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Boston University Profiles
Several features have been added to the BU-Profiles.
  • A new interface, with tabbed navigation and improved compatibility for mobile devices 
  • BU and BMC sponsored research, is now included on the Research tab 
    • The BU and BMC Offices of Sponsored Programs now provide grant data for inclusion in BU Profiles. Data will be updated monthly.   
  • Altmetric (alternative research metrics) adds a real-time view of the reach and influence of your work using online mentions and shares of pubs across social media sites, blogs, mainstream media and more 
    • Altmetric allows you to track and demonstrate the reach and influence of your work to key stakeholders. Altmetric begins collating online mentions and shares across its sources as soon as it's published, meaning you can get feedback on how it's being received long before citation data becomes available.    
  • View Related Profiles, allows people to quickly identify and view co-author profiles
  • Links to PMID, PMCID and DOI references, when available
  • Graduate degrees have been added for faculty 

Community Engagement spotlight 
Connecting Community to Research: A Toolkit

Community Engagement (CE) is an essential part of translating research into improved outcomes for communities and populations. The CE team at the BU CTSI, led by Dr. Tracy Battaglia , has developed an introductory training for community members who
are interested in partnering with researchers titled "Connecting Community to Research" (CCR). This 2-hour interactive training introduces community members to the research process, explains research jargon in plain language, and provides ideas for community members to act as "research advocates" or partners throughout the research process.
The CE team is available to deliver these trainings regionally to new or existing community engaged partnerships. For more information about the training or how to schedule a training with the CE team, please email ccr@bmc.org .
The Connecting Community to Research Toolkit allows any community engaged research partnership to customize and deliver the training themselves. Click here to download the Connecting Community to Research toolkit. 

Research Resources resources 
General Clinic Research Unit (GCRU)
The GCRU is a shared resource currently used by over 60 research studies across BUMC, BMC and BU CRC. We provide support and infrastructure including clinical interview rooms, laboratory services and a biorepository. The GCRU provides services within and outside of the unit and support clinical and social behavioral studies for all sponsored projects including industry.
Our clinical research staff is comprised of research professionals with over 30 years of experience combined. Our laboratory staff are certified in the latest lab safety and biological shipping standards. 

We provide a variety of clinical services including but not limited to:   
  • EKG
  • Bonedensitomery (DEXA, CT scan of the extremities)
  • Biopsies (fat and muscle)
  • Infusions
  • Complex PK sampling
  • Phlebotomy- Adult and Neo/Peds
  • Central line Access
  • Injections   
Our biorepository  manages a variety of national and international samples. We provide long and short term storage of samples in our -80  and -20 freezers. Freezer Pro to ensure the highest levels of accuracy while handling samples.
Services include:    
  • A centrally alarmed system monitoring of freezers
  • Daily login and monitoring of freezers by lab personnel
  • Specimen handling (organizing, maintaining, pulling and shipping)

Clinical Research Resources Offices (CRRO)
Offers Clinical/Human Research Training's, Seminars and Workshops 

September 28,  8:30 am-12:30 pm

December 6,     8:30 am-12:30 pm

This half-day training is offered at least 4 times/year. It utilizes International Conference on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) as the gold standard for the conduct of human research studies and will cover key topics and concepts to ensure that clinical research Principal Investigators at BMC/Bu Medical Campus are confident and successful conducting research study activities.
Fundamentals in the Conduct of Human/Clinical Research Studies: BMC/BU Medical Campus Human Research Professional Staff Training


Part 1: Tuesday, October 17, 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Part 2: Tuesday, October 24, 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Part 1: Thursday, February 8,

9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Part 2: Thursday, February 15, 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm   

This 2 session training, each 4hrs, is offered at least 3 times/year. It utilizes the International Conference on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) as the gold standard for the conduct of clinical research and will cover key topics and concepts to ensure Clinical Research Professionals at BMC/BU Medical Campus are confidently and successfully able to conduct research study activities.

Seminars usually take place from 12 to 1 pm, on the second Wednesday of the month from September to June.

The purpose of the monthly seminar is to enhance attendees' knowledge regarding important ethical, regulatory, and operational clinical/human research topics. Come and enjoy lunch, earn some CMEs, and get updated on clinical research topics!

RPN Peer-led Clinical Research Learning Workshops

NEW this Fall! Details coming soon.

As part of the RPN (Research Professionals Network) mentoring and continuing educational offerings, interactive workshops will be developed focusing on topics identified by the RPN membership such as 'Best practices in study documentation' and 'Monitoring and auditing'.

Research Recruitment & Retention Program

Delays in recruiting participants are a major barrier to progress in clinical and translational research.  BU-CTSI's Research Recruitment and Retention Program (R3) exists to help researchers succeed in efficiently meeting participant recruitment goals for clinical and translational research studies, including randomized clinical trials.  The R3 program can help to move your research idea to a research project and on to publication.  Start by requesting a no-cost consultation by clicking HERE 

We use innovative and diverse recruitment approaches that have succeeded at BU, BMC and affiliated health centers.  Our team has experience in recruiting for difficult to recruit populations such as the elderly, the addicted and minorities.  Our approaches to recruitment will take advantage of BMC clinical and administrative data, social media and the insights of experienced clinical investigators.

Please contact project manager, Jill MacRae at jmacrae@bu.edu with your recruitment and retention questions and how the R3 program can help study.
Funding funding 
Integrated Pilot Grant Program- Fall 2017 Funding Cycle 
RFA to be released August 2017!

The CTSI Integrated Pilot Grant Program has instituted a new application process that now consists of a 2 step process:
  1. Pre-Applications are now required
  2. Full-Application will be based on invitation
Purpose of the Integrated Pilot Grant Award mechanism:

To stimulate scientific discovery in all areas of basic or translational research related to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of human disease. All investigators performing research consistent with the above description are encouraged to apply. The CTSI welcomes applications that are at all levels of development including:
  • T1 research that develops novel treatments and interventions by expediting the movement between basic research and patient-oriented research leading to new or improved scientific understanding or standards of care
  • T2 research that tests the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions through patient-oriented research and population-based research leading to better patient outcomes, the implementation of best practices, and improved health status in communities
  • T3 research that promotes dissemination and implementation of research for system-wide change through movement of evidence based-guidelines into clinical practice
  • T4 research that promotes discoveries in population science  

Training Opportunities training
Mentoring the Mentor Sessions

The CTSI has created a Train-the-Mentor case-based seminar series modeled on a successful program developed by a group of CTSA hubs. A sophisticated interactive training program, the program uses case studies developed and vetted by other CTSI groups around the country. 

CREST Program Now Accepting Applications

CTSI's Clinical Research Training (CREST) Program is an interactive mentored training program targeted at postdoctoral fellows and scientists, which focuses on the essential tools and competencies that scientists need to conduct clinical or translational science.

K Grant Writing Course

Are you planning to submit a Career Development Award (K01, K08 or K23)? Have you assembled mentors and developed a Specific Aims page, but want to ensure that you submit the most competitive application possible? We are currently working on a Fall K Grant Writing Course, sponsored by the BU CTSI.

Upcoming Events events

Rm L-112
Research, Recruitment & Retentions Roundtable: 
Speaker Lisa Gagalis

Lessons learned:  Recruitment and retention of inner city children with asthma. 


Annual Shared Mentoring Symposium
Hosted by Harvard Medical School, Co-Hosted by BU-CTSI.
Join us for a morning of networking, panel discussion and one-to-one mentoring.  Details and registration coming soon.

Networking Luncheon for Research Professionals
PIs, Study Coordinators, Research Assistants and other Research Professionals please join us for a networking luncheon.  

Help us continue our support by citing our grant number
in relevant publications:   1UL1TR001430 

All publications resulting from the utilization of CTSI resources are required to credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH Funding acknowledgment and must comply with NIH Public Access Policy.

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