Christ the King School Newsletter - April 16, 2019

Easter Blessing

Dear Christ the King Catholic School Families,

This morning I witnessed and captured this image of a rosebush near our church that glistened with morning dew and is reaching out to Easter as we all are. The transformation in our lives this Lenten season brings us to the passion and salvation of our loving Savior. At morning assembly today, the prayer was simple and perfect at this point of our Holy Week journey:

God of such unwavering love, 
how do we "celebrate" 
the passion and death of Jesus? 
We often want to look the other way 
and not watch, 
not stay with Jesus in his suffering. 
Give us the strength 
to see his love with honesty and compassion 
and to feel deeply 
your own forgiveness and mercy for us. 
Help us to understand 
how to "celebrate" this week. 
We want to be able to bring 
our weaknesses and imperfections with us 
as we journey with Jesus this week, 
so aware of His love.

As we prepare for Stations of the Cross this Thursday, my prayer of gratitude is simple yet heartfelt. May your Easter be filled with hope and enduring peace. May the joy of Easter echo the amazing and glorious message of Easter, “Christos Anesti” and our response, “Yes, He has Risen.”

Tremendous gratitude and love to you and your families during this holiest season and week as we await the glorious aspects of Easter,

Mr. Silveira
Christ the King Catholic School
Please join us in praying for all our families and friends, for our special intentions, for the needs and cares of others and for all those who are suffering from illness, loss, loneliness or other challenges especially during this lenten season. May God keep us all in His tender and loving care.
Important Dates
T uesday, April 16 - Retreat Gr. 8
Wednesday, April 17 - Dismissal 2:15 pm, Midpoint 3rd Trimester
Thursday, April 18 - Minimum Day 12:00 Dismissal , Dress Uniform, Operation Rice Bowls collected, Stations of the Cross for Students and Families 11:00, Gr. 8 Prep, CLUB Holiday Activities
Friday, April 19 - Sunday, April 28 - Easter Break
Saturday, April 20 - Knights of Columbus Easter Egg Hunt
Thursday, April 25 - Last chance to purchase Scrip to count for this year (See below)
Monday, April 29 - School Resumes, PTG Meeting 7pm, Media Center, Winter Nights, Christo Rey HS Golf Fundraiser
Tuesday, April 30 - Winter Nights
Wednesday, May 1 - Minimum Day 12 pm Dismissal, Tuition due, Winter Nights
Thursday, May 2 - Hot Lunch, Gr. 2 First Eucharist Practices 4 pm & 5:15 pm, Festival Meeting 7 pm Media Center, Winter Nights
Friday, May 3 - Dress Uniform, Liturgy 8am, Gr. 1 prep., Winter Nights
Saturday, May 4 - First Eucharist 10 am and 12 pm, Winter Nights
Operation Rice Bowl
We are collecting Rice Bowls this week! Remember to bring your “Rice Bowls” from Catholic Relief Services. Small sacrifices can add up to gifts that can change lives. Please discuss as a family the ways you might use these as part of your Lenten practices. During Holy Week, you can bring in your donations directly to church, or send them to school on Holy Thursday. We will add them to the parish’s donations. Visit  for more information about the people who are being helped through this program. Have a blessed Lent, and thank you.
Lost and Found
Are you missing sweatshirts, sweaters, other items? Beginning today and continuing through Thursday, a cart with lost and found items will be in front of the school. Please check sweatshirts and sweaters at home too for items that may have found their way to your house by mistake. Thank you!!
Important Notes
Holy Thursday: Please join us in the Stations of the Cross on Thursday, April 18 at 11:00 am in church.
Knights of Columbus Easter Egg Hunt: The Knights Annual Egg Hunt will be held on Easter Saturday, April 20, starting at 10:00 am on the CTK lawn area. All children ages 10 and under are invited to participate. Please bring a donation for the Food Drive.
Payments for Experiences and other Auction items: All payments for auction items must be received by Friday. May 17th, we are going to close the book after that.
Solar Project: Can you see all those sun catchers on our roof? We're ready for you sunshine!!
Y earbooks : If you haven't ordered your yearbook, there is still time! Click here to order. CTK school code #1069319.
CLUB is getting ready for Easter Vacation!! Help us celebrate with gym activities, an egg hunt, and a trip to 7/11 for Slurpees! All activities will be complete by 4 p.m.
Scrip News
SCRIP NEWS:  Please read the following Scrip information carefully!

  • Last opportunity to make your SCRIP purchase count toward this school year’s School Fund Assessment is the order date of April 25thThe delivery of SCRIP purchased on this date will be on May 2nd 
  • All purchases after April 25th will count towards the next school year (2019-2020).
  • ScripSense users, please send in your account statement (screenshot of your earnings on your dashboard) by May 1stif you’d like to include April 2018’s earnings. Also, please make sure that all family/friends who contribute to your school family account submit their statement together with your own statement. Please send statements to the attention of: Maryann Harrison. May 1st is the final deadline as year- end statements will be issued shortly thereafter.
  • Last order date before summer break is May 30th with delivery on June 5th. Plan your summer SCRIP needs and stock up. 
Festival 2019!
Festival News!!

Our festival volunteer website will be open on  Wednesday, April 17 at 6pm . A link to the signup will be available at .
Ticket and wristband preorder sales are live on our awesome website ! This year all preorders will take place online, (there will not be a paper flier distributed in family envelope as in years past). This is your chance to get exclusive discounts if you order in advance.
Calling all bakers!   If you love to bake and can help provide prizes for festival contact Nancy Molina ( ) to sign up.
Donation Information: Here are Donation drop off times for the requested donated items below that will help make festival a success. 
  • 5/04 – 2:30-5:00 pm – drop off at the youth ministry house (adjacent to main parking lot)

  • 5/11 – 2:30-5:00 pm – drop off at the youth ministry house (adjacent to main parking lot)
Please contact Suellen Noland ( ) or Stephanie Jullien (  or 925-708-2422) if you need to make alternative arrangements to drop off your items. 
Here are the items that we need:
  • Starbooks: We accept clean, gently used books for adults and children.  We also accept CDs, DVDs and audio books.  Please NO textbooks, magazines, VHS/cassette tapes or encyclopedias.
  • Country Store: New, or gently used items but please no furniture, clothing, computers/TV’s, etc. Please remember that these items will be resold. We also need extra shopping bags and bubble wrap. 
  • Stuffed Animals and Glassware: We are in need of ‘like new’ stuffed animals and glassware (glasses, cups, small dishes). *Stuffed animals and glassware (only) may be dropped off at the school office.
Email  with any questions.
5th Grade Lent Charity Project
During the month of March with the Lenten season in mind, the 5th graders had an assignment to research and choose a charity to support, create homemade crafts in the classroom, sell them, write a letter to their charity and send the proceeds. Last week, they sold their crafts to students in kindergarten through 4th grade. The charities that will be receiving money are: Wounded Warrior, Martinez Animal Shelter, Teen Challenge, Heart of a Hero, Judi’s House, Catholic Relief Services, Monument Crisis Center, Wear Blue and Run to Remember, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, ARF, Food for the Hungry and Christine Blechman. In total the 5th grade students earned $1250.94.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this wonderful project a success!!
Crusader Chronicles
Computers for CTK!
By: Madison Mathis and Ruby Zachary

If you want to read something awesome, then read this! Did you hear about the new rule at CTK yet? Well if you go to CTK for the rest of this month, you will get a free computer or more depending on how many kids you have going to this school. Why is the school is giving away free computers? It is because our principal, Mr. Silveira, just won the lottery and paid for all this. Also, he said every week each class can have a field trip. He said that one week the fifth will go to Disneyland and fourth will go to San Diego. Maybe he will decide to give free ice cream too! But let’s not get our hopes up too high. You didn’t hear about this new thing because Mr. Silveira wanted to make it a surprise.

April fools! Were you convinced? Yes, you were. Don’t give us that look. Yes you were!

April Fool’s Day dates back to at least the 1500’s. It is not a holiday where you get off school and work, but one where people play practical jokes on one another. It is not just “celebrated” in the U.S. but in many other countries.
By: Addison Rohrer and Audrey Stice

Lent is thought to be a time for prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. Looking deeper into Lent, it can also be a time for much, much more. It can be a period of time where you do your best to look at the inner self and change the inside. 
Lent might seem just like a time to give up something like chocolate, candy, or fighting with your sibling, but it is much more than just that. It is a time for reflection for all Christians to prepare and remember the death of Jesus Christ. During the Lenten season we remember how Jesus walked through and reflected in the desert with little water or food. He looked to God to help him through the forty days. Jesus knew that he was going to have to die on the cross to let us be free of sin. He decided to spend this time reflecting on how he can be a better Catholic.
So what does Jesus surviving in a desert have to do with us giving up our sweet, sweet Ghirardelli chocolate? Well, I guess you could say how desert and dessert are almost the same word, but it is more than that. A lot more, actually. When Jesus was in the Desert for forty days, he was challenging us to become more like God. 
Jesus spent forty days in the desert reflecting on what he can do to be the best Jesus he could be. Why don’t we all do that? Jesus doesn’t mean he wants us all to go leave our families and spend forty days in a desert with little water or food. Jesus might mean that he wants us to reflect in ourselves. Don’t know how you could possibly be the best you you could possibly be? Try thinking before you yell at your sibling for going into your room. Or try calling someone you haven’t seen for a long time. Little, kind things are what Catholics could do to be closer to God.

To some Lent is a time for sacrificing. Others, it’s a time to love everyone ten times more. God loves every way we think of Lent as and will support us when we try to change. Jesus will accept any way we try to move towards less sin. Whatever the case is, God will have our backs through the Lenten time. 
About Fr. Mario
By: Aurora Alvarez and Lily Zachary

Fr. Mario is one of our school’s priest. He grew up in Lafayette, California. He went to Burton Valley elementary, Stanley Middle School, Campolindo High, and UC Berkeley. He has five siblings and two parents whom he adores very much but, he says that his dad is his hero. He thinks this because his father has sacrificed much for him and his family and made time for even the little things. 
Fr. Mario started to preach because of two priests that were preaching at Santa Monica Church. Their names were Fr. Wayne and Fr. Paul. They inspired him to think about becoming a priest. At first Fr. Mario did not pay much mind to their recommendation, then at age 23, right after he got out of college, he began his journey with God.

Fr. Mario began preaching at Christ the King in July 2018. He plans to be here for as long as he can, but most priests get a mission to preach at a church with no or few priests for about three years until they get assigned another church. For example Fr. Paulson has been here for about four years, so hopefully Fr. Mario can be here for a LONG time as well as Fr. Paulson.

During his free time, Fr. Mario enjoys golfing, taking long walks, and socializing. He has been playing golf for six years. He is not a huge bookworm, but his favorite book would be a book called You Are Special by Max Lucado. He likes this book so much because he thinks that it has a powerful message. The message tells you that you are always special no matter what, and that you should only surround yourself with people that appreciate you and love you.
We hope that you know a lot more about Fr. Mario than you did before. So the next time you see Fr. Mario, don’t forget to give him a special thanks for all that he does for our school! 
The Amazing Mr. Doyle!
By: Lily Zachary
Have you ever met Mr. Doyle? If you have not, hurry down to club! Mr. Doyle is the best Club manager ever! He's always there for you when you are feeling down in the dumps, just needing a friend, or someone to talk to. He is always giving his time to the kids and cares whether they're happy or not. If you noticed, Mr. Doyle always gives kids jelly beans and gummies, his famous sweets.
Mr. Doyle has been at Club for 5 years. His wife, Mrs. Doyle inspired him to work at C.T.K. So now Mr. Doyle is working at Club, and he is doing great. He gets here early to set up for morning club, and he also comes back early to set up for after school Club. Sometimes Mr. Doyle leaves around 8 at night!

During club, Mr. Doyle helps 1st grades get their homework done; he also test them on spelling! He will play any sport with anyone who wants to play. He has so much fun playing with everyone at club and of course everyone has fun with him. He knows how to crack a joke and how to brighten someone's day. He also welcomes new kindergarteners. It is always hard for him to say goodbye to the eighth graders because he knows them so well.
Can you imagine how hard this can be? Mr. Doyle spends 3-5 hours with kids every day! But Mr. Doyle loves his job so much he does not care. Even if you are the last person in Club, he will not give you the stink eye. He will happily play with you until your parents come. Well stop reading this and hurry on into club and meet the best Club manager ever! He will be very glad to have another friend!
Second Grade First Communion Retreat
By: Avery Rohrer (2nd Grade)

Before 2nd grade makes their First Communion, they have to go on their retreat so they can learn how to get the Eucharist. On the retreat, they did many things. First, they learned the names of special things in the church like the ambo- the spot where people read. After that, the class was split in half. Half the class made fish out of clay, and the other half made bread. Then they switched. In between, they tried different breads like the Eucharist. Finally, they gathered around a table andhad bread and juice. It was a fun day!
Easter (Baskets and Bunnies)
By: Camille Rogers

If you’re like me, than you always look forward to Easter.  No tests or early wake-up calls, for one thing. For another, egg hunts and spending time with your family occupy most of the time. Easter morning you might wake up to eggs, with gifts inside of them, strewn around the house, just waiting to be found.

But don’t forget the Easter Bunny. He’s kind, considerate and a sweet tooth. He leaves you candy every Easter.
Who is it?
Loves children
Is kind and compassionate
Loves spring and warm weather
Has a good diet
Is fluffy and white
Summer Camp Opportunities
De La Salle High School Summer Camps:

Looking for activities for your kids this summer? The time for planning is NOW - registration for DeLa Salle Summer Camps is open and filling fast!

The De La Salle Summer Camps are always extremely popular and run June, July and August. Camps are aimed at creating a fun and safe environment while teaching the proper fundamentals of each sport. Campers will learn proper attitude, teamwork, and listening skills that will help them reach their full potential.

All camps are staffed by De La Salle coaches, current student-athletes, and alumni. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, and volleyball are just some of the camps offered all summer long.

Summer Camps are open to boys and girls 3rd through incoming 9th grades. Campers will be grouped by skill level and grade. All De La Salle Camps support our Bishop John S. Cummins Scholarship Program for financial aid. Should you have any questions, or would like to inquire about camps available for K-2nd grade please contact our Summer Camp Staff at .

Register today by clicking the registration button below and come join the fun!

For more information, email  or call 925.288.8100 ext. 7090
Carondelet High School Summer Camps:
This summer, Carondelet is offering sports camps for young athletes of all skill levels! Girls camps and Coed camps are offered in 12 sports from June through early August. If you have an aspiring athlete, we would love to invite them to participate in our summer camps! More information can be found at
Family Service Hours
We hope you have been keeping track of all your Family Service hours! Click here for our log sheet to help you out. As you finish a sheet, please turn it in to the school office. Hours for the 2018-2019 school year need to be completed by May 31, 2019. Thank you, all your help makes a huge difference!!
Diocesan News: Cristo Rey HS Golf Fundraiser
On Monday, April 29, 2019, Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School, St. Elizabeth Campus is hosting it's 10th Annual Tony Lema ‘52 Golf Tournament followed by a Social & Fun Reception for all CRDLS Supporters. It will be held at the Dollar Ranch Golf Course in Rossmoor beginning at 10:00 am.

The mission of St. Elizabeth High School is to provide a rigorous and personalized college preparatory curriculum integrated with a corporate work study experience that prepares students of limited economic means to succeed in college and in life.

Any help you can give in supporting St. Elizabeth would be greatly appreciated. Please click here for more details
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