Christ the King School Newsletter - March 5, 2019
Dear Christ the King Families,
T echnological Use, Social Media, and Cyberspace

In this digital world we live in, technology has become part of our daily life much like the air that we breath. We know that with the ever-changing world of technology there is both POWER and CHALLENGE with its use.

How amazing is it that with just a few clicks we can have the ability to send and receive information from billions of computers and users all around the world. Teachers and students have great POWER at their fingertips with an endless array of resources in which to instruct and learn. The possibilities are endless with everything from middle school students building virtual roller coasters to study the laws of physics to kindergarten students watching a live stream of elephants at the San Diego Zoo to learn about mammals.

With great power comes RESPONSIBILITY and great CHALLENGES. We live in a digital world where children’s minds and emotions become overstimulated, their natural sleep patterns are disrupted, social media becomes a place for students to find acceptance and be relevant, and there is constant pressure to feel “connected” to the online community. Parents, as primary educators, need to model appropriate use of technology for our children. We need to establish healthy boundaries for ourselves and for our children with limits to screen time and establishing good habits such as powering devices off at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Parents must also be aware of children’s online activity and the dangers that await them in cyberspace. This past Monday we learned about the impact of technology on our adolescents as we watched the documentary “Screenagers” and dialogued with our expert panel.

As a community, we have all agreed to use technology appropriately at Christ the King School by engaging in online activities that align with the mission of the school. School logos, photographs as well as the “CTK” brand are prohibited from being used on any individual or group’s social networking accounts, discussion forums, blogs, or websites. Some parents have requested that their child(ren’s) photographs not be published online without their permission and we ask that families respect this request. Any students, parents, or teachers who use technology in ways that our contrary to the mission of Christ the King School may be held responsible for their words and actions.  When issues arise that affect our global community, please be assured that Christ the King School will inform our families directly through the school website, newsletters, and Constant Contact.

Although we have grown more dependent on technology, children need and yearn for sacred family time without devices. Everyone in the family needs to take time to be offline. With Lent approaching, we pray and hope that all families will make a conscious effort to find sacred time with each other and with God by finding time to be offline. This may be as simple as sitting down together as a family to share a meal, having a family game night, playing at the park or taking in the beauty of nature and the outdoors.

Abundant Blessings,
Mr. Orlina
Vice Principal
6th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Christ the King Catholic School
Please join us in praying for the great uncle of Maddie (Gr. 4) and Eleanor (Gr. 2) McGrane who is seriously ill and for Dick Bertrand, a member of our Finance Committee who is recovering from pneumonia. We also ask you to remember those who are suffering illness, loneliness or other challenges. May God keep these friends and families in His tender and loving care.
Ash Wednesday Schedule
Tomorrow, March 6th is Ash Wednesday. We will begin school at 7:30am to have our students safely in class before the parking lot fills with parishioners parking for 8 am Mass. All students will attend 8am Mass and we encourage parents and families to join us.

  • 7:30 - Drop off begins. Choir members leave backpacks and go directly to church
  • 7:45 - Classes begin
  • 8:00 - Mass begins
  • 12:00 - School dismissed.
Important Dates
Tuesday, March 5 - Ice Cream Sales begin again, End of 2nd Trimester
Wednesday, March 6 - Ash Wednesday EARLY START Drop off at 7:30 Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 4 prep., Minimum day 12 pm dismissal, Beginning of 3rd Trimester.
Thursday, March 7 - Hot Lunch - Macaroni & Cheese
Friday, March 8 - Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 3 prep., Speech Showcase 1:15pm CTK Gym, Kindergarten Acceptances due, Financial Aid Applications due, Tuition late, Women's Retreat
Saturday, March 9 - 2nd Grade First Eucharist Retreats, Women's Retreat
Monday , March 11 - Report Cards go home, Mother/Son Event registrations due, Festival Meeting 7pm Media Center
Tuesday, March 12 - Ice Cream sales
Wednesday, March 13 - Reregistration Forms and 1/2 of fees due, 2:15 pm dismissal
Thursday, March 14 - Field trip Gr. 4, Hot Lunch Bangers and Mashed Potatoes
Friday, March 15 - Diocesan Inservice, School Holiday
Saturday, March 16 - CTK Parish Celebration 5:30pm CTK gym
The CTK Chickens need your help! We need helpers to come in over the weekends and during breaks to feed the chickens, do basic cleaning tasks, and collect eggs. This opportunity can also be used to fulfill volunteer hours. Please email Ms. Noland at  if you are interested. 
Uniform Check!
Time has flown and our kids have grown!
Please check:
  • Skirts and jumpers are no shorter than the crease at the back of the knee
  • Shoes are athletic tie or velcro only; no slip ons or Mary Jane styles
  • Hair must not obstruct vision or cause distraction or disruption. Boys hair length must be cut above the collar.
Please see Uniform Guidelines and Unacceptable Clothing guidelines (pages 77-79) from the Parent Student Handbook at . We appreciate your attention to this!
Family Service Hours
We hope you have been keeping track of all your Family Service hours! Click here for our log sheet to help you out. As you finish a sheet, please turn it in to the school office. Hours for the 2018-2019 school year need to be completed by May 31, 2019. Thank you, all your help makes a huge difference!!
Solid Gold Auction Wrap-up
THANK YOU!! We cannot thank you enough for your generous spirit and incredible fundraising for Auction 2019! This is it -- the final week! 

ITEM PICK UP:   All items remaining to be picked up are in the school office. Please stop by this week to pick them up!

CTK EXPERIENCES & STUDENT PROJECTS: Experiences and Student Projects will be closed online March 8th at 7 PM
To date we have sold 222 student projects! We appreciate this support! We plan to have a pizza party next week for the class with the most student projects bought!  So far 5th grade is in the LEAD, but with 6th grade right behind! Click here   Individual Student Auction Projects to buy your child's project!

Kindergarten - 72% sold
1st grade - 58% sold
2nd grade - 69% sold
3rd grade - 64% sold
4th grade - 67% sold
5th grade - 81% sold
6th grade - 78% sold
7th grade - 72% sold
8th grade - 56% sold

Thank you for your amazing support of Auction and we look forward to closing the online store March 8th and hoping to get final numbers and survey out to you in the next few weeks. Please email with any questions:
Reregistration for the 2019-2020 School Year
We are looking forward to seeing all of you next year!! Your Reregistration Form is in your Family Envelope today. Please complete and return with half (or all) of your reregistration fees by Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Any remaining fee amounts are due Wednesday, March 27, 2019
St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
St Patrick’s Hot Lunch! We will be serving bangers (Irish sausage), mashed potatoes, beans and carrots on Thursday March 14 th . This will be a sit down hot lunch with Irish music!
CTK Parish Celebration: Please join us on Saturday, March 16 th at 5:30pm in the CTK Gym. Dinner begins at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at:

Three-Course meal: Homemade Soup and Irish Bread,
Corned Beef & Cabbage Homemade Bread Pudding with Whiskey sauce

Full Irish Bar with Guinness, Harp & Guinness Blonde

 Irish Dancers & Live Irish Music
Click here for more information
Festival 2019!
Get excited for our 2019 Christ the King Festival , coming soon to a galaxy near you on  Friday, May 17 from 6pm-10pm  and  Saturday, May 18 from 12pm-10pm . Our theme this year is... drum roll please... "CTK GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!!"  Hold onto your space helmets because this year is guaranteed to be chock full of spectacular spacecraft, out of this world outrageous space creatures, and of course our "universe-ally" loved festival favorites. 

It's not too late to get involved, Earthlings!

Our next Festival Meeting is Monday, March 11 at 7pm in the Media Room

We are in need of some at-home volunteer assistance with ticket bundling in the next few weeks.

We are also looking for someone to be an Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, to learn the ropes and help out.

Do you know of a local business that might be interested in sponsoring this popular community event that has thousands of attendees each year? There are sponsorship levels for every budget ranging from $50-$2000. Please email Lori Chapman at
Please email   if interested or if you would like more information.
CTK Mother Son Event
Update ! The deadline to purchase tickets for the  CTK   Mother/Son Event  is now Monday, March 11. Get your order form in soon so you can join us for this super fun event. Here are the details:
  • Giants vs. A's game on Sunday, March 24 at 1:05 pm at the Oakland Coliseum.
  • Cost is $70 per mother/son pair. Each additional child is $35.
  • We have a block of tickets reserved so we’ll all be in the same section.
  • Click here for registration information. 
Questions? Contact Arlene Santos at , or Carolyn Della Maggiore at .
Financial Aid for 2019-2020 School Year
C hrist the King Tuition Assistance Program
Diocesan and School financial aid programs may be available for families who qualify. While the primary responsibility for financing a student's Catholic education rests with the student's family, Christ the King Catholic School will make every effort to see that no child is denied access to a Catholic education based solely on lack of funds to pay tuition.
There are three types of Tuition Assistance available to Christ the King families: BASIC, FACE, and the CTK Children’s Fund. 

·       BASIC (Bay Area Scholastic Inner City) is an outside source available to all new students in Grades K-8 whose families qualify for the free/reduced hot lunch program and/or meet the income criteria set by Basic Fund. The Basic Fund application income criteria guidelines are strictly adhered to. Applications are available online only at and must be filed by March 8, 2019.

·       Diocese of Oakland FACE (Family Aid for Catholic Education) Grant is a Diocesan sponsored tuition assistance program available to all qualifying families requesting financial aid.  A FACTS application is required and is due no later than March 8, 2019.

·       The CTK Children’s Fund is tuition assistance sponsored by Christ the King Catholic School and is primarily available to students currently attending Christ the King.   A FACTS application is required and is due no later than March 8, 2019.

FACTS application instructions:  FACTS applications are available online only at . Applications must include a copy of the family's most recent federal income tax return in order to verify the family's financial status and are due no later than March 8, 2019. For FAQ’s, visit and scroll down to the Financial Aid section.

To equitably distribute the available CTK Children’s Funds, it is important that the Principal and Pastor have adequate information. Therefore, the school requires documentation of family financial resources in order to make determinations on applications for these funds.
In addition to a family's financial resources, the Principal and Pastor will consider any other relevant family circumstances in making determinations on applications.

The amount of assistance awarded will vary from family to family, and will depend upon the family's financial status, the family's particular circumstances and the amount of money the school has available for tuition assistance in a given year.
Christ the King School will not discriminate in the administration of its Tuition Assistance Program on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or age in violation of existing state or federal laws or regulations.

All information regarding applications for Tuition Assistance will be held in strictest confidence by the Principal and Pastor. Parents are also expected to keep confidential the amount of any Tuition Assistance award that is given. Families will be notified of the determination made by the Principal on their request for a tuition grant, including the amount of any award for the upcoming school year by May 30, 2019.
Parish and Community News
School moms and friends are invited to join for our annual CTK WOMEN’S RETREAT on March 8th and 9th. Engaging speaker Fr. Nathan Castle ( This is a daytime only retreat, not an overnight stay. Click here for dates, times, and more information.
Helping Hands Ministry is seeking more volunteers . The CTK Helping Hands Ministry is a Network that has been providing and serving meals at the North Concord Homeless Shelter since 1993. Meals consist of salads, pizza and soda and are served on the third Monday of each month. Please email Teresa Bolla Morris at if you have any questions or are interested in helping out with our ministry in any way. It is a great opportunity to hear the Gospel and make a difference.
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