Friday, June 26

Recently, the distribution schedule of these daily prayer emails
changed. We no longer send the prayer emails on the weekend. Consequently, on Fridays, we now preview the Scripture focus for the upcoming week online and on campus worship.

The focus for Sunday, June 28 is the story of Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10 & 11.

Acts 10 records the narrative of how the Holy Spirit brought Peter to Cornelius so that Cornelius might hear the Good News and become a follower of Jesus Christ. Some basic background:

  1. Cornelius was a Gentile (now Jew) Roman officer. Cornelius was stationed at the Roman army’s “base” in Caesarea, a seaport on the Mediterranean coast. God had been connecting Cornelius to himself through the faith and life of the Jewish people. But Cornelius had not heard about Jesus Christ. 
  2. Peter was in Joppa, 34 miles south of Caesarea. Peter had recently journeyed from Jerusalem to visit followers of Jesus in this small fishing village.
  3. As you read the narrative, you’ll note that the key theme, clearly supported by the plot, is this: the Good news of Jesus is for the Gentiles as well as the Jews. 

As you read Chapter 11 you’ll see that Peter has returned to Jerusalem from Caesarea. As Peter reports to the believers in Jerusalem they have a “church changing, mission clarification” discussion. The leaders could not comprehend why Peter would go to Cornelius’s house. But, after they hear Peter’s account, they experience an “ah-hah” moment.  This is a significant change in the understanding of what it means to be on mission for Jesus Christ. 

These questions may help you as you engage with the message in our worship this weekend. 

  • Lord, do I consciously or unconsciously exclude certain people from your church?
  • Lord, when I pray for those who are disconnected from you, do I ever avoid praying for people who are not like me?  

Prayer: Lord thank you that when you welcomed Cornelius into your family you were paving the way for my entrance into your family.  Fill me with your Spirit that I continue to experience gratitude when I remember that you graciously rescued me. Amen. 

Worship with Christ the King Sunday, June 28
On Campus and Online 8am and 10:30am - , Facebook or YouTube

Holy Communion (in your vehicle) 9-10am, 11:30 – Noon

The recorded service can be accessed at any of the above links by Sunday at 3pm.