Thursday, July 2

Today we look at one more moment in Israel’s journey through the wilderness to gain some insight into the current journey through the wilderness of the pandemic. The entire story is recorded in Numbers 13 and Numbers 14.  The Lord lead Moses to send 12 men to explore Canaan. Ten of these “spies” came back with a report of doom and gloom. They were afraid and did not trust God. Two of the spies (Joshua and Caleb) came back with a report of hope and expectation. They believed God could lead Israel forward into the promised land!
The people of Israel had been in the wilderness for about 2 years when this event took place. When they heard the two different reports from the spies, they chose to believe the “doom and gloom” version as opposed to the “God can do this” version.  They chose to grumble. 
They did not choose to trust.  

Regarding the pandemic journey, how can followers of Christ have hope? How can followers of Christ trust God for a good outcome? How can we who believe in the one who died and rose again have hope? Ultimately hope comes by trusting in God and not in the circumstances. No one knows what the future holds. No one can predict what lies ahead. Thus, our hope is not in some future utopia when the virus is eradicated, and all is well. Our hope is in our God who has done great things in the past and will do great things in the future.  

Joshua and Caleb believed that God would lead Israel to the promised land. They weren’t sure when (it took another 38 years) that would occur. But instead of complaining about the situation and grumbling about the circumstances, they believed God would work. In Romans 8:28, the apostle Paul was inspired to write: “And we know that God causes everything to work for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” We don’t know our future circumstances, but we know God will work it for good. Who gets to define “good?” God defines “good.”  Will the virus be eradicated? Maybe, maybe not. Will our families be spared? Maybe. Maybe not. Will the economy turn around? Maybe, Maybe not.  Yet, God will work for good.

This pandemic is a hard journey through an unknown wilderness. For you who believe in the one who overcame death and the grave, there is hope. God is able.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I thank you that as I journey through this wilderness where the future is uncertain and the challenges are great, you are with me. May your kingdom come and your will be done.   Amen. 

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