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Turn any outlet into a smart socket!
Smart plugs are an affordable and easy way to automate your home. Connected to the internet, they allow you to turn outlets on and off remotely. I use them to turn lights on when I'm coming home at night - much nicer than fumbling through a dark house! Check out this article for reviews on some of the best smart plugs available.

What is the Dark Web?
The "Dark Web". Sounds pretty ominous, right? But what is it, really?

The dark web is simply a network of computers and websites that are not accessible through traditional search engines (i.e. Google) and browsers (i.e. Chrome). You have to have special software and permissions to access sites on the dark web.

What kind of sites are they? Well, there is a lot of shady and illegal business there... stolen credit cards for sale, drugs and child porn are just some of what can be found.

Should you be worried about it? For the most part, not too much. You have to be pretty computer savvy to access the dark web - so it's doubtful that your employees are cruising during work. However, it's always smart to have a good firewall in place to block access in the first place. A good password policy helps too - by changing your password often, you limit the damage that a stolen password can do. The article below has more info...

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