Tuesday, May 12

Hope in God

Scripture: Philippians 4:19  – And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
Little children will often cling to a special item for comfort. Sometimes it’s a special stuffed toy and sometimes it’s a blanket. I have some friends whose daughter lost her beloved bear on a family vacation. They were on the airplane to fly home when they realized “Sunny Bear” was gone. There was no time to go back to look and they weren’t even sure where or when Sunny Bear had gone missing. Their daughter was inconsolable on the flight home, but they promised her that when they arrived home, they would call the hotel to see if Sunny Bear had been left in their room.

To their dismay, the hotel reported that Sunny Bear was nowhere to be found. My friends combed the internet for days on end until they finally found a Sunny Bear look-a-like. They quickly ordered the toy, sure of the fact that their daughter would be so excited. Except when the bear arrived, their daughter was not excited.
Her Sunny Bear had a tear on its ear from when the family dog had tried to steal the toy.
Her  Sunny Bear smelled like pancake syrup.
Her  Sunny Bear wasn’t so fluffy. She was flattened out from many hugs.
The new Sunny Bear sat on the shelf; a reminder of a dear old companion. My friends’ daughter moved on, grew older, and learned she didn’t need her comfortable old bear anymore.
These days have been scary for so many. It’s not just health and medical concerns that have plagued our world, but also ones of finances. It’s very easy for us to put our trust in the things of this world. We can  see  the things. We live in our house. We drive our cars. We wear our clothes. Somehow, these things can give us comfort — but it’s a comfort that is fleeting.

A house can flood or be blown away in a storm. A car can be wrecked or break down. Our clothes wear out. The things of the world will always fade away, but our God is forever. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our eternal God gives us hope which does not fade. This hope is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It will never disappoint.  
Dear God, this world and all that is in it belongs to you. You are the Mighty Creator and my Loving Father. You know every animal by name, and you see every flower that blooms. I do not have to fear or worry because your love for me is so great. Thank you for meeting my greatest need by sending Jesus Christ to be my savior. Thank you that you are teaching me to trust that you will meet all my needs. Amen