Christ the King School Newsletter - February 5, 2019
Dear Christ the King Families,

This morning we received word of our emeritus Pastor Father Brian Joyce’s passing from this life to heaven. His beautiful legacy and imprint on our parish and school was immeasurable. Father Joyce’s amazing sermons and reflections, his intrinsic kindness and compassion, gift for writing powerful books, and activism toward social justice in reaching out to the most needy in our community, and humble and caring heart was a lighthouse of hope to us all. Today, we send special condolences to Father Joyce’s sister Mary, his family, brother priests and sisters, and to the countless individuals and lives he has touched. It is with immense gratitude to God, and Father Joyce, for a vocation, ministry, and life well loved and lived.

Deepest sympathies and prayers,

Joe Silveira
Christ the King Catholic School 
Let us pray for Father Brian Joyce and the grandfather of Jason Brown (Gr. 6) who have gone to heaven this week. May God keep these friends and families, along with others who are suffering illness, loneliness or other challenges, in His tender and loving care.
Important Dates
Wednesday, February 6 - Minimum Day, 12pm dismissal
Thursday, February 7 - Hot Lunch - McDonalds McChicken Sandwiches, New Student Applications due
Friday, February 8 - Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 7 prep., Spiritual Growth for CTK Parents in Parish Hall after 8am Mass, Sibling New Student Interviews, Gr. 7 Dance at St. Francis 7pm, Tuition late
Monday, February 11 - New Kindergarten Interviews, Festival Meeting 7pm Media Center
Tuesday, February 12 - New Kindergarten Interviews
Wednesday, February 13 - New Kindergarten Interviews, 2:15pm dismissal, Auction Meeting 7pm Media Center
Thursday, February 14 - Valentines Day, Hot Lunch - Hot Dogs
Friday, February 15 - Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 6 prep., Spiritual Growth for CTK Parents in Parish Hall after 8am Mass, Tuition due
Monday, February 18 - Presidents' Day School Holiday
Middle School Education Night
Christ the King School is hosting an important Education Evening for all 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th Grade Families and Students

Save the Date:   Monday, March 4, 2019 We highly encourage students and their parents to plan in advance to attend this important meeting.

Showing: 68-minute film “Screenagers” Directed by Delaney Ruston, M.D.

Location:  Christ the King Catholic Church

Evening’s Itinerary:
  • 5:50 p.m. Prayer/Introduction(s)
  • 6:00 p.m. Screenagers
  • 7:10 p.m. Q and A (Expert Panelists)
  • 7:30 p.m. Closure

A Warm Welcome to Expert Panelists:
  • Darryl Holcombe, Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, Senior Inspector Digital Forensics/ICAC
  • Lauren Whalen, Deputy District Attorney (Special Operations Division) Contra Costa County
  • Enrique Alvarez, Supervisory FBI Special Agent
CTK Auction Update!
ONLINE LIVE AUCTION NOW!!   Looking to plan summer camps or fun things to do for/with your kids? Looking to try a new fitness program? Are you a patient of Dr. Jen Martin Orthodontics? Check out the Online Auction TODAY with lots of amazing activities for you and your kids!
BIDDING BEGINS: Monday, February 4th @ 7 PM
BIDDING ENDS: Monday, February 11th @ 7 PM
TIPS : Be sure you have an account and are signed up on Silent Auction Pro before the bidding begins! Items will go fast! There is also a “BUY NOW!” option for 80% of the value if there is an item you must have! Some of the amazing items listed below:
  • CYO Summer Camp
  • Carondelet and De La Salle Summer Camps
  • Steve & Kate’s Camp
  • Walnut Creek SURF Soccer Club Summer Camp
  • Bronco Baseball Academy
  • Wheel Kids - Bicycle Camp
  • Ace Dance Academy, Encore, Studio A, East Bay Sports Academy, Delta Martial Arts
  • Hackingtons Code Class
  • CrossFit, YMCA Membership, Personal Training
  • $1500 gift certificate to Jennifer Martin Orthodontics!

AUCTION TICKETS:   Please join us for this fabulous event to raise money for our children, enhance our community, and have fun!  Tickets still on sale!  $100 per person, February 23rd @ 5 PM. Buy tickets here @ CTK AUCTION WEBSITE !   
AUCTION REIMBURSEMENT:   Thank you to those working on auction projects - please submit your expenses by February 20th using this online form:
Questions? Contact

FUND A NEED: The 2019 “Fund a Need” objective focuses on both safety and technology.
Goal: $20,000 - Two ways to give:
  • Fund a Need - raise your paddle during the Auction
  • If you are unable to attend the Auction, your support is needed! Please go to CTK Auction website and donate! Also send this link out to family and friends, and they can donate on behalf of your student. LEARN MORE OR DONATE TO FUND A NEED

CTK EXPERIENCES: You can buy your experiences online at CTK Auction website ! Please remember to check the dates/times/restrictions/details of each CTK Experience before purchasing.   
Financial Aid for 2019-2020 School Year
C hrist the King Tuition Assistance Program
Diocesan and School financial aid programs may be available for families who qualify. While the primary responsibility for financing a student's Catholic education rests with the student's family, Christ the King Catholic School will make every effort to see that no child is denied access to a Catholic education based solely on lack of funds to pay tuition.
There are three types of Tuition Assistance available to Christ the King families: BASIC, FACE, and the CTK Children’s Fund. 

·       BASIC (Bay Area Scholastic Inner City) is an outside source available to all new students in Grades K-8 whose families qualify for the free/reduced hot lunch program and/or meet the income criteria set by Basic Fund. The Basic Fund application income criteria guidelines are strictly adhered to. Applications are available online only at and must be filed by March 8, 2019.

·       Diocese of Oakland FACE (Family Aid for Catholic Education) Grant is a Diocesan sponsored tuition assistance program available to all qualifying families requesting financial aid.  A FACTS application is required and is due no later than March 8, 2019.

·       The CTK Children’s Fund is tuition assistance sponsored by Christ the King Catholic School and is primarily available to students currently attending Christ the King.   A FACTS application is required and is due no later than March 8, 2019.

FACTS application instructions:  FACTS applications are available online only at . Applications must include a copy of the family's most recent federal income tax return in order to verify the family's financial status and are due no later than March 8, 2019. For FAQ’s, visit and scroll down to the Financial Aid section.

To equitably distribute the available CTK Children’s Funds, it is important that the Principal and Pastor have adequate information. Therefore, the school requires documentation of family financial resources in order to make determinations on applications for these funds.
In addition to a family's financial resources, the Principal and Pastor will consider any other relevant family circumstances in making determinations on applications.

The amount of assistance awarded will vary from family to family, and will depend upon the family's financial status, the family's particular circumstances and the amount of money the school has available for tuition assistance in a given year.
Christ the King School will not discriminate in the administration of its Tuition Assistance Program on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or age in violation of existing state or federal laws or regulations.

All information regarding applications for Tuition Assistance will be held in strictest confidence by the Principal and Pastor. Parents are also expected to keep confidential the amount of any Tuition Assistance award that is given. Families will be notified of the determination made by the Principal on their request for a tuition grant, including the amount of any award for the upcoming school year by May 30, 2019.
Crusader Chronicles Issue #3
Crusader Chronicles
3rd Edition
A Day in the Life of Mrs. Thornbury
By: Aurora Alvarez and Lily Zachary

Mrs. Thornbury is our school’s office manger, but she hasn’t always worked in the school office. She used to work at Club CTK. While working down in Club, she mostly did the billing and maintained the calendar. She decided to work at CTK because her daughter, Ms. Thornbury, was going to to high school. Her daughter had previously gone to school at CTK. Mrs. Thornbury started working here in 2000.
At school, she arrives around 7 a.m. and leaves around 4 p.m. To start the day off, Mrs. Thornbury usually unlocks all of the doors, turns on the lights, then writes the events of the day onto a board in the faculty room. At the end of the day, Mrs. Thornbury does the opposite of how she started the day. First she will close all of the doors, then she will turn off all of the lights, and finally she will leave.
She is responsible for the weekly family envelope online, answering the phone, recording attendance, and answering many, many, many questions! She loves people and is always interacting with them. Because of this, Mrs. Thornbury says that her heros are the people that she gets to meet everyday.
Away from school, she loves Tahoe! Some other things that Mrs. Thornbury likes to do are sew and read.
Mrs. Thornbury makes a big impact on our school each day. You may notice it, but our school could not survive without Mrs. Thornbury.
Mrs. Bruce
By: Addison Rohrer

Bruce is an amazing part of CTK. She continues to find new ways to make the school better for kids to learn, but she also keeps important traditions in our community. She has been with us for 30 years, adapting to each new year. But most importantly, she stays true to herself and students. Have you ever noticed how she is everywhere? From making sure kids are safe with cars on the street and doing club in the morning to picking up sweatshirts on the black top and working in the healthroom- Mrs. Bruce is EVERYWHERE! 
One of the jobs Mrs. Bruce is most known for is helping Coach Doc with P.E. She helps setup and clean up, helps explain the lessons, and attends to hurt students. Don’t forget Mrs. Bruce is always cheering us on with difficult tasks. She sets high standards for us to be proud of when we achieve them. Coach Doc’s responsibility is to take care of the recess bins, but it is Mrs. Bruce’s responsibility to to take care of the recycling bins. This means bringing them up and down from the street and making sure they are put out at recess. 
Mrs. Bruce also helps in third grade. She uses her humor out on yard duty to cheer up the class, her artisticness to do her favorite job, the bulletin boards, and brings perfection to helping grade worksheets or putting together the Tuesday Envelopes. Mrs. Bruce talks to Mrs. Sihler about advice for further teaching opportunities. She also teaches third grade art and how to be kind, caring, and responsible children. Mrs. Bruce tries to teach not only the third grade but the whole school about being kind children of God.
Mrs. Bruce is an amazing multitasker and teacher willing to do anything that helps students learn better. There are a thousand reasons Mrs. Bruce should be appreciated for the million jobs she does.
Thank you Mrs. Bruce for being an extraordinary part of CTK!
Catholic Schools Week
By: Ruby Zachary and Lillie Noland                                   

Catholic Schools week is about having fun and celebrating the fact that we go to a Catholic School. It shows the importance of having a religion. It is an exciting and busy week! On Monday, we had comfy clothes day. On Tuesday, we had silly socks day. On Wednesday, we had assigned colors day-This is where the classes are assigned colors to wear and the class who wears the most colors wins. We also had a fun rally planned for that day. It was great! On Thursday we wore dress uniform because the newcomers (new students) will be touring the school. On Friday the 8th graders had competitive volleyball tournament against the faculty and staff (go 8th graders!). With all the fun and excitement of the week, we remembered that we all need to learn, lead, serve and succeed here at our Catholic School (of Christ the King).   
Fourth Grade Missions
By: Celeste Alvarez, Maddie McGrain, Natalia Pascoe

The 4th grade completed a mission project that were up for open house. They are Ms. Batista’s first class researching all 21 missions of California. They were able to do their missions at school on January 24th. They made them out of different materials like: styrofoam, cardboard, and foam board. Some of the most uncommon things people used were: plexiglass, caramel, gingerbread, and steel. Some of the most common items that have been used in the past are foam board and uncooked lasagna for the roof.
This is Mr. Silveira’s first time experiencing 4th grade missions at Christ the King school. Miss Batista was very excited for the missions, and she loves this time of the year! The process for the mission project is first the 4th graders do research on their mission. Then they take that research and put it into a Powerpoint presentation. After that they go to the store and they get their supplies, and they build their mission walls at home. Lastly, they do their mission walls at home, and they come to school and build the rest. This year’s class was very, very excited to build! I hope you to saw the beautiful missions!
Peaceful Activists                                                  
By: Cami Rogers

In the month of January we honor the people of the civil rights movement, whether they were leading rallies or organizing them behind the scenes. One of the main reasons that black activists had to fight and protest for their rights was because American citizens thought they were different because of the color of their skin. 
From 1954 to 1968, people who were black had to fight for their rights. Black people in our country were not being treated equally. There are different ways that people can be activists. One way is to make speeches to the public. The most famous example of an activist who did that is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He, like many others, fought for black rights. King was one of the faces of civil rights movement. Other people, like Ella Baker, helped King and his associates but, weren’t noticed.                    
Most of people of the civil rights movement were persistent, caring, honest, courageous, selfless, passionate. They worked hard so the people of their generation and the generations yet to come have equal rights. They fought so the towns, schools and public places wouldn’t be segregated.   
The Science Fair                                                                
By: Audrey Stice and Madison Mathis

The science fair is when grades 6th, 7th, and 8th grade all have to think of a science question they want to answer. But it is not that easy. There are many steps.  Step 1 - You need to think of a question you want an answer. Think big, but not too big like.  Step 2 - Start doing the research. It can be from a book, online or from something you already know.  Step 3- Create a hypothesis. A hypothesis is something you think will happen with your project. Sometimes your wrong and some time your right.   Step 4- Once you find get the supplies for your project and board, where you explain to everyone about your project, start actually doing the project.  Step 5- Record data for your project. Data is where you write down all the stuff you’ve gotten from the project.  Step 6- Do the board. The board is something that tells people about your project, hypothesise, data, and finally your answer.  Step 7 -Present your project to a panel of judges.  The students had 3 months to work on their project.       
The science fair was on January 29th in the Christ The King gym. For each middle school class, there was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.
  For 6th grade , in 3rd place was “Battle of the Burgers” by Grace Regan and Mackenzy Wasser. In second was “To Boost or Not to Boost?” by Natalie Hernandez and Sammie Johnson. And in first place for 6th grade was “Attracted? We’ve got you Distracted?” by Giulia Dumais, Madeline Lopez, and Ayla Margate.
For 7th grade , in 3rd place was a tie, with “Water Works” by Charlotte Beyler and Ava Chapman and “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” by Laney Peters and Nicco Ratto. In 2nd place was “Power of the Placebo” by Kailey Alumbaugh and Sofia Meyer. And in 1st place for 7th grade is “Train Your Brain” by Mia Brinker and Maddie Karst.
For 8th grade , in 3rd place was “Acids vs. Antacids” by Emma Nuti and Juliana Harrington. In 2nd place was a tie, with “Stretching For Speed” by Jessica Chisar and “Biodegradation Takes No Vacation” by Karlie Makhoul and Caroline Rardin. And in first place for 8th grade is “Bye Bye E-Coli” by Morgan Gamble and Sammie Miller.
The science fair is for students to learn to find an answer to a question they have and to train or exercise themselves to question and figure out the answer to those questions.
🏀 CYO, Bro! 🏀
By: Spencer Stephens and James Luippold

CYO is a fun way to play basketball. It starts at 3rd grade and goes through 8th grade. There is a game every weekend of the season (with the exception of holidays). There are four quarters, ten minutes each. You also have two coaches that will help and teach you if you are confused. The uniforms are red and yellow, flip it over and then its red and white. Some teams other than CTK that play in this league are St. Mary’s, St. Perpetua, St. Maria, and many more! In conclusion, CYO basketball to us is teamwork, and of course, fun!
If you ever forget, remember these two rhymes: CYO Is the League To Go!! and CTK Is the Way To Play!!
Guess Who
By: Rosie Butler and Lily Zachary

Born in Alabama in 1913
Died in 2005
Arrested in 1955 for refusing to move to the back of the bus
Associated with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Was an African-American women.
Notes from the Office
Tuition Due: Tuition was due last Friday, February 1st and is late February 8th. Tuition can be sent in through the family envelope, mailed, dropped through the slot under the front window (in an envelope please), brought into the office or paid via your online bill pay. Please check to be sure you are paying the current school year amount. Thank you!
Speech Contest Volunteer Opportunity: We are looking for CTK parents who might be interested in volunteering to be a judge for this year’s CTK speech contest. Judging this year will take place in the 5-8th grade classrooms on the mornings of February 26th and 27th. It is a wonderful opportunity to support this learning experience! You will see first hand the results of weeks of work to create and deliver a meaningful speech. If you are available on those mornings and interested in being a judge, please contact Maureen Johansen ( ) or Jennifer Chisar ( ). Thank you!
Safety First!
Please help keep our children safe!

Access Driveway: Our access driveway from Brandon Road will be closed until construction on the Ministry Center is complete. The lower gate of the parking lot by the office will be closed and there is a fence at Brandon Road.

  • Driving: Please enter and exit via Gregory Lane.
  • Walking or Biking: If your child has permission to walk or bike home and they come from Brandon Road please be sure they use the walkway between the Church and the Parish House on the corner.
Friday Choir Practice before Mass

Church is open at 7:30 for students to enter. Please be sure Mr. Lejano or another school employee or adult is present before leaving your child.

Please park in the upper lot and walk all children to church. Do not drive them down to the church entrance. There is no safe space to drop them off and then back up. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Parking Lot: Please pull forward if there is an empty space in front of you to allow more cars to park.
CYO after School: Students who have practice after school must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the gym. Adult can be their coach or a parent. No students are to be in the gym unsupervised.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone in our school family safe!!
Spiritual Growth for CTK School Parents 2/5/2019
Advanced Faith-Growing Opportunity: CTK School is committed parent education and growth as much as we are to student learning. We are now offering a faith sharing and learning opportunity for parents each Friday morning in the parish hall--right after the students' 8 a.m Mass. CTK's Al Garrotto will offer a challenging topic each week with a 9:30 stop-time. This week's topic: "Finding Faith and Hope Amid Scandal in the Church Part I"
Quick Links!
Click here to view February's P artners in Faith. This issue is filled with lots of interesting information.

Renting St. Stephen's Hall: Please Click here for more information.

CTK spirit items please for information and ordering.

Virtus Safe Environment Training : Click here to access the online training site and click here for instructions.

Y earbooks : Click here to order your yearbook. CTK school code #1069319.

CTK Concussion Protocol: Click here.