President's Message
Yesterday, I was in Twin Falls attending the Idaho FFA state conference. I had the opportunity to attend their 3rd General Session and listen to one of Nampa FFA's former students deliver her retiring address. Sydney Anderson (Idaho FFA Secretary) spoke on the importance of gratitude and persistence. She shared stories of the challenges she has faced, the failures she has overcome, and the level of gratitude for those who never gave-up on her. One of the first groups she acknowledged was her FFA Advisors: individuals who gave-up countless hours from the start of her Freshman year in high school to today, almost a year after graduation.

Over the years of listening to retiring addresses from State Officers, I always hear a consistent message of the gratitude students' have for their Career & Technical Student Organization advisors. The impact being made each day in your classroom, or building, and the life-lessons you are teaching them are far greater than we often image.

As we prepare for the whirlwind of school coming to a close and anticipate some time to relax over the summer, there will be moments of frustration and hurdles having us question if we can accomplish something. With persistence, as Sydney eloquently shared, and the support of our mentors and peers, I know we will persevere.

CTEI has exciting work going-on! Over the next few weeks you will receive a "Special Edition" message with a few more updates and points of information not finalized before the Friday Flash needed to be sent. Look for that message and I thank you in advance for your continued engagement in providing direction to your Association!

Enjoy April!

Clay Long
CTEI President
Professional Development Grants
- A Collaboration
It's during professional development where the great ideas grow and collaboration is at its finest. CTEI supported the Idaho Business Education Association with a grant that focused on a collaboration of Family & Consumer Science and Business Education teachers during the Western Business Education Association Regional conference in Boise. Fifteen teachers from both areas worked together in the conceptualization of a school based enterprise and entrepreneurship collaboration. In one workshop teachers learned how to use an embroidery machine and were guided towards the business side of running their own store. "Our programs are more alike then they are different, we want to teach our valuable content but we also want students to collaborate and this concept allows the potential of a shared entrepreneurship capstone" said an FCS teacher. With the additional generous support of B-Sew Inn teachers learned how to use the equipment and took home the embroidery machine to practice, consider curriculum and collaborate until December of 2018.

This is not a one and done professional development, we want teachers to experience the value of collaboration. Idaho State University will be offering workshops and professional development credit for future collaborations and support of this project.

(B-Sew Inn is a generous supporter of this project in workshop content, ongoing machine support and curriculum. Additionally they are a national sponsor of FCCLA, you can learn more at or by contacting Dr. Brenda Jacobsen at ISU,
CTEI Awards
Nominate your colleagues and associations TODAY. CTEI has changed the due date for all Awards to June 1, 2018. These awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work being done each and every day by our members in their classrooms, buildings, and communities. Award categories are as follows:
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Career Guidance Award
  • New Teacher of the Year
  • Teach Educator of the Year
  • Carl Perkins Community Service Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Please submit an application for someone who you know is always going above and beyond! For more information on each category, please visit the CTEI Awards webpage. All awards are easily completed online through the ACTE portal. If you have any questions about the process or criteria, please contact Debra Guinn, Awards Committee Chair.
Teresa Danielson
New Teacher of the Year
Debra Guinn
Teacher of the Year
Diane Jolovich
Teacher of the Year
Idaho Gives - Donate to the Idaho CTE Foundation
One of the partners in Idaho Career & Technical Education is the Idaho CTE Foundation, committed to stimulating and promoting quality Career & Technical Education to fill the needs of Idaho’s growing workforce.

To help support the scholarships to our student, consider making a donation to the Idaho CTE Foundation, through the Idaho Gives website. If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Deitchler with the Idaho CTE Foundation.
Member Spotlight: Lex Godfrey
Name :
Lex Godfrey
Teaching Area:
Agriscience and Technology
Rigby High School
How long have you been teaching?
 20 years - 2 in Rigby & 18 in Burley
What do you enjoy most about your job? The students and professional colleagues!
Each day is a new adventure.
Why would you encourage a new teacher to engage in their teacher association? Agriculture Education is the best job in the world! We have a unique opportunity to interact with students, communities and industry in an influential way to make a real difference.
If you could change one thing about your classroom environment, what would it be? Nothing, I get to teach in the classroom, shop, outside and in lab situations.
What is something about you that would surprise people? I speak Laotian...
What is something you would like to learn to do? I would love to learn Spanish.
What is one of your goals? Travel with my wife to Europe.
(Each month, CTEI will spotlight a member. If you have a recommendation on who we should spotlight, contact Brenda Jacobsen , Public Relations Chair.)
Professional Development Opportunities
June 24 - 27, 2018 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), Atlanta, GA. Premier learning and networking event of family and consumer sciences and related professionals addressing the critical issues related to "Cultivating Social and Emotional Competence for Healthy Relationships."

June 25 - 29, 2018 Sustainable Forestry Tour for Teachers & Counselors , Post Falls, ID. Who should apply? Counselors and teachers of 6th -12th graders, especially in sciences, math, English-language arts,
social studies, agriculture/natural resources, STEM, engineering, mechanics, careers. Deadline possibly extended to 4/8/18 apply today.

July 30 - August 2, 2018 ICTE Professional Development Conference , Boise. Reach for passion. Reach for knowledge. Reach for excellence. Attend Idaho's premiere Career Technical Education professional development opportunity. Stay up-to-date
CTEI Committee Work
The hard-work is realized! To learn more about the Committee Charrges and the members of each committee, click the committee name. If you are interested and did not have a chance to sign-up, contact the committee chair.

  • Awards/Recognition Committee (Debra Guinn, Chair): What better way to help CTEI than to engage in the acknowledgement and recognition of our members and the amazing work they are doing? 
  • By-Laws Committee (Mindy Pals, Chair): This committee reviews our By-Laws and provides recommendations for amendments during our Annual Meeting at REACH. 
  • Conference Committee (Tom Bandolin, Chair): The REACH Conference and Tech Expo Committee will provide opportunities for CTEI Members to foster professional development through workshops and presentations, as well as networking with other CTE professionals and technical industry experts. Join the committee that leads this work. 
  • Legislative Committee (Lex Godfrey, Chair): The purpose and charge of the legislative committee is to inform membership of legislative issues. Additionally the committee advocates for legislative and regulatory positions that support, enhance and recognize the value of career and technical education.  
  • Membership Committee (Robert Hale/Shannon Holt, Chairs: Help guide us in ways to recruit membership and ensure we provide the services our membership desires. 
  • Nominating Committee (Ivak Cooper, Chair): Be part of the committee who identifies and brings nominations forth for the CTEI Executive Committee.
  • Professional Development (Robert Hale, Chair): As the focus for our membership, Professional Development opportunities are critical to CTEI's success, but how do we best provide these to all of our membership? Engage in the conversation on how to provide PD to all membership.
  • Public Relations Committee (Dr. Brenda Jacobsen, Chair): Join in the work to spread the message about the great work CTEI is doing and the success and achievements of our membership.
Officer Contact Information
Contact your Association Representative or a member of the Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board and check-out the CTEI website .
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If you'd like to have something included in this monthly communication,
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