FEBRUARY 28, 2020
Career and Technical Education Pathway Fair
Pictured above is a student engaging in a virtual reality experience of painting a vehicle to test drive some of the skill sets in the transportation/distribution and logistics pathway
The Cumberland County Schools Career and Technical Education Department (CTE) is working hard to help students achieve a career ready mindset. On January 28th and 29th, nearly 1,000 eighth and ninth grade students flooded the Crown Expo Center to experience the inaugural CTE Pathway Fair. Here they were united with high school, college, and forty industry representatives who helped expose them to sixteen different career pathways. Before attending the event, students completed an interest inventory and a learning style assessment to determine which pathway would be the best fit for them. Upon arrival, the students were grouped with other students from across the county to engage in a hands-on learning experience, as they walked down their chosen pathway.  Submitted by Megan McMillen
Students explore automation and robotics found in the STEM Pathway
Students actively participate in a fun activity put together by a graphic artist from the arts council
Students explore a combination of art and technology with these 3 dimensional models.
Middle school students investigate agricultural technologies with this miniature greenhouse
SFHS CyberSecurity Field Trip
On Friday, February 7, Seventy-First High School CyberSecurity students attended the Cyber Wars Convention held at FTCC. Students had a fun filled day of learning and hands on CyberSecurity activities, exploring malicious email activities, college and career professionals, guest speakers, and so much more. Special thanks to Mr. Herring and FTCC for the invitation. Submitted by LaKeisha Giles
  Family Tech Night at Seventy-First High School
The CTE Department at Seventy-First High School partnered with their local PTSA for Family Tech Night on February 11 from 6:00 -8:00 pm. Mrs. Giles’ CyberSecurity and Coding classes volunteered as panelists for the event. Per the request of the community, a Part II is being planned and we look forward to participating again. Submitted by LaKeisha Giles
CTE Partners with the American Red Cross at WAMC

We are excited to have formed a new partnership with the American Red Cross at Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC). Health Science students from Pine Forest High and Westover High Schools will be interning and volunteering with the American Red Cross at WAMC this semester. Eleven of the fourteen students have already begun their internship/volunteering.    Submitted by Chip Lucas
Pictured above are students from Westover High School after badging.
Pictured on the right are students from Pine Forest High School after badging.
STEM Night at
Gray's Creek Middle School
Students from the Gray's Creek High Academy of Information Technology participated in STEM Night at Gray's Creek Middle School on January 14, 2020. There were a variety of businesses, colleges and community organizations who participated and provided hands-on activities. Students from the IT Academy showcased a custom built computer, did a hands-on activity with computer parts and spoke with middle school students about opportunities available to them on the high school level.
Submitted by LaDonna McNeill
L to R: Jalen Robinson, Sara Atkinson, Maxximus Van Soelen, Anthony Correale and William Smith
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