How to Improve the Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability of the Grid with ACCC Conductor  

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Torrent Power Completes 132 kV reconductor project in India


With the support of BNC Power, Teems India, APAR and CTC Global, Torrent Power completed its 5th ACCC conductor installation in India. The double circuit 132 kV project was located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Torrent Power selected ACCC Drake size conductor manufactured by APAR Industries for its New Pirana to Pirana line to increase line capacity and reduce line losses. The successful completion of this project marks the 15th ACCC conductor installation in India.


ACCC conductor in India
CTC Global Introduces New Functionality for CCP Software 


CTC Global's Conductor Comparison Program (CCP) now offers added functionality to make conductor selection easier. The new function allows you to input your required amps and operating assumptions and instantly assess conductor temperature. This makes it very easy to select the appropriate size conductor for your project requirements.


If you currently have a copy of CTC Global's CCP excel-based software program you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the new version with this and other improvements in the next week or two. If you don't already have a free copy of CTC Global's CCP program, please CLICK HERE to request it. 


IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)Meeting Denver


During the last week of this month several hundred representatives from the electric power industry got together to discuss - among other things - electric power transmission. A number of working groups met to discuss standards, best practices, lessons learned and a number of things international utilities are doing to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the electric power grid. Many of CTC's colleagues were surprised to learn that over 30,000 km of ACCC conductor has - or is being - deployed to over 350 projects, worldwide.


During the week, CTC Global personnel attended a number of the "Overhead Lines Subcommittee" meetings. The Overhead Line Subcommittee "treat all matters of economical and technical design, theoretical and experimental performance, installation, and service operation of transmission and distribution conductors and overhead ground wires, their supporting structures, associated splicing and hardware components, and counterpoise and structure grounding." 

The next IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting will be held January 10-14, 2016, at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel in Memphis, TN followed by the IEEE PES General Meeting to be held July 17-21, 2016, in Boston, MA


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ACSS vs ACCC Conductor
Why Over 130 Utilities in 30 Countries Have Selected ACCC
  • High Capacity
  • Low Sag
  • High Strength
  • Fatigue Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Excellent Self Damping
  • Easy to Install
  • Great for Long Spans
  • Very Tough & Flexible
  • Extensively Lab & Field Tested
  • Excellent for N-1 Conditions
  • Reduced Line Losses & Emissions
  • Free's-up Generation Capacity that is Otherwise Lost


The ACCC Conductor's added aluminum content (without a weight or diameter penalty) allows it to run cooler under any load condition which translates into reduced line losses. Reduced line losses can save fuel, emissions and generation capacity.

The Bottom Line:

In nearly 350 cases the ACCC conductor has provided more than 130 utilities the best economic solution for their specific project needs.  


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CTC Global adds FAQ Section to its Website

As the recent survey points out, the perceptions of many transmission and distribution planners, designers and engineers regarding the ACCC conductor seem to vary to some degree. To help answer your questions we've added an FAQ page to our website. Please CLICK HERE  There are also other pages on the website where you can download various documents and reports. CLICK HERE As always, you can also direct any specific questions you might have to us by sending an e-mail to

Links to Recent Articles

Overview of ACCC Conductor Training, Installation and Operating Experience

With nearly 350 projects completed we have learned a lot. Our job is not only to help you learn the attributes of ACCC, its also to help keep your crews safe during installation. In an effort to share our knowledge base we have created a number of useful documents and training videos. To download a copy of "Overview of ACCC Conductor Training, Installation and Operating Experience"   CLICK HERE

Explore Our Video Library


Please take a look at our informative video library. You will find general overview material as well as testing and installation training videos. Please CLICK HERE

Free Engineering Manual

To help Transmission and Distribution planners, engineers, policy makers, grid operators, technicians and others take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual. It offers a very comprehensive set of design guidelines, case studies, figures and facts about conductors and composite materials, and includes links to additional resources and FAQ's, To download an electronic version please CLICK HERE 
If you would like to receive a hard copy please CLICK HERE

Free Engineering Software

CTC Global created CCP to help system planners and engineers compare the ampacity, line losses, thermal and ice load sag, and economic aspects of nearly any conductor type and size, so the numerous advantages of the ACCC conductor can be fully realized. The user simply selects the conductor types and sizes from drop down menus and enters the appropriate values & assumptions highlighted in the yellow boxes. The program is fully functional and uses standard industry formulas (such as IEEE 738-2006). Outputs are readily comparable to Sag10®, PLS CADD™ and other similar programs CLICK HERE


CTC Global proudly works with top-tier manufacturing partners worldwide


ACCC Conductor is an internationally patented and trademark registered product of CTC Global Corporation.  The ACCC conductor is manufactured in association with 20 qualified and licensed international stranding partners. If you are interested in the ACCC conductor, please contact CTC Global to make sure your supplier is authorized to produce and deliver ACCC conductor in your area.  Thank You. 


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