Christ the King School Newsletter - June 4, 2019
Dear Christ the King Families,

As I reflect on this school year I thank God for your irreplaceable presence in my life. As a member of this awesome community, I feel truly blessed and humbled to minister and lead here at CTK School and look forward with great joy to having you all return safely; to commence a new school year. Our theme this year enveloped the theological virtue of hope . My hope is that your summer(s) be peaceful, restful, safe, and inspiring. Today, I leave you with this awesome prayer that has led and lit our way:

Your hope arises within us each new day
Reminding us of Your grace
You paint hope across our skies
And whisper love within our hearts
Love that gently and strongly holds us up
There is no end in hope
Just new beginnings as hope
Hope heals
Hope restores
Hope inspires
Hope conquers and
Hope frees
Hope is Your gift to the world

Abundant blessings and much gratitude,
Mr. Silveira
Christ the King Catholic School
Please join us in praying for our school community as we begin our summer holidays, that all enjoy the break and return to school happy and ready to start our new year, for those students and staff members who are going on to new places next year, for Mrs. Carroll as she recovers from illness, for the special intentions of our school and parish staff, for all our families and friends, for the needs and cares of others, and for all those who are suffering from illness, loss, loneliness or other challenges. May God keep us all in His tender and loving care.
Important Dates
T uesday, June 4 - Minimum Day Dismissal 12:00
Wednesday, June 5 - Last Scrip Delivery, Minimum Day Dismissal 12:00
Thursday, June 6 - Last Day of School, Launch 9:00 am, Dismissal 9:30 am, No after school CLUB, End of 3rd Trimester, Report Cards go Home, Pick up all medications from Classroom and Office, Happy Summer!!
Friday, June 14 - Signed Tuition Contracts due
Friday, June 28 - New Student K-1 Health Forms and 7th Grade Tdaps due
Thursday, July 25 - Uniform Sale 9:00-Noon, Livescan FIngerprinting 8:30-11:00 am, CTK Newspaper Backpack Charity Collection.
Star Assessment Reports
Star Assessment Reports for the year will be found in your child’s trimester report card envelope. The reports summarize your child’s scores on the test. As with any test, many factors can affect a student’s score. It is important to understand that these test scores provide only one picture of how your child is doing in school.  

For every STAR assessment, your child receives a scaled score (SS), which is based on the difficulty of the questions and the number of correct answers. Scaled scores are useful for comparing your child’s performance over time and across grades. Like all data, as an indicator, it becomes more reliable over time, as measures tend to increase and decrease, toward developing a more complete profile.
Did You Know?
On Monday, June 3, Paul Deanno, Chief Meteorologist at KPIX-TV came to CTK to share his knowledge of science and weather with our 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th graders. Our students had a great time learning many amazing facts from Mr. Deanno including a puffy cloud weights as much as 100 elephants and lightning strikes earth 8 million times a day! 

Mr. Deanno gave a "shout out" to CTK last night during the 5:00P.M. KPIX weather report. You can view the footage at the link below:   . A special thanks to Mr. Deanno for taking time to visit our school.  Attached is a link to his book series Amazon page if you are interested in learning more about his books. ( )  

We would like to give a special thanks to Maureen Johansen for helping to coordinate Mr. Deanno's visit and weather presentation. It was great!!
Baby Shark" Tudu Tudu 
As part of 7th grade science, students learn about the different body systems and how the structure of different organs relates to their function. The end of 7th grade science culminates with students working in teams of two to three to dissect dogfish sharks. During this year's dissection the students discovered several pregnant females with baby sharks, and they found whole fish and shrimp in the sharks' stomachs. After Monday's dissection, a couple of our 7th grade students went around the classes today to share the experience with our younger students.  
Monsignor Wade Golf Tournament
23rd Annual Monsignor Wade Golf Tournament
Please join us
knowing how to golf is optional,
knowing how to have fun is mandatory!

Registration includes:
Golf | Cart | Range Balls
Hosted Morning Cocktails
Food & Drinks on the Course
Silent Auction | Raffle
​Contest Awards
Prime Rib Dinner

Register at $195 for first 30 registrations; $225 afterwards. Don't miss out on the fun!!
  • Tuition Contracts: Tuition contracts (and special class fee sheets) are being mailed to the address we have on file for you. Please contact the school office if you have not received yours by Saturday June, 8. Please sign and return to school by Friday, June 14.
  • FACTS Tuition System: Our new tuition system through FACTS will begin with your August 1st payment. Families will continue to have the option of paying in one payment, two payments or monthly for 10 months. Payment will be made directly to FACTS via the financial institution you choose. You will receive information from CTK and FACTS on how to set this up in the near future.
School Supply Lists
School Supply Lists! Just in time for summer sales! Click here to see supply lists for all grades. Scroll down to find the lists you need. Happy shopping!
2019-2020 Calendar
  • The online school calendar is updated regularly and includes many of our dates for the coming 2019-2020 School Year. Below you will find some of the key dates. Please check the school calendar regularly for new information.
  • Student Health Forms Due: Friday, June 28, New Gr. K and 1 physicals, and All Gr. 7 Tdap's.
  • Uniform Sale & Livescan Fingerprinting: Thursday, July 25. See below for more information. Please RSVP here for Livescan Fingerprinting.
  • First Day of School: Monday, August 19. Minimum Day 8:00 - 12:00 Noon
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Thursday, October 10 and Friday, October 11. No classes held. Students in grades 4-8 attend conferences with parents.
  • Thanksgiving Break: Monday, November 25 - Friday, November 29. School resumes Monday, December 2.
  • Christmas Break: Friday, December 20 at 12:00 Noon - Monday, January 6. School resumes on Tuesday, January 7.
  • Easter Break: Thursday, April 9 at 12:00 Noon - Friday, April 17. School resumes Monday April 20.
  • Graduation: Thursday, May 28
  • Last Day of School: Friday, June 5, 2020
Crusader Chronicles!
By: Maddie McGrane (4th Grade)

The theme for this year at Christ the King was Hope. The definition of Hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Mr. Silveira was good about reminding us of hope this year in a lot of different ways. He came into our classrooms, at morning assembly, and after church on Fridays. Student leadership would talk about it as well during morning assembly. After a year of hard work, we want to continue to have hope this summer. We also have hope that when Mrs.Doyle, Ms.Noland, and Ms. Elizabeth leave us after their hard work, they will be safe and enjoy their summer. We should carry our hope to next year.
Mr. Silvera- First Year as Principal
Audrey Stice and Addi Rohrer (Fifth Grade)

Mr. Silveira is an awesome principal! He takes time out of his day for morning prayer, to stop by our classes, and connects with the students. You definitely know he loves his job by the smile on his face. What school spirit he brings to CTK, no one can even describe. Most importantly, Mr. Silveira isn’t just our principal, but the inspiring leader that makes us all want to go to school.

Mr. Silvera has done a great job of connecting with the students. He does it through prayers at morning assembly and quotes throughout the day. He thinks that the best part about working with students is seeing the spirit and the blessing and thanks of others. Mr. Silveira's intentions to finish off the school year is to celebrate 8th grade and work with the teachers. 

Mr. Silveira did his best to prepare the eighth graders for high school. He was glad that all the students from the eighth grade class that applied to a Catholic school were accepted. He wants all the students’ vision to be expansive around their world and to make them realize there is a world beyond our walls. Mr. Silveira also wants to wish them an amazing last days at Christ The King and wishes them all the best for the rest of their school years.

Mr. Silveira brings plenty of hope to the students and the staff at Christ the King. He does this by honoring our CTK community for how hard everyone works, the students and the staff. He wants us all to end the year with all of us showing our spirits of hope to everyone for the rest of our years. He also wants to end the school year by showing that all of our CTK spirits have led him to want to honor and bless all of the students at CTK.

Mr. Silveira has hopes for finishing off the school year. He would like to honor eighth grade and their accomplishments and the community of Christ the King Parish School. Mr. Silveira would also like to possibly add some new twists to traditions like something new to jumping the line or focus on next year’s theme. He wants to finish the school year as a happy and fulfilling one.

Mr. Silveira has absolutely loved his first year at CTK. Being with kindergarten through eighth grade has brought him much joy. He has loved being a member of CTK, and he thinks he has an awesome group of faculty members. Mr. Silveira has grown very fond of the helpful parents, bright students, humor, happiness, ideas, and pastor in the Christ the King community. He has had an amazing year and hopes to have an even better one next year.

Principals prepare for the next year using a theme and goals for himself and the school. Mr. Silveira believes that technology is very important for planning for the next year of school. He plans every school year as a principal by picking a theme (this years was hope), a program and goals.

Mr. Silveira is very important to our education. He is an inspiring leader to the students. He gets treated very kindly because he treats all of his students and staff with respect and kindness. He is adaptable, fair, organized, and very dependable. Without him, we wouldn't have such an amazing school!
Thank You, Teachers!
By: Addison Rohrer, Lillian Zachary, and Aurora Alvarez

Teachers help students grow and strive for success. You are the best. Thank you teachers for grading papers even though we don’t alway do well. You always understand, helping us hand in hand. You are there for us on the hardest days even when we don’t want to behave. Teachers teach at our school, just look, they are so cool!

Mrs. Maffeo , you are awesome! You help us students grow and blossom. We also think you are so smart and have a huge heart. We kindergarteners love it when you tell stories , they are not boring! You make math so much fun; we love the extra recess in the sun. Thank you so much for being a great and compassionate teacher.

Mrs. Karst , learning, learning everyday, you make the worries go away. Math is fun and drawing too we create new things and add two plus two. What a patient teacher you are! Through all the mistakes and rough edges, you take learning step by step making it funny and enjoyable. We loved our Mary Poppins play and don’t forget Meet the Authors Day! Thank you so much for being very funny and kind. Also we thank you for spending time with us and being a good teacher by brightening up our day!

Mrs. Dewes, you are so nice and you help build our teamwork. We are so grateful to you for planning our Ms. Nelson is Missing play and our First Communion brunch day. We liked this year because you treated us with maturity, and we did so many activities that added to what we had previously learned. Thank you so much for starting each day with a good morning while we go around exploring a new way to become better students. Best of all, you treat us as mature students while we get ready for next year.

Mrs. Sihler, when we come to school each day, you greet us with a cheerful smile, ready to help us learn and play.  The sparkle in your eye makes sure that we will never be shy. Thinking back to the start of the school year, you made our worries fly away by giving us a hearty welcome on that first day. We can see it in your eyes that each day will lead to a new surprise. Like that stationary kit for our mothers and, how about, building our countries by making a flag and solving problems. Thank you so much for always being there for us!

Mrs. Batista, how funny you are. We go home talking about your jokes in the car. You’re intelligent and understanding- don’t forget nice. We love your supportive high fives and you make math twice the fun. You organize buddies and have fun project ideas while relating to books such as Lucy Whipple and our literature handbooks. Thank you so much for everything and teaching us about important things like Martin Luther King.

Mrs. Krutilla, striving hard, working everyday you bring new light in the classroom we say. Math is fun and Birthday Books, too, as you create new things for all of us to do. You have taught us how to write without mistakes and try to embrace new styles of God’s grace. Walking through the Revolution, you always find the best solution. God always shines in you!

Mr. Orlina, you tell us to leave the bad thoughts outside. Well, we have followed that tip to help put our madness aside. Thank you for relating our lessons to sports or shoes. Also we think that you choose to be a passionate teacher. You have done a great job of guiding our class through the highs and lows. You have built are class to grow as one. So thank you for helping us work together to get things done.

Mrs. Belz, you are so interactive and nice. We love your hands on history. You have built our class for coordinating Caritas. You care about our class and help us with every task. Thank you for bringing us closer together and making class fun and including. You make us all feel welcome.

Ms. Thornbury, you are so funny and kind; you make sure that we will never fall behind. We have all gotten better at writing and definitely citing. You trust us and help us relax when we start to lack. We loved practicing the Shakespearean play and you have taught us to write the correct way. You are joyful and intelligent. So now all we have to say, is thank you so much for helping us grow each day!
Teachers, teachers you help us learn and play making sure there are no sad faces. You can see the smile even through braces. Although these rhymes may have been a bit crazy, do your summer work and don’t get lazy. Hope to see you next year. Thank You!
Aurora Alvarez

If you didn’t know, there were real people writing the newspaper articles that you have been reading for the past year. Newspaper all started at the beginning of the year when Mrs. Krutilla asked us 5th graders if we wanted to start a school newspaper.  A group of students said yes. As the year went on, many of the original students no longer wanted to participate, but a couple of fourth graders and even a second grader joined the newspaper team.  So, the current writers are Aurora and Addi who were the editors, Cami, Lily, Audrey, Ruby, Maddie (4th grade), and Avery (2nd grade). We have put a lot of time, thought, and effort into these articles and hope that you have enjoyed each and every one of them!

Eighth Grade Perform Shakespeare
Aurora Alvarez and Ruby Zachary

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!” Last week, the 8th grade class performed William Shakespeare’s famous play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream . Dressed in elaborate costumes, the 8th graders took the school on a hilarious adventure full of love, drama and surprising twists. Maybe the fairies cast love spells on us because we loved the play very much and are looking forward to seeing our next class perform this amazing play during their 8th grade year!

First Communion
Avery Rohrer (Second Grade)

The second grade received First Communion last month. Girls wore white dresses and boy swore suits. Christ the King school and R.E.receive it together, but we were split up. Two groups did it one Saturday and two more did it the next Saturday. Father Mario and Father Paulson both said the masses. At the end, we sang a song called Breath of God . When it was over, everyone got a donut. It was a great day.
S ummer Holidays
Maddie McGrane

We’re all familiar with most of the summer holidays, but there might be some you don’t know of. Some are important, some are weird, and some are funny! Here are a few of the notable ones:

June 19
Celebrates and symbolizes the end of slavery in the United States

Summer Solstice
June 21
Longest day of the year

Waffle Iron Day
June 29
Celebrates waffle irons!

July 4
Independence Day - often celebrated with fireworks, barbecues, baseball games, picnics, and family.
July 4th is also the anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s death; he died 50 years to the day after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Dog Days of Summer
July 3 - August 11
Hottest and muggiest days of the year

School starts!
August 19
First bell 7:55am!

Just Because Day
August 27
This is the day where you just do things just because you want to!
Jump in a puddle, buy something you don’t need, compliment someone on their lawn just because!

Friday the 13th
Falls in September and December for 2019
Named after a horror movie series

Felt Hat Day
September 15
People wear felt hats, any style

And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Summer Birthdays!
Our school newspaper is hosting a backpack/school supplies drive and would love it if you could donate gently used backpacks or school supplies!

If you have any backpacks that you no longer need, please consider giving them to our school. We are planning to donate them to the Ygnacio Valley High School’s Wellness Center where they will create a backpack store for their students. We will also donate some of the younger kid style backpacks to a local elementary school. We appreciate anything you can donate!

Donations can be brought to the Uniform Sale on July 25 or dropped off at our school office. We appreciate you helping students in our community! Thank You!
Family Service Hours
T hank you to all families who have turned in their hours. If you haven't done so, please do before this Thursday. Click here for a sheet. Hours are currently being tallied; we will contact you if we need additional information or a balance for hours not worked. Thanks for helping CTK with all your volunteer time and efforts!
Classic Design Uniform Information
Classic Designs, our school uniform company, will be on campus this summer on Thursday, July 25, from 9:00-12 noon. For more details about the sale, click here . For a list of uniform items and prices, click here . Classic Designs scrip is available for purchase through the scrip program through Thursday, May 30.
Livescan Fingerprinting
Livescan fingerprinting is required by the Diocese of Oakland prior to volunteering at CTK School. Once fingerprinted for any Diocesan parish, elementary school, or CYO, this requirement is complete . If you have not been fingerprinted within the Diocese and would like to be, we will be providing this opportunity on Thursday, July 25, from 8:30 - 11:00 am. Please click here to contact the school if you are interested.
Parish and Community News
Join us for VBS (Vacation Bible School) at St. Mary Church in Walnut Creek!  Students in grades K-5 can sign up for the best week of the summer - June 24 th -28 th  from 9:30am - 1pm. The cost is $75 per student.  Sign up here to attend:
Junior High Students can also have a great adventure and earn volunteer hours!! Students in grades 6-8 can sign up to help at the annual St. Mary VBS, June 24 th -28 th , 9:30 - 1pm. Sign up here to help:  
Summer Camp Opportunities
New Leaf Collaborative Summer Program:
New Leaf Collaborative provides our hands-on science program during the school year. They also offer a summer kids workshop. Click here for more information and click here to register.
De La Salle High School Summer Camps:

Looking for activities for your kids this summer? The time for planning is NOW - registration for DeLa Salle Summer Camps is open and filling fast!

The De La Salle Summer Camps are always extremely popular and run June, July and August. Camps are aimed at creating a fun and safe environment while teaching the proper fundamentals of each sport. Campers will learn proper attitude, teamwork, and listening skills that will help them reach their full potential.

All camps are staffed by De La Salle coaches, current student-athletes, and alumni. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, and volleyball are just some of the camps offered all summer long.

Summer Camps are open to boys and girls 3rd through incoming 9th grades. Campers will be grouped by skill level and grade. All De La Salle Camps support our Bishop John S. Cummins Scholarship Program for financial aid. Should you have any questions, or would like to inquire about camps available for K-2nd grade please contact our Summer Camp Staff at .

Register today by clicking the registration button below and come join the fun!

For more information, email  or call 925.288.8100 ext. 7090
Carondelet High School Summer Camps:
This summer, Carondelet is offering sports camps for young athletes of all skill levels! Girls camps and Coed camps are offered in 12 sports from June through early August. If you have an aspiring athlete, we would love to invite them to participate in our summer camps! More information can be found at
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