Christ the King School Newsletter - December 18, 2018
Dear Christ the King Families,

The Humility and Innocence of the Manger
Toward the onset of my career as a Catholic educator, at Saint Raymond School in Dublin, California, I was asked by principal, Sister Marie Myers SSJ, at this time of the year to fulfill the role of Santa Claus in the annual Christmas program. I remember politely asking Sister Marie, “We are rather close to the Christmas program Sister Marie…do we not have a Santa in place?” She remarked, “Well the one we requested can’t make it.” I thought about it briefly and without hesitation said, “Certainly, Sister Marie, I would be honored to do so.” Sister Marie mentioned that Santa would kneel at a certain point in the program, and then distribute small candy canes to the students and congregation at the end of the evening. 
I can vividly remember bringing the Santa suit home and trying it on for the first time. With my large Greek nose, even with the beard and hat on, I did not look like the Santa we all know, but I mustered up enough courage to play the part. Our mom urged me to place a pillow under the suit to really play the part. Well, the story gets a bit better. The weekend prior, I built a manger at our family ranch in Franklin Canyon, just off Highway 4, vetting the oldest and most unique wood, and building a manger with archaic character that today rests at Carondelet High School. 
The night of the program arrived. I came home for dinner with my parents, fired on the Santa suit and placed the manger in my Volkswagen Rabbit’s hatchback as planned. On my way to the program, I made a right-hand turn at the red light on Tara Hills Drive near Pinole, California and Interstate 80. Unbeknownst there was and perhaps still exists today -- a small sign prohibiting such a turn when the light is red. As you may have imagined, at this point, a siren sounded and I was pulled over. The officer approached in a normal fashion, when citizens break traffic laws, and looked at me in my Santa suit and said, “This ought to be an interesting one.” His first question was, “Where are you going?” I said, “To a Christmas program in Dublin”. He said, “Interesting.” Next, he said, “What is in your hatchback area that is obstructing your view?” I said, “A manger for the baby Jesus.” He said, “Oh, so that is why you have a bale of hay in your back seat.” Amazingly, he let me off the hook, but admonished me and said good luck with your program, but please do not return to town with this manger in your vehicle…. you may want to borrow a friend’s truck. 
That evening was a downpour. So much so that there would be no truck about it. At the end of the program, I cleaned and vacuumed the altar from all hay remnants and reluctantly placed the manger in the hatch back and took off with Merrilee following me as we lived only miles apart. As I drove on San Pablo Dam Road, the muffler of my car fell and was scrapping the ground with sparks flying from the asphalt. I dropped Merrilee off at her parent’s garage with buckets of rain falling, and she yelled from her front door-step, “Be careful, you looked like you were driving the bat mobile on our way home tonight.” This comical story reminds me that life’s follies exist more often than not, and sometimes the best intentions of the heart get lost in the translation. Yet, what continues to inspire me most each Christmas is the beautiful message, mystery, and eternal plan of our loving God who staged the most perfect story of them all. Imagine the little town of Bethlehem, where the baby Jesus was lovingly placed in a tiny manger , because the innkeeper had no room for his parents, and three wise men prophetically came to lay gifts and pay homage to the birth of our risen Savior. How beautiful, how perfect, and how innocent this humble family and manger were then, and now, to each of our lives.
Abundant blessings to you and your loved ones this most sacred season and throughout the new year,

Joe Silveira
Christ the King Catholic School
Let us pray for the Nana of Jason Brown (Gr. 6) and Jackie Brown (class of 2017) who is comfortable in her home with Jason and Jackie's Pop and hospice care. Cancer treatment has stopped and her family cherishes this Christmas season with her presence. We pray for the speedy recovery of Allen Brezac, father of Haley (Gr. 8) and Drew (Gr. 2). We pray for strength for the grandfather of Owen Shively (Gr. 1) who is ill. We continue to pray for the relatives of the Rubino family on their journey to good health. May God keep these friends and families, along with those who are suffering illness, loneliness or other challenges, in His tender and loving care.
Important Dates
Tuesday, December 18 - Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal 1pm - relatives and friends are welcome to attend, Christmas Program 7pm - students please be in church no later than 6:45
Wednesday, December 19 - St. Boniface Gift Assembly 8am, 2:15pm dismissal
Thursday, December 20 - CLUB before school only, Free Dress Today!!! Last Scrip delivery/pick up day before the holidays ALL SCRIP MUST BE PICKED UP BY NOON , Minimum Day, 12pm dismissal, No CLUB after school
Friday, December 21 - Sunday January 6: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Tuesday, January 1 - Tuition due
Monday, January 7 - School resumes!
Free Dress on Thursday, December 20th!!
This Thursday, December 20th, will be a free dress day as a thank you to the students, faculty, and staff for the wonderful Christmas Concerts and for bringing light into our lives!! Please check the Handbook for Non-Uniform Dress Guidelines
Lovely New Addition to Our Front Entrance
Flowering plants gracing our entryway: We'd like to extend a special thank you to Father Paulson for presenting our school with three mature and beautiful Camilla plants in pots. We truly appreciate the lovely addition to our front entrance!!
Notes from the Office
Limited access on Service Road Entrance: Workers will be digging outside the Ministry Center this week so access will be limited on the service road entrance. Please avoid walking in or near the construction zone and follow all signs and directions to enter and exit the school area safely. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. It will be a lovely entryway soon!!
January Tuition: Tuition is due Tuesday, January 1st and late January 8th. Since school will be closed on the 1st, tuition can be mailed, dropped through the slot under the front window (in an envelope please), postdated and brought into the office before break or paid via your online bill pay.

This is the second installment for all families who have chosen to pay in two payments and receive the 1% discount. The amounts due are as follows:
1 child - $3,811.50 ; 2 children - $6,930.00 ;
3 children - $8,613.00 ; 4 children - $10,147.50

Families who are paying monthly ; please check that you are paying the correct amount. The standard amounts for monthly are:
1 child - $770.00 ; 2 children - $1,400.00 ; 3 children - $1,740.00 ; 4 children - $2,050.00
St. Boniface Outreach
GIFTS FOR ST. BONIFACE PARISH, SAN FRANCISCO: The San Francisco Police Department will once again be collecting gifts for St. Boniface Parish in San Francisco tomorrow morning, December 19 th The SFPD will be on hand with their vehicles at our 8 a.m. morning assembly to load up our gifts for the less fortunate children and adults in the St. Boniface Parish community in the Tenderloin district. Thank you for your generosity!
Scrip Order Pick-up Deadline
Don't forget your scrip! All scrip orders must be picked up by 12pm on Thursday. Orders not picked up will be available when school resumes on Monday, January 7th.
Did You Know?
Third Grade Christmas Wreaths: For over 25 years Mrs. Sihler's 3rd grade class has made the loveliest Christmas Wreaths. Volunteers cut the squares of cloth and the students attach these to the wreath bases. These special wreaths continue to grace so many of our homes! Thank you Mrs. Sihler and all your 3rd grade classes!
2019-2020 Admissions and Open House
Enrollment for our 2019-2020 School Year Begins Soon! Please join our school community for Mass on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 9:15am followed by a schoolwide Open House. We have lots of wonderful things to share! Applications will be available mid January on the school website at
4th of July Fun Run Update
Special Thanks to Pleasant Hill and CTK Runners! Members of our CTK School family participate each summer in the Pleasant Hill Fourth of July Commission Fun Run. This year's participants raised $1464.00 for our school!! These funds will be used to restripe play areas and assembly lines on our school blacktop. Thank you everyone!!
CTK Crusader Chronicles
Crusader Chronicles 2nd edition

A day in the life of Mrs. Bucci! The coolest vice principal ever!

Mrs. Bucci works in the office at Christ the King and is the Vice Principal. She has 6 beautiful children: three boys and three girls. She is also a grandmother of seven grandchildren ranging from nine months old to eighteen years old. She went to San Francisco State to study math. She never thought she would become a teacher. Her high school teachers and friends inspired her to teach.
Mrs. Bucci loves the kids, parents, and staff at C.T.K. school. She has taught since 1987- about 31 years. She also substituted before. She taught fifth grade for half a year, sixth grade for 9 years, middle school math and has also been vice principal for twenty-one years. She likes that she shows her students they are the best teachers to themselves they will ever have.

Some Other Ways People Celebrate This Time of Year
By:Aurora Alvarez

Hanukkah is a celebration celebrated by the Jewish. This festival lasts for eight days. The beginning of this celebration is on the 25th day of Kislev, which is December 2 and the end of Hanukkah is on the 2nd day of Tevet, which is December 10th. 
The reason why you call December 2nd, December 2nd, and the 25th day of Kislev, the 25th day of Kislev is because in Israel the people don’t use the Gregorian Calendar, instead they follow time by using the moon. So that means that the month of Kislev in America would be between the month of November and December.
Some traditions that are celebrated during Hanukkah are when they light eight candles in a special candle holder called a menorah or a Hanukkiah that is specifically used for Hanukkah. You are supposed to do this action by lighting a candle each night of Hanukkah, but you have to light the Shamash candle first then each night use the Shamash to light the other candles. You are supposed to put the candles on from the right to the left and are supposed to light the candles from the left side to the right side.
The most popular food that is eaten during Hanukkah are Latkes. Latkes are shredded potatoes mixed with onion, egg flour and seasonings; latkes are usually served with a side of applesauce, but you can add your own twist if you would like to. The most popular dessert that is eaten during Hanukkah is Sufganiot. Sufganoits are jelly-filled doughnuts that are deep-fried. Another popular Hanukkah treat is decorated sugar cookies.

By:Aurora Alvarez

Kwanzaa is a holiday that is celebrated by Africans Americans. Kwanzaa celebrates African American culture and heritage.The name comes from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means “ first fruits” because the holiday is based on African harvests.
Kwanzaa starts on December 26th and ends on January 1st. These seven days correspond to the seven principles; therefore, there are seven candles that are lit each day of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday and was created in 1966 by a man named Maulana Karenga who was a professor and department chair at California State University. Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday not a religious holiday. This holiday is “available to and practiced by Africans of all religious faiths who come together based on the rich, ancient and varied common ground of their Africanness.”

CTK Christmas Spirit
By: Addison Rohrer and Ruby Zachary

Everyone loves when St. Nick puts candy canes in our right shoe, but do we all know what it takes to get him here? Student Council has to send a letter months in advance to book a spot in his crazy schedule. We get very lucky that he is able to make a visit. As you may have noticed, CTK has a new elf.
While unpacking the Christmas decorations, Student Council found a response from a letter sent years ago. St. Nick responded to a request of visiting CTK by saying he would be honored to. At the very bottom in candy cane designed letters, he wrote, “Every Christ the King student is on the nice list, so if you want I will send an elf to make sure it stays that way.” Student Council replied saying that they would love an elf. Remember to be good because the elf is watching.
In Christmas Spirit, Student Council wanted to have a free dress day. A lot of thought went in to what the theme should be. Finally, they came up with the perfect idea, Ugly Sweater Day. Feeling sorry for the Paradise Fire refugees, they decided to donate the money to the Chico Animal Shelter.
We have added new traditions to our school’s Christmas Spirit, but it is important to keep the old traditions too. Every Wednesday, Student Council wakes up very early to prepare Advent Goodies for our school. Every member takes part in this somehow. Whether it is getting hot cocoa or muffins or setting and cleaning up in the cold.
All CTK Christmas Spirit cannot happen without Student Council, St. Nick, or CTK students.

The 2018 Christ the King Christmas Program
By:Natalia Pascoe, Maddie Magrane, Celeste Alvarez

On Tuesday the 18th, the CTK school will be having a Christmas program. Our principal Mr. Silveira is happy and glad to be able to come. Not only will he see our school sing, but also he will see his son sing.
Also he is excited to hear “Silent Night,” “12 days of Christmas,” and of course all of the CTK school. We are glad to be the first school group he has ever heard at a CTK Christmas program.
The CTK teachers, including Mr. Rick Lejano, have been planning this out with Mr. Silveira at meetings. All the grades will be singing a variety of songs from different cultures and in different languages, including Pasko Na Naman.
Mr. Rick Lejano planned the Christmas Program with Mr. Silvera and provided him with his schedule and the whole map of the CTK Christmas Program. He has seen some of the Saint Mary’s Christmas Programs. He said that “It brings joy to the season’’ and “defines the year.” The Christmas Program is filled of joy, love, laughter, and fun! 
This week of Advent is filled with joy, and that is our Advent word of the week! Our 1st week was hope; the second was peace. We are going to have hope, peace, and joy at the Christmas Program this year! Mr. Rick Lejano has been performing the Christmas Program for 2 years. His favorite songs we’re singing is between “Light of the World’’ by 8th grade and “Ocho Kandelikas” by 6th grade. He enjoys the challenge of teaching the students new songs. He loves the song “Light of the World’’ because “it’s the perfect Christmas/Advent song since it is talking about Jesus coming for us as hope and love.” He loves “Ocho Kandelikas” because of the technical difficulties and because it is a fun and upbeat song.
Mrs. Sihler has been here the longest and can tell how it has changed over the years. She said that they used to do plays and wear costumes and sing. They used do it in the gym, but it was too small, and they couldn’t see everything clearly. So they moved to the Church. The gym also didn’t have the stage so that was hard. I hope you can consider coming to the awesome and exciting Christmas Program this year!

Second Graders are Stepping into Something Special
By: Addison Rohrer

Second Grade is a fun and amazing year. You learn about the Catholic Church and become more mature. Yes. Some exciting upcoming events will be happening later, but right now is a thrilling time of year.
A special year cannot come without a special teacher. Mrs. Dewes is a great teacher who is clear on concepts and uses her skills to meet all the needs of her second grade students. Mrs. Dewes loves second grade because her students are enthusiastic about learning all subjects, and she gets to teach students about Reconciliation and First Communion. In fact, the 2nd grade just made their first Reconciliation last weekend!
Although Mrs. Dewes loves teaching each and every subject, her favorite is social studies because she likes learning about different cultures and thinks it is important to appreciate people’s differences. Mrs. Dewes tries to do special activities with her class. For example, Mrs. Dewes does the Famous Person Report with her class, and she also ties holidays with certain subjects or projects.

7th Grade Class Featuring Mrs. Belz
By: James Luippold

Mrs. Belz starting attending CTK as a young girl where she eventually was part student leadership. Now as adult, she feels blessed to be a part of this great CTK community especially as a homeroom and social studies teacher for 7th grade and middle school. She also loves helping and seeing children grow. Her inspiration is Mrs. Sihler, our 3rd grade teacher, because Mrs. Sihler brought the best out of Mrs. Belz as a little girl. 
Mrs. Belz tried to treat her students as “Miniature Adults” with the thought that the students will be accountable for their possessions and actions and have a positive learning experience. 
Her favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason.” - by many people. It’s her favorite because life is a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, curves and turns. You have to embrace the good and bad from every situation and learn from it.
Her favorite trait of every 7th grader is that they all make her laugh and they apply what they learn.

Jumping into First Grade!
By: Spencer Stephens and Madison Mathis

All of first grade said that they love their class and never want to leave!
Mrs. Karst said that she enjoys how much students learn and progress throughout the year.
The big subjects they learn are math and reading. In reading class, they are learning to read books. In writing, they are writing long sentences and even short paragraphs!

Mrs. Karst said she enjoys teaching reading class because the kids are so engaged, and they are making very good progress. She said she loves being creative and having art class! She also said that she has taught in many schools but this has been the best so far and hopes to stay for many more years!      
Mrs. Monroy Jumps into Action
By: Lily Zachary

Mrs. Monroy is a new reading group teacher at CTK. She is an amazing reading group teacher who inspires her students to learn something new everyday. 
She grew up in Seattle, Washington and went to the college University of Southern California.
In Kindergarten, Miss. Monory is teaching her students sight vowels, the alphabet, how to rhyme, and identifying characters and main characters in stories. The kindergarteners really enjoy Miss. Monory and what they are learning. 
First grade is learning about short vowel sounds in words, biographies, and blends with st, sw, sn, sk, and sp.
Second grade is learning about folk tales. A few folk tales that they are reading are How Did the Chipmunk Get Its Stripes , and  Why Rabbits Have Short Tails .
Lastly, Mrs. Monory teaches 3rd grade. Third grade is now reading a traditional Japanese story called Kamishibai Man.
Mrs. Monory says that it is very fun to teach all the classes. She also loves it when her students get excited to learn something new.

All About Ms. Batista
By: Alex, Cheyenne, and Lillie

Ms. Batista is the fourth grade teacher. She loves her job and says she loves her students. She would have loved to meet her great grandmother, but she sadly passed away. Her dad taught her how to be a nice, generous and good person. She loves musicals. Her favorite book is Esperanza Rising  by Pam Muñoz Ryan. Her birthday is on November sixteenth and she describes herself as dedicated, passionate, and sarcastic. One of her most difficult obstacles in life was her first year teaching fourth grade. She says this because she did not really know what to do, but she has pulled it together really well, and if we did not have her, we would not have a good school year.

Taking a Step into Kindergarten
By: Ruby, Reese, Mary, and Meghan

Mrs. Maffeo is a nice, kind, and funny teacher who became interested in teaching in 7th grade. She loved all of her teachers and wanted to help kids.
This year is Mrs. Maffeo's 28th year teaching, but her first year teaching kindergarten. She loves teaching kindergarten because the students have a lot of energy, are happy to learn, and make her smile every day.
When Mrs. Maffeo was a child, her favorite subject was reading and it still is. Mrs. Maffeo also said that the hardest subject to teach was science.
Keegan, a boy in kindergarten when asked, said he thought kindergarten was “Good”. Keegan also said that his favorite thing to do in class is Choice Time. He said that kindergarten is kind of easy. Keegan also said that the hardest rule to follow is to keep your hands and feet to yourself and that the easiest rule to follow is to be kind and respectful to everyone. 

Going into 6th Grade
By: Josie Townzen
Mr. Orlina is the homeroom and math teacher for 6th grade and the middle school science teacher?. Did you know that the science fair is coming up? Students are in groups of two or three, and they come up with cool, outstanding projects that are amazing! The 6th graders also went on a retreat earlier this year. They learned how to control their emotions and build relationships with fellow classmates. They were also asked to sit with someone new in their class every Wednesday, with someone they don’t hang out with normally.
Right now in math they are working on pre-algebra. They are learning what a variable, constant, and an expression is. In science, they are learning all about the sun, moon, earth, and the seasons.
Mr. Orlina’s favorite subject is math and science. He likes both of them equally. Mr. Orlina loves his class because they are a fun, loving group who are very team oriented and laugh at all his jokes. He also has a daughter, Noel, in 3rd grade and a son, Ethan in kindergarten.

Third Grade at its Best!
By:Audrey Stice

Here’s a fun fact for you: A chameleon can stretch its tongue more than three times the length of its body!
             Third grade is a great class. We took a pole on which recess game they like better; baseball or basketball. Nine of them liked baseball, while the rest liked basketball. Both are fun either way!
Mrs. Sihler is currently reading the third grade Wayside School , a great book about the 30th floor class with Mrs. Jewels and the students about turning kids into apples, rides on the kindergarten school bus, Mrs. Zarves and the nineteenth story, monkey students, and much more interesting stories!
The third grade has learned about multiplication in math. They have also learned about Native Americans and how they survived and what they used to trade.
             In November, they were in charge of the All Souls’ Day mass. They did a terrific job on reading in mass! The principal was very pleased along with a special guest he brought along.    

Fifth Grade
By Rosie Butler

Did you hear about the exciting news in 5th grade? Well you’re in luck! Let’s get started!
Fifth grade is taught by a very experienced teacher. Mrs. Krutilla has been teaching at CTK for fourteen years! She is a former sixth grade teacher, a former middle school religion teacher, a former reading room teacher, and now she is back teaching fifth grade. She is a truly exceptional teacher. Her favorite subject to teach is ELA. She enjoys teaching all the grades.
This trimester, fifth grade has a few big projects. Fifth grade recently finished working on an Explorer report. They were assigned an explorer, and they had to write a report and create a slideshow. They are also starting their Stock Market project. The fifth graders are very excited about this project.
There you have it! That was all the exciting news in fifth grade.
All About CYO Basketball: Mr. Alumbaugh, Coach of the 5th grade girl teams
By: Cami Rogers and Madison Mathias

Jason Alumbaugh is teaching the American team and the National team for fifth grade girls basketball. He felt like he needed to go back to the kids that he loved since he coached a couple times before. He knew he was the right person for it. He teaches the girls the fundamentals of the game like passing, shooting, and dribbling.

When they start getting good, they start learning plays, and he wants to teach them how to build their confidence and make sure they learn how to play together. He wants to teach what his coach taught him because his team was really good, and his coach was really good, too.

The American team has been doing very well and is winning so many games, and the National team has just won their first game with hopes to win more later in the year.

The people who have influenced Mr. Alumbaugh the most are his parents, his high school coach, who encouraged him to be the best he could be, and his daughters Kailey and Ciena.
One of Mr. Alumbaugh’s goals in teaching both the fifth grade girl teams is to help them develop a love and understanding of basketball. Another goal that Mr. Alumbaugh has is to teach the girls how to work together as a team. Because I am one of his players, I know he is doing a great job with both of those goals. One of the teaching methods is the Socratic teaching method. This teaching method is through questions. Another teaching method is doing fun competitive drills.

Mr. Alumbaugh’s ideal day would be getting up, meditating, having a cup of coffee with a good breakfast, riding the waves at a beach, spending time with his family, and watching a great movie. His favorite basketball player is Klay Thompson because he is one of the most explosive offensive players in history. His favorite basketball coach is Steve Kerr because he runs his team with freedom and accountability.
Other than basketball, Mr. Alumbaugh’s favorite sport is skiing. He likes to rip down mountains super fast.
Who is it?

Is self-employed.
Has unique pets.
Enjoys living in cold weather.
Has a poor diet.
Is selfless.
Loves to laugh.


Which of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners?
Rude-alph  (HaHaHa)

What is a skunk’s favorite Christmas song?
Jingle Smells (Hilarious)

What is a dog’s name?
Santa Paws
Christ the King CYO Crabfeed
Christ the King CYO will host its annual Crab Feed fundraiser to support the parish program. The date is Saturday, February 2, 2019. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m with dinner starting at 7:30 p.m. Two ticket options are available: $55 and $75. For more information about the evening and to purchase tickets online, please visit our website: and click on the Crab Feed link. Join us for a great evening!!
Christmas Eve Mass Choir - Still time to sign up!
Hello Parents!

An update on regarding the Christmas Eve mass...  The   Christmas Eve Mass is a GO!  I have 13 kids currently signed up. If you are still interested,  IT'S NOT TOO LATE!  I would still love to get more members! If you are available, please send me an email at

Here are the final details of the Mass:

Christmas Eve - Monday, December 24
4:45pm  - Meet in the Church choir loft to practice. I must warn you that you'll be fighting a little bit of traffic from people leaving the 3:45 gym mass. That said, once you get past that, you'll have prime seating in the church for the Family Liturgy since y'all will be there so early!
5:15pm  - Short Break
5:30pm  - Mass Begins and will be out by 6:30.

The song selection will be sent out as I receive emails. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to see you all there!

Mr. Lejano
Solid Gold Auction 2019!
A uction Update: The Solid Gold Auction team is hard at work with 81 days until the big event!! 

We hope you will join us! Please buy your Auction Ticket by visiting our website:  CTK AUCTION

D ONATIONS: A s always, the CTK Auction Team is looking for exciting or new items to feature in this year’s silent & live auc tions. The success of our auction is greatly determined by the generosity of our CTK families.

Ask your hair stylist, dry cleaner, car wash, nail salon, and other places you may frequent! Do you have a vacation home? Access to tickets to a sporting event? Theater event?

Experiences are coming together and there are some fabulous new ideas! Grab a group of friends and put together a fun event to raise money for our school and build community within one each other! Fill out the experience form here:  Donate Experiences

We appreciate ALL you help in procuring donations to make this a successful event! Fill out a form here:  Donate to CTK Auction  or contact  with any ideas or questions. 

SPONSORS:  Join us by making a sponsorship donation, enabling Christ the King to do a tremendous amount of good in our community and beyond. In return we will create for you a fantastic opportunity to position your business to a valuable demographic in central Contra Costa County—and you’ll have some fun in the process.  
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