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Computer Troubleshooters Newsletter - November 14, 2018


Shopping for a new computer?


The next month or so is a great time of year to buy a computer, because most retailers are running Black Friday and holiday sales.  Make sure you shop around and do your homework, though - some deals may not include everything you need.

Keep in mind that you will need to purchase antivirus software and Microsoft Office software, as these don't typically come with a new computer.  Most retailers will try to upsell you on these... check pricing before you buy!  We can get you Avast antivirus for $39.99 a year... whereas most retailers sell antivirus for $70-90 a year.

When buying, try to get the best processor (CPU) that you can afford, as that can't be upgraded in the future.  Things like memory (RAM) and hard drive can be upgraded at a later date, if you decide you need more storage or power.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Update - On again!


Microsoft pulled its big fall update (1809) over a month ago due to a bug that deleted some users' files.  Since then, Microsoft has been extensively testing fixes... and apparently the update is ready to go again.  So if you haven't yet gotten this update, you should see it rolling out over the next few weeks.  Click below to read more:

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