How to Improve the Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability of the Grid with ACCC Conductor  

AEP Receives Prestigious EEI 2016 Edison Award for Largest Live Line Reconductoring Project Ever Undertaken. ACCC conductor selected as the best technical solution

On June 13th, at the annual Edison Electric Institute national convention, American Electric Power received the prestigious 2016 EEI Edison Award for project of the year.
  With the help of Quanta Energized Services, AEP replaced over 1,440 miles of ACSR Drake size conductor (double bundled) with high-performance, high-efficiency ACCC conductor (double bundled) while the line remained energized. This was not only the largest live line reconductoring project ever undertaken, it was also the largest single deployment of the ACCC conductor in history. The 240 circuit mile project consisted of two parallel 120 mile 345 kV circuits running from Corpus Christi to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas.
In addition to doubling the capacity of the existing circuits, it was also estimated that the improved efficiency of the ACCC conductor reduced line losses by 30% compared to the ACSR conductor it replaced. This translates into an annual energy savings of over 280,000 MWh of electricity. Based on the average emissions for all combined sources of generation in Texas, the line upgrades serve to reduces CO2 emissions by over 166,000 Metric Tons per year. This is the equivalent of removing 35,000 cars from the road. The reduction in line losses also equates to freeing up over 34 MW of generation.
Please view the outstanding EEI AEP Project Video HERE

New Double Circuit 50 km 275 kV ACCC Transmission Line Construction Begins in Malaysia

Earlier this month, with the help of EPC firm Trenergy Infrastructure, ACCC conductor stringing began on a new transmission line in Johor - Baharu, Malaysia. The new line is being built to enable connection with a new power plant developed by Petronas. The project is a joint venture between Petronas and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).
The 50 km double circuit line utilizes lattice structures and steel monopoles. Triple bundled ACCC Dublin size conductor was selected for its high capacity and high efficiency for this project. The finished ACCC conductor was manufactured by Tenaga Cable Industries (TCI).

NARI-CTC Discuss ACCC Conductor at the 16th IERE General Meeting & China Forum

On May 12th, NARI-CTC presented the ACCC conductor at the 16th annual IERE General Meeting & Forum in Beijing, China. It was organized by IERE and CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid). Experts and scholars from China, USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada, Iran and South Africa attended the conference.

NARI-CTC representatives presented a twenty minute overview "Prospects of ACCC Conductor Application in the Global Energy Interconnection." The presentation revolved around four main topics that ACCC conductor is a promising class of conductor for Global Energy Interconnection: 1. ACCC conductor is clean-replacement for traditional conductors. 2. ACCC conductor has low carbon emissions. 3. ACCC conductor has high load capacity. 4. ACCC conductor performs well under extreme environmental conditions.

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