Tired of $800 phones? Check out the Pixel 3A!
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Google introduces the Pixel 3A phone
Smartphones have been around a while, and have also been increasing in price every year. You used to be able to get a good phone for around $200-300, but now spending $800-1000 or more on a smartphone is the norm.

Google has come to the rescue with it's new Pixel 3A smartphone... which retails for about $400 - half of what normal phones cost. The 3A does have a few limitations that you would normally find on a smartphone, but they are so minor that it makes this phone a compelling choice.

Read the article at the link below to find out more about the new Pixel 3A!

Amazon Alexa now works hands free on Windows 10
If you have an Amazon Echo, you know you can call up Alexa with your voice. Now, Windows 10 has added Alexa as well, so that you can use your voice to access Alexa on your computer.

The Alexa app has been available in the Windows Store since last November, but it didn't respond to the wake word like the Echo would. Now, the app responds to your voice even if it's minimized.

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