Letter from the Co-Founders:
"Because Of You"

This month marks the 3 year anniversary of CTI’s official launch. It began as a calling, turned into a leap of faith, which resulted in the 3 most humbling years of our lives. Saying “YES” to God has brought amazing blessings we could only dream of, all because of you.

This journey has brought many incredible people into our lives. We have seen God work in ways that leave us shaking our heads in amazement. CTI HAS made an impact in the transplant community, and it’s all because of you.

2020 has been difficult for so many people on a number of different levels. Our prayers go out to those that are hurting and we ask that you keep these pediatric transplant families in your prayers. The Coronavirus has added an extra layer of worry for these kids with weakened immune systems. While all of the uncertainty has slowed everything down, CTI continues to provide financial support and housing to families in need… how? You guessed it, BECAUSE OF YOU!

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed,
Because of you...
CTI has provided support to over 90 pediatric transplant families.
Because of you...
CTI has provided over $30,000 in financial assistance.
Because of you...
CTI has provided over 2,500 nights of hospitality housing,
all at no cost to the guests.
2020 Kruse Classic Clay Shoot and VIP Gala
The 2020 Kruse Classic & Gala were a huge success – we are so thankful that it was decided to do these events in February, had we waited they might not have happened at all. We continue to be humbled by the generosity of everyone that came to the gala and/or the clay shoot, thank you does not even come close to expressing our sincere gratitude. Heartfelt thanks to all our Kruse Classic sponsors, and special thanks to Garry & Emily Davis of BOP Risk Mitigation Services for being the Title Sponsor for the 3rd straight year. Lastly, a tremendous thank you to Cory & Catherine Kruse, who brought back their highly successful Kruse Classic to support CTI’s families – thank you both for being the Godsend’s that you are.
Grant Recipient
CTI was blessed in a big way last April – The Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem provided a very generous grant which enabled CTI to open its 5th hospitality apartment! Special thanks to Chuck Riepe for presenting this huge blessing to CTI.
Amazon Smile
With so many of us shopping from home these days, please consider shopping for a purpose!  Every time you shop on Amazon using Amazon Smile, CTI receives a small percentage.  Just click the link and save to your phone or computer.  
Every little bit helps a family in need!

Giving Partners
We want to give a sincere thank you to our monthly giving partners.  We know we are in unprecedented times during this pandemic. Many of us have had to cancel plans; but our CTI families with critically ill children who are in the middle of life saving transplant journeys can't pause or cancel doctor visits or treatments, and many have received their transplant during this time. Your continuous support allows us to continue to give to these families in need.  If you would like to commit to helping us serve children and their families, please click the link below and sign up to be a monthly giving partner or make a one time donation.
CTI Families Update
The transplant journeys for 2020 started on New Year’s Eve!  The heart of the mission of CTI is to be able to be a small part of a family’s transplant journey from pre-transplant to post-transplant. So far this year 7 of our CTI hospitality housing families received their gift of life!  We need continued prayers for our kids who are still waiting on their call.  It truly blesses us to be able to share the journey with “our” transplant warriors!
Words from our CTI Family
"CTI has been a great gift for our family. My baby spent the whole first year of her life in a hospital room. CTI welcomed us with open arms after transplant and let us stay in their wonderful apartments. They were so nice, clean, and spacious, also right next to the hospital. My daughter was able to relax, grow, and flourish in this calming environment. I can’t say enough about this organization. Thank you for the amazing assistance and for treating us like family."

- Emily Roche, Liver transplant parent
"This organization not only provided this home for us in our time of need, they were also there emotionally. They deeply care about their families and we just could not thank them enough for ALL they have done for our family. Thank you Witty family and Children’s Transplant Initiative... you are truly a God-send.

- Alexis Villegas, Heart transplant parent
"We would like to thank the CTI organization for the economic gift that we received, it means a lot to us and is going to help us a lot. We know there are still good people with big hearts in this world, may God bless all of you and the organization."

- Maria & Homero, Liver transplant parents
"First off, I want to thank the Lord for the day I picked up a CTI pamphlet and decided to write an email. I will never forget the day we met. You all will never imagine the blessing I felt, we weren't alone anymore. You all quickly became the family we needed! Every hard moment eased with your support."

- Mariela Rodriguez, Heart transplant mother
"My colleagues and I have found CTI to be extraordinarily helpful to our families as they experience the risks and benefits of transplants. CTI has in essence changed the lives of families and patients by providing them with emotional and financial resources. Families often arrive at Texas Children's Hospital on an emergency basis and typically penniless because their journey has started so suddenly."

- Jose Ramirez, Liver transplant social worker, Texas Children's Hospital
We would also like to thank our monthly partners, private donors and the fundraisers that have helped us along the way this year. We are so grateful for all the Facebook birthday fundraisers that have occurred this year. We want to give thanks to Inverness Forest Women’s Club and Northampton Garden Club for their generosity.  If you are feeling so called to do so, please consider joining our mission with a one-time donation or become a monthly partner.  We are truly so very grateful for everyone that supports the mission of Children’s Transplant Initiative
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