There are a number of disasters which could hamper your business's continuity, but the most dangerous ones occur when you least expect it. 
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Should You Cut the Telephone Cord?
Modern businesses prioritize in improving communications because they understand it will lead to more coherent operations and greater profits.
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One common characteristic about small-to-medium sized businesses is that they're often stretched thin.
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Mobile is all the rage nowadays. Industry giants such as Microsoft and Apple claim to have mobile devices that make the PC obsolete.
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We all know how annoying WiFi can be at times. Sometimes it's simply a bad connection, or perhaps there are too many devices accessing your network.
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When you send a subordinate an email, you likely expect that they will read it and comply with the message.
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April 2015
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Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, as well as Apple have one not so obvious thing in common - they were all started in a garage.
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