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Christmas Lights on Steroids!
Ever see a house that has tons of Christmas lights timed to music, in a crazy display that drowns out the neighbors? Ever wonder how they do it?

Wonder no more! All you need is a ton of lights, special software, a controller and power. Sounds simple, right? Well, check out this article and find out...

What is a computer virus?
"My computer has a virus!" I hear this from clients daily. But not every problem on a computer is a virus. So what are they exactly?

Computer viruses are just pieces of software that run on your computer, just like any other program. However, they are made to do malicious things - delete or encrypt files, create popups, send emails and more.

How do you get a virus? Obviously by clicking on a link or opening an email that contains one... but you can also get them without even being aware. Simply by visiting an infected webpage can do it.

How do you protect yourself? Good antivirus software. If your computer is connected to the internet, you NEED it. It doesn't matter how often or how little you use email or the internet... one time is all it takes to get a virus.

Click below to read an article with more information on computer viruses!


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