Haman (Hamantachen) . They studied all the ingredients and the actions (Verbs) necessary. Then they needed to identify and organize by order the stages of preparing and baking the sweet Purim treats! All in Hebrew of course :-)
7th grader Kira Lessnick was right on when she dressed up as Moreh Mordechai during one of the many fun days in Adar

The Hebrew Department was extremely spirited on Purim as they dressed up as the crew from El Al Airlines. In jest, quite a few faculty had some complaints to give about their recent flights.
Yeshiva University Visit
Junior High Chumash
Art Room Round Up
It might be early March, but the CTA spring growing season is already on its way. Thanks to a partnership between the third and sixth grade teachers, more than 75 seedlings are beginning to emerge from grow trays planted inside the STEM lab in the lower school. Both classes completed units focused on soil over the winter. Now with the help of Morah Dina, the coordinator of our school’s gardens, each class is participating in weekly activities connected to the growth process. In previous growth seasons, seedlings were donated to our school. This season, we are trying to do everything ourselves! The plan is to get the seedlings into the ground by mid to late March and to harvest in May. 

In addition to seedlings, the CTA Garden Club is also growing! By popular demand, third grade students are now allowed to participate in on-campus activities when accompanied by a parent or guardian (must be at least a freshman in high school). 

Garden Club begins on Wednesday March 14th and continues through May 23rd. The goals of the CTA Garden Club are as follows:
● Club members learn about gardening with hands on experience during 12, 1-hour sessions.
● Provide students "Grow Your Buds" lunches, when they can taste test the vegetables harvested.
● Deliver fresh produce to community members living in poverty (5th and 6th grades only) 2- 3 times per session.
● Continue in our partnership with CJDS in the Yarok Together Program (described deliveries above).

This is the fourth Spring Season of activities in the gardens. Since 2014, 11 Garden Beds have been built by CTA Students, including three Low Tunnels. In addition, students and staff built a Greenhouse which extends our season further. This spring we will make use of all these CTA campus resources to produce beets, onions, kale, spinach, other “cold crops” and herbs.

To offset program costs, there is a charge of $25 per student for the entire spring session. To register please complete the form which can be found at , including your choice of payment. If you or someone you know has difficulty paying this fee, please contact the Garden Project Coordinator, Diana D'Angelo-Wolff or 614-864-0299 x214

PTO Moms Relax with Yoga:  Bexley Yoga partnered with the PTO for a yoga class for moms at CTA. The class met in February for an hour of zen relaxation and will hold their next Yoga for Mom’s on Tuesday, March 13 at 8:45 am. Cost is $5 and you can bring a mat or borrow one. PTO is excited to offer these types of social opportunities for our parent body. If you are interested in getting involved with PTO, contact president Beth Binsky at
Announcements: Lower School students continue to make the morning announcements each day – leading the pledge of allegiance, reading aloud the Lion Notes and celebrating our students. I couldn’t pass up showing you this picture of kindergarten cuties making the announcements.
Nurse Chris Talks to 3 rd grade About Germs:  Teachers and students (and our amazing custodial staff) are doing their best to wash hands and keep the flu away. Are you doing your best to stay healthy?
Purim Palooza:  Thank you Moreh Dror for representing our school with awesome arts and crafts at the PJ Library Concert and Purim Palooza program at the JCC. CTA is happy to partner with PJ Library, the JCC and CJDS for these types of programs for young families. Please join us at these fun events which are also a great way to let people know about our school. (Wear your CTA spirit and logo wear!)
Baseball Kickoff Meeting:  The 2018 baseball CTA Lions season kicked off with a parent and athlete meeting. Varsity Coaches Guinan and Savage laid out expectations for an uproarious season of personal and team growth. The Junior High athletes were also on hand – hoping, of course, to one day wear that varsity jersey. Thank you to Jrs. Coaches Liebesman and Blumberg. The teams have already begun practices including in our own batting cage here at school

CTA Lunch Menu and School Events ( ). Check this for after school activities, sports events and more.

School Links for Parents ( )
March 7-11:                  Varsity Girls’ Miami Basketball Tournament
Sun., Mar. 11:              Daylight Savings Time Begins; turn clocks ahead 1 hour
Sun., Mar. 11:               CTA Baseball Diner, 4-7 pm, Beth Jacob Synagogue
Tues., Mar. 13:              PTO Yoga for Moms, 8:45 am, CTA
Wed., Mar. 14:              Lower School Parent Café with Mrs. Miller, 7:30 pm at Blumberg home
Fri., Mar. 16:                End of 3 rd Quarter
Sun., Mar. 18:              Passover and Hebrew Story Time, 2 pm, Bexley Library
Mon., Mar. 19:              Turn in Tzedakah Box
Tues., Mar. 20:              Pizza Dinner Café, 6:30-7:15 pm, CTA
Tues., Mar. 20:               Upper School Drama presents "100 Dresses", 7:30 pm
Wed., Mar. 22:               Pizza Dinner Café, 6:30-7:15 pm, CTA
Wed, Mar. 21:                Upper School Drama presents "100 Dresses", 7:30 pm
Wed., Mar. 28:             Model Seders
Mar. 29-Apr. 8:              Passover Vacation
Apr. 29-May 1:              Columbus Baseball Invitational

Go Lions! Keep up with the CTA sports schedule at
Dr. Rochel & Rabbi Henoch Millen on the engagement of their grandson, Avishai Augenbraun, to Reut Arzi

Benjy Neymotin (class of 2003) on the birth of twin daughters and to grandparents Evsey and Rita Neymotin

Sarah Miriam Ginsburg (class of 2012) on her engagement to Zach Weixelbaum of West Orange, New Jersey and to parents Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg

Miriam (Weisfogel) Becker (class of 2002) on the birth of a daughter Esther Bracha and to grandparents David and Rochell (8th grade class of 1969) Weisfogel

David Schmelzer (class of 2008) on his engagement to Jordana Pachter of Hollywood, Florida and to parents Dr. Victor and Susan Schmelzer

Brachi (Tuchman) Zehnwirth (8th grade class of 2007) on the birth of a son and to grandparents Rabbi Tzvi and Ilana Tuchman

Rina (Stavsky) Weinberg (8th grade class of 2000) on the birth of a son Yonatan and to grandparents Joel and Roni Stavsky and Ora Stavsky and great grandmother Ruth Stavsky

Rabbi Yaakov and Shira Frankiel on the birth of a son

Rosie Deitsch (8th grade class of 2008) on the birth of a son and to grandparents Rabbi Zalman and Sarah Deitsch

Larry and Robin Garvin on the bar mitzvah of their son Philip 
Marvin Blank (8th grade class of 1966) upon the loss of his mother Mollie Blank 

To the family of our former foster grandparent Bina Mayevskaya,

David Goldmeier (8th grade class of 1966), Kathe (Goldmeier) Turiel (8th grade class of 1968), Joseph Goldmeier (8th grade class of 1971), Dr. Michael Goldmeier (8th grade class of 1974), Dr Maynard and Miriam Goldmeier, Linda (Goldmeier) Szames (8th grade class of 1972), Dr. Philip Goldmeier (8th grade class of 1974), Helene (Goldmeier) Azose (8th grade class of 1976), Cheryl (Goldmeier) Green (8th grade class of 1980) on the loss of mother, sister-in-law and aunt Helene Goldmeier
The Almasanu, Weiss/Berger, Clubok, Hoffman, Import, Myers, Newman/Klamka and D’Angelo-Wolff families for sponsoring February’s Rosh Chodesh Shevat Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.
March 9: 6:15 pm
March 16: 7:22 pm
March 23: 7:29 pm
March 30: 7:36 pm
April 6: 7:43 pm
April 13: 7:50 pm
April 20: 7:57 pm
April 27: 8:05 pm
Have a lifecycle event to share?  Opportunities to sponsor A Day of Learning are now available at CTA. For a $180 donation, you can make a donation, in honor, in memory, in appreciation, for a speedy recovery or in celebration of a person, a birthday or an event. To schedule a day, contact

The sponsorship will be listed in the CTA Weekly Communicator, the monthly CTA Dateline, posted on the monitor in the school lobby, and announced to the students.

CTA's Day of Learning for Thursday, February 8, the 23rd of Shevat, is sponsored by Abigail Rosen in hakarat hatov to her parents, Alex and Susan Rosen. Abi is an alumnus of CTA for the High School class of 2012.

CTA's Day of Learning for Friday, February 9, the 24th of Shevat, is sponsored by Rabbi Pinchas and Eliana Weinreich in honor of Rabbi Drandoff, Mrs. Nicole Miller and the entire kindergarten teaching team at CTA. 

CTA's Day of Learning for Wednesday, February 14, the 29th of Shevat, is sponsored by Ely Zofan in honor of his grandson, first grader Avi Zofan and in memory of Lauri Podell Zofan, Avi's grandmother on her upcoming yarzheit tomorrow. May her neshama have an aliya.

CTA's Day of Learning for today, Thursday, February 15, the 30th of Shevat, is sponsored in honor of Joel Wolff's, z"l, 47th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary this coming Shabbat, Parshat Terumah, by Diana D'Angelo and Emilia Wolff.

CTA’s Day of Learning at the High School Shabbaton on Shabbat Zachor/Parshat Tetzevah on the 9th of Adar, 5778/February 24, 2018 is sponsored by Todd and Eliza Delman and family in observance of the 12th yarzheit of Todd’s mother, Sharon Delman, z"l, Chaya Sarah Nacha Bat Ze'ev Wolf. May her memory be for a blessing.

CTA's Day of Learning for Monday, February 26, the 11th of Adar, is sponsored by Shellie and Daniel Rubin in memory of Jean Rubin, Yehuda ben Yeheskel, the alta Zayde of Moshe and Dovy Hollander on his yarzheit which was observed on the 10th of Adar. May his neshama have an aliya.

CTA's Day of Learning for Wednesday, February 28, the 13th of Adar is sponsored by Dr. Neil and Audrey in honor of their grandchildren Yehuda Leib, Sara and Hillel Weinreich and to wish a Happy Purim to the staff at CTA. The Siegels are grandparents to kindergartner Yehuda Leib.  

CTA's Day of Learning for March 5, the 18th of Adar is sponsored by Leah Kohn in honor of the yarzheit of her husband Paul Kohn, Moshe Eliyahu ben Elyokim HaKohen, z'l. Mr. Kohn is the grandfather of students Eliezer, Esther, Orah and Abby Kohn and family. May his neshama have an aliya.

To choose your Day of Learning, contact Shari at
CTA accepts donations to our Annual Fund or Scholarship Fund throughout the year. We also accept Tribute Donations in memory of or in honor of loved ones. Donations can be made through the school office at  614-864-0299  or online by clicking  here .

To the Annual Fund:
Jocelyn Berman in honor of Robert “Bob” Lane

To Sponsor a Day of Learning:
Rabbi Pinchas and Eliana Weinreich in honor of Rabbi Drandoff, Mrs. Nicole Miller, and the entire kindergarten teaching team at CTA.

Ely Zofan in honor of his grandson, first grader Avi Zofan and in memory of Lauri Podell Zofan, Avi’s grandmother on her upcoming yarzheit. 

Diana D’Angelo and Emilia Wolff in honor of Joel Wolff’s, z”l, 47th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary on Shabbat, Parshat Terumah

Todd and Eliza Delman and family in observance of the 12th yarzheit of Todd’s mother, Sharon Delman, z”l, Chaya Sarah Nacha Bat Ze’ev Wolf. 

Dr. Neil and Mrs. Audrey Siegel in honor of their grandchildren, Yehuda Leib, Sara, and Hillel Weinreich

Daniel and Shellie Rubin in memory of Jean Rubin, Yehuda ben Yeheskel, the alta Zayde of Moshe and Dovy Hollander on his yarzheit which was observed on the 10th of Adar.  


Still wondering where to get a list of CTA families? Planning a birthday party or b’nai mitzvah? Searching for the name of a high school student to babysit? Look no further than the CTA PTO Directory. You don’t have one? Make sure to sign up for PTO if you haven't already done so as it is a perk of membership. PTO Dues are $25 yearly, $210 Lifetime Member (that’s forever!). Stay connected. You will still get a directory even after the kids graduate! 

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If you have a CTA Tzedakah Box, don't forget to fill it and empty it often.  THE NEXT SCHEDULED DROP OFF DATE IS MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018 . You can choose to send in a check with the amount of the contents or put the change and cash into an envelope or baggie and send in with your child. Amounts are counted towards your Give and Get and are a great addition to the donations the school receives. If you need a new or more Tzedakah boxes, contact Shari
Proposed calendar for 2018-2019 is now available by clicking here. This calendar includes start and end dates for next school year as well as vacation dates. It is called a proposed calendar in case there are minor tweaks.