You know that one unlucky employee who seems to have the most problems with her computer? Perhaps she keeps getting an error that no one can replicate.
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Why Cloud Computing
Are you confused about cloud computing? What is is? How does it work? How it can help your business?
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You have a system in place to remind yourself of when to pay your bills. Otherwise, bills would go unpaid, essential services would be cut off, and your credit rating would plunge.
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When the Internet was first established, malware and hacking were in their infancy, and not as much of an immediate problem as they are today.
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Probably one of the more dangerous hacks so far in 2015, healthcare-provider Anthem has been breached by hackers and its data accessed.
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A few weeks ago, Microsoft presented several of their latest projects at a live event. As expected, there was a lot of focus put on the new Windows operating system...
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March 2015
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Tech Trivia
The first large-scale electronic computer used for business data processing in the U.S. was a UNIVAC, installed in 1954 at General Electric!
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