I just love the photography of William Wegman. I first became aware of his work in the late 1970s, when he and his dog Man Ray were regular guests on Saturday Night Live. In 1982 when Wegman published his first book of photography,  Man’s Best Friend , I just had to get a copy. 

Wegman’s first Weimaraner, Man Ray, would hang out with him in his studio and, of course, as is the way with dogs, he would insert himself into what Wegman was doing. It was not long before Wegman started including Man Ray in his video and photographic projects. The rest is history; the beginning of a lifetime pursuit of photographing Weimaraners, books, museum shows and regular appearances on Sesame Street.

When Milo, my Weimaraner, was a puppy of 14 weeks, my wife and I went on vacation in Maine. On our way to the cabin, we stopped at Bowdoin College to see a Wegman exhibit at the school’s museum. Puppies, even well behaved Weimaraner puppies, are not permitted inside museums. We decided to take turns seeing the Wegman exhibit. Lydia, my wife, went inside first and I stayed outside with the puppy. As people exited the museum, they all notice the Weimaraner puppy, that “looks like the dogs inside.” Everyone had to come by, say hello, pet the puppy and ask about the breed. Milo and I had the best time. When Lydia exited the museum, I handed her Milo’s leash and said, “You are in for a real treat.” 

Above is William Wegman’s 1990 photograph, Lolita , and below is a short film about Wegman and his amazing dogs. If you have young children or grandchildren, check out his children’s books, which all feature his very talented Weimaraners.