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ACCC Keys Energy Installation
Update from Texas, Florida and the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria

Following the most fierce hurricane season in recent history, CTC Global has reached out to its area representative Electric Sales Associates and its utility customers that have been impacted.
Initial reports from Keys Energy Services, Tampa Electric, Orlando Utilities Commission, Duke Energy have confirmed that none of the ACCC transmission and/or sub-transmission lines in Florida have been impacted. In Texas and the Gulf Cost, American Electric Power reported that its award winning 345 kV ACCC lines survived unscathed by hurricane Harvey, but some minor structural damage occurred on a nearby 138 kV line requiring the replacement of a few dead-end assemblies.
In the meantime our thoughts and prayers go out to all people impacted with special thanks to all of the linemen and their families for helping restore power as quickly as possible.

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CME Lineman installing ACCC
EDP Portugal Completes 4th ACCC Conductor Installation

Earlier this month Energias de Portugal (EDP) installed two circuits of Amsterdam size ACCC conductor on the new Alcochete (REN)-Montijo 60kV line crossing the A-12 highway near Vale Porrim.
Vale Porrim is just across the Tagus River adjacent to the City of Lisbon near the Atlantic Ocean. ACCC was selected for its high strength, improved efficiency, reduced sag and resistance to salt air corrosion.
The project was supported by contractor CME and CTC Global's Master Installer David Pearce. Lamifil provided the ACCC conductor and Preformed Line Products provided ancillary ACCC hardware. This project marks EDP's 4th ACCC conductor installation.
The project will be energized by the middle of October after the lattice structures adjacent to the highway crossing are painted white and red for improved safety.

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TEEMS Linemen installing ACCC
Kahramaa Begins Second ACCC Installation in Qatar
General Electricity and Water Corporation of Qatar (Kahramaa) was established in 2000 to regulate and maintain the supply of water and electricity in a country with over 4,000 km of aging overhead powerlines.
A tremendous surge in the demand for reliable energy has emerged in recent years.Due to this increased demand, construction of a $2.75 Billion, 2,520 Megawatt Power Plant "Umm al Houl" has recently begun. Additionally, Kahramaa has teamed up with Qatar Petroleum, who have agreed to help fund the development of numerous large solar power plants in Qatar over the next few years. These projects constitute a large portion of "Qatar National Vision 2030," a program designed to heavily promote the country's economic and social development. 
Earlier this month, TEEMS India - led by ACCC Master Installer R. Vasanthakumar - began work on Kahramaa'ssecond ACCC reconductor project, located in North-Eastern Doha, Qatar. The project consists of upgrading the existing 132 kV ACSR line with state-of-the-art ACCC conductor, manufactured by Midal Cables of Bahrain. Hardware for the project was provided by Mosdorfer.
With over 50,000 km of ACCC installed to date, ACCC continues to be the chosen transmission solution globally because of its unwavering performance especially in places with extremely high ambient temperatures and highly corrosive environments such as those found in Qatar a country nearly surrounded by Persian Gulf salt water.
CTC Global's relationship with Kahramaa began in 2010 when the ACCC conductor passed rigorous testing and evaluation, leading to "Type Certification." In 2011 - 2012, Kahramaa used ACCC conductor to upgrade existing 132 kV circuits to increase capacity from 125 MVA to 260 MVA with outstanding success. CTC Global looks forward to a continued effort in strengthening Qatar's electrical grid, and helping Kahramaa reaching the goals outlined within the "Qatar National Vision 2030" program.

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Power Grid Corporation of Bangladesh (PGCB) & CTC Global Sign Installation Services & Support MOU

With several major ACCC® conductor installations in the queue in Bangladesh, PGCB and CTC Global have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for field installation services to ensure proper training and site supervision support for upcoming ACCC projects in Bangladesh.

This important step will go a long way in ensuring smooth, safe and timely installation of ACCC conductor and ancillary hardware components while paving the way for the creation of local talent who will be able to support ACCC projects in the years to come.

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CTC Global Shares its Efficiency & Capacity Message at Annual NASEO Meeting

From September 17th to the 20th, David Townley, CTC Global's Director of Public Affairs, attended the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) annual meeting in New Orleans. 
CTC Global was an exhibitor at the meeting and shared the message of "Getting more benefits from your existing right-of-way by using ACCC conductor on existing towers." 
On the final day, David participated in the roll-out of the beta-version of the National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) web-based software platform. The NEER Project is a multi-sector, multi-state initiative promoting the documentation of energy efficiency programs and measures in a consistent, transparent, and credible way. 
The Project was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy - US State Energy Program and six states acted as the leadership team for the Project. The leadership states were: Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. 
CTC Global will be working with the NEER Project developers to explore how projects that use ACCC on existing towers to upgrade existing ROW while delivering immediate line loss reductions (increased energy efficiency) can be registered in the NEER with the benefits flowing to the utility or company making the line-for-line exchange investment.

Recall that the ACCC conductor was independently certified for its efficiency benefits by SCS Global Services.
CTC Global Updates ACCC Conductor Installation Manual 

With nearly 500 ACCC conductor projects energized, the ACCC installation body of knowledge continues to grow. CTC Global captures and disseminates installation best practices in its Installation Guidelines Manual
Earlier this month, CTC Global released another revision and update to the ACCC Conductor Installation Guidelines, consisting of nine topical chapters.  The revised guidelines include expanded and new sections covering bundled conductor applications, mountainous terrain and large elevation changes, and sagging, along with a myriad of smaller updates such as keeping compression fittings straight, avoiding birdcage phenomena, and revisions to minimum sheave sizes.  
New conductors designs and newly approved equipment, tools, and methods are included. If you have any questions or comments, please email: or visit

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