Christ the King School Newsletter - January 29, 2019
Dear Christ the King Families,

Catholic Education Embodies Faith, Knowledge, Service, and Community

Catholic schools in the United States have integrated students into our faith, provided solid academic standards, and prepared students for responsible adult citizenship. Here at Christ the King Catholic School faith is cornerstone to our days, as each morning begins in prayer and each week ends with a morning mass. We are blessed by a pastor who is a fellow educator and leads with hospitality, stewardship, and is a champion to the disenfranchised of our community. We are blessed by parish priests who dedicate their lives in ministering to God’s people with commitment, and tremendous care. We recognize our Catholic sisters and their congregations/provinces that have nurtured, influenced, and maintained Catholic schools…… just shy of three centuries, here, in the United States of America. 

In gratitude we celebrate our faculty and staff who follow God’s will and strive to do God’s work with the utmost planning, care, and positive learning outcomes possible for our students. We thank our families who sacrifice, serve, and commit to the ideals of our faith in sending their children to Christ the King Catholic School. We cherish our students who help us grow in the process, and as children of God are truly an inspiration to us all and our vocations as Catholic educators.

So, why commit to Catholic education here at Christ the King School? What does a Catholic education mean to our lives? The questions may swirl, but one thing is for certain: God is the reason our school exists and thrives today. God is at the center of our mission, ministry, philosophy, ideals, intentions of the heart, and decisions. I truly believe that Christ as our King, the Saints, the prophets, His holy word, the sacraments, the opportunity to pray often, practice our faith daily, rely on hope as a beacon of light, and lead with charity is what defines us. 

If we go one layer deeper as the readings stated today, we are all one body in Christ, we are one community of believers in one holy Catholic and apostolic church. Our school’s Catholic education benefits greatly from the blessings, virtues, and values of our faith.
Think for a moment of our students growing in faith, knowledge, and service over nine years of their lives here at Christ the King School. The cool part is we all change and grow in the process. Perhaps the greatest gifts of a Catholic education are wrapped in lasting friendships, sacramental moments, athletic competition, an irreplaceable education, the opportunities to serve others, and various moments to practice and live out the Gospel daily. 

Saint Pope John Paul the II perhaps said it best, “Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts, but also to transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision liberate students in the most profound meaning of human freedom.” 

I believe what truly frees us is our sense of community that is not found to our degree, elsewhere. When a member of our CTK family is suffering, or ill, we reach out with compassion, when a member of our community soars, we celebrate, when a member of our community is lost, we enliven hope, when a member of our community succeeds, we are inspired, when a member of our community falls, we engender restorative practices.
Come join our Christ the King Catholic School community and celebrate with us the many blessings that God so abundantly places before us each and every day. May we continue to build our children’s futures with immense opportunities to learn, discover, and grow in God’s light.  

Abundant blessings,
Joe Silveira
Christ the King Catholic School
Let us pray for the uncle of Meaghan (Gr. 5) and brother of Mrs. Meyer who is undergoing surgery. God keep these friends and families, along with others who are suffering illness, loneliness or other challenges, in His tender and loving care.
Important Dates
Tuesday, January 29 - Silly Socks for Science Fair Day, Science Fair, Field Trip Gr. 2
Wednesday, January 30 - Free Dress C o l o r Day, 2:15pm dismissal,
Thursday, January 31 - Thankful Thursday, Dress Uniform, Uniform Sale 7am Parish Hall, Open House for prospective students 8:15am, Hot Lunch - Crispy Chicken Tacos
Friday, February 1 - Folleyball Friday, Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 3 prep., Spiritual Growth for CTK Parents in Parish Hall after 8am Mass, Tuition due
Saturday, February 2 - Crab Feed CTK gym 6pm
Monday, February 4 - PTG Meeting 7pm Media Center
Wednesday, February 6 - Minimum Day, 12pm dismissal
Thursday, February 7 - Hot Lunch - TBD, New Student Applications due
Friday, February 8 - Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 7 prep., Spiritual Growth for CTK Parents in Parish Hall after 8am Mass, Sibling New Student Interviews, Gr. 7 Dance at St. Francis 7pm, Tuition late
Catholic Schools Week 2019 - continued!
Catholic Schools Week continues with these events:

Wednesday 1/30: Free Dress Color Day. Wear as much of your c l a s s c o l o r as possible from head to toe! (Please follow guidelines here)

***There will be a Who Wore it Better Contest?
K & 7- Blue
1 & 6- Red
2 & 5- Green
3 & 4- Yellow
8- R a i n b o w Colors

Thursday 1/31: Thankful Thursday. Dress Uniform. Open House for Prospective Students and Families, Student Leadership will be hosting tours.

Friday 2/1: Folleyball Friday: Staff vs. 8th Grade volleyball game hosted by Student Leadership
Midyear Classic Designs Uniform Sale
Our midyear uniform sale will be held this Thursday in the Parish Hall from 7-9am. Click here for more information. Click here for a list of items available.
Open House for 2019-2020 Prospective Students
We are hosting a drop in Open House for all prospective new students and their families! Please join us on Thursday, January 31, 2019 between 8:15am and 9:00am. Welcome and tours begin in the school lobby. We have lots of wonderful things to share! Applications are available on the school website at
Notes from the Office
Speech Contest Volunteer Opportunity: We are looking for CTK parents who might be interested in volunteering to be a judge for this year’s CTK speech contest. Judging this year will take place in the 5-8th grade classrooms on the mornings of February 26th and 27th. It is a wonderful opportunity to support this learning experience! You will see first hand the results of weeks of work to create and deliver a meaningful speech. If you are available on those mornings and interested in being a judge, please contact Maureen Johansen ( ) or Jennifer Chisar ( ). Thank you!
Tuition Due: Tuition is due Friday, February 1st and late February 8th. Tuition can be sent in through the family envelope, mailed, dropped through the slot under the front window (in an envelope please), brought into the office or paid via your online bill pay. Please check to be sure you are paying the current school year amount. Thank you!
Safety First!
Please help keep our children safe!

Access Driveway: Our access driveway from Brandon Road will be closed until construction on the Ministry Center is complete. The lower gate of the parking lot by the office will be closed and there is a fence at Brandon Road.

  • Driving: Please enter and exit via Gregory Lane.
  • Walking or Biking: If your child has permission to walk or bike home and they come from Brandon Road please be sure they use the walkway between the Church and the Parish House on the corner.
Friday Choir Practice before Mass

Church is open at 7:30 for students to enter. Please be sure Mr. Lejano or another school employee or adult is present before leaving your child.

Please park in the upper lot and walk all children to church. Do not drive them down to the church entrance. There is no safe space to drop them off and then back up. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Parking Lot: Please pull forward if there is an empty space in front of you to allow more cars to park.
CYO after School: Students who have practice after school must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the gym. Adult can be their coach or a parent. No students are to be in the gym unsupervised.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone in our school family safe!!
CTK Auction Update!
AUCTION TICKETS: Tickets are selling FAST! Join us on February 23, 2019 at 5 PM! Tickets are $100 and deadline is February 1st. Buy tickets here:

EXPERIENCES are Live on the CTK Auction website! We have sold over 300 spots, but there are still 370 spots to BUY!! Don't miss out on some fabulous events to bring together community, have fun, and raise money for our school! Dads - gather for a night of POKER! Moms - come play bunco together or drink wine at Sera Fina Cellars! Many host families have come together to donate a class party - so please be sure to check these out, buy your child a spot, and have fun as a class! There is also a Gingerbread making or Valentine's Day Pop Cake experience as well as Nerf battle or Picnic at the Park with CTK Student Leadership! Truly something for all!
You can buy online by visiting the CTK Auction website:
Don’t miss out! These CTK Experiences are selling out FAST! Please remember to check the dates/times/restrictions/details of each CTK Experience before purchasing.   

VOLUNTEERS:  WE NEED YOU!! There are many ways to use your time and talents to help come together for the biggest fundraiser for CTK School and Parish! If you are not attending the Auction as a guest, you can earn fundraising hours by working during the auction (bartender, selling raffles, finance, back room). Let CTK parishioners or Interested CTK families know they can help too! Click here to sign up: Or email with questions.

AUCTION WEBSITE : Keep up with all Auction news by visiting the CTK Auction website: . You can find information on tickets, volunteering, experiences, raffles, Fund A Need, Event Guide to Auction and donation information. Check it out! 
Spiritual Growth for CTK School Parents 2/1/2019
Advanced Faith-Growing Opportunity: CTK School is committed parent education and growth as much as we are to student learning. We are now offering a faith sharing and learning opportunity for parents each Friday morning in the parish hall--right after the students' 8 a.m Mass. CTK's Al Garrotto will offer a challenging topic each week with a 9:30 stop-time. This week's topic: "How Relevant is the Catholic Church in the World Today?"
Musical Theater for Students in Grades 2-8
Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins JR. - Your favorite practically perfect nanny takes center stage in this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adventure based on the award-winning Broadway musical and classic Walt Disney film. Auditions begin this Friday, Feb. 1st. Complete registration form and turn in to the school office no later than Thursday, January 31st to get an audition time! Click here to register!
Renting St. Stephens Hall
St. Stephen Parish Hall:   One of the great assets of St. Stephen Parish is a beautiful multi-use parish hall that can accommodate over 200 people. A commercial kitchen and ample parking make this a fantastic choice for family celebrations, parties and community events. There is a discounted rental fee for St. Stephen and CTK parishioners. For more details, call the parish office at 682-2486.
Christ the King CYO Crabfeed
Christ the King CYO will host its annual Crab Feed fundraiser to support the parish program. The date is Saturday, February 2, 2019. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m with dinner starting at 7:30 p.m. Two ticket options are available: $55 and $75. For more information about the evening and to purchase tickets online, please visit our website: and click on the Crab Feed link. Join us for a great evening!!
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