CTAC and Tracy Unified receive EIR grant

Dear Friends:

CTAC and the Tracy Unified School District, leaders in STEM education, have been awarded an Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant by the U.S. Department of Education.
Leadership of STEM: The PreK-12 Pathway provides students a STEM project-based curriculum that is engineering- and computer science-centered. It ensures that every student has a STEM learning trajectory that progresses through elementary, middle, and high school. Moreover, it increases the number of high needs, underrepresented students engaged in STEM learning. Activities include fundamentally redesigning the curriculum, training teachers in new pedagogical approaches, and providing classroom and field-based STEM learning experiences to students.
Brian Stephens, Superintendent of Tracy Unified, notes, "With this EIR award, we will integrate STEM throughout the core curriculum. This is a critical priority for the Tracy educational community."
William Slotnik, CTAC's Founder and Executive Director, adds, "This is truly a community-wide mobilization. All of Tracy's leading employers in STEM-related fields are partnering with the school district to implement STEM as a preK-12 pathway."
This initiative positions Tracy Unified School District at the vanguard of the national effort to make high-quality STEM education a reality for all students.
Best Regards,
William J. Slotnik
Founder and Executive Director
Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC)