June 2016
Issue 20
CTSRC Crash News Update  
PR-1 Reporting
The Connecticut DOT has received over 150,000 PR-1 reports since the inception of the new MMUCC compliant report form on January 1, 2015. Law Enforcement has done an outstanding job in the conversion from the old to the new PR-1 report. As with any major change there has been some minor issues with reports being rejected and returned to the originating agency for correction. Please understand that each and every report is very important and when sent back to the agency it must be corrected and returned to the DOT. In a criminal case any one piece of circumstantial evidence is a building block for probable cause. We need to look at our PR-1 reports with the same level of importance. What may seem insignificant on one level may be very valuable and important to the transportation safety engineers who review and utilize these documents to ensure that roadways are designed with safety in mind.
The UConn Crash Data Liaisons are available 24/7 to assist any agency with issues or concerns. Training is POSTC certified and can be conducted for any size group.

FMCSA/CT DOT Sponsored Training for Commercial Vehicles
The UCONN CTSRC Staff is currently conducting training to improve the gathering of the information from Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Trucks that are involved in crashes in CT. The class will provide Officers with the training and information needed to capture the correct information to complete the PR-1 form.
The class is cost free and all training materials are provided for the training. POSTC credits will be provided for Officers attending the training.
The first class was held at Old Saybrook Police Department on June 1st. The next class is scheduled for June 29th at South Windsor Police Department.
If you would like to host the class at your Police Department please contact Kevin Slater, at kevin.slater@uconn.edu.

If you would like to register for an upcoming class, please contact Regina Hackett at regina.hackett@uconn.edu.

Most Common Fields with Warnings:
Always enter a valid attribute in the first box of a data element with multiple choices. Do not leave the first box blank or enter 88 or "Not Applicable" for all fields for the following data elements:
  • Contributing Circumstances Environmental
  • Contributing Circumstances Roadway
  • Driver Actions
  • Condition at Time of Crash
  • Weather Conditions
Example: Enter 01 for None, No Contributing Action, Normal or Clear for your first choice and 88 or "Not Applicable" for 2nd or 3rd choices as appropriate for the data fields above.
Contributing Circumstances Motor Vehicle: Do not leave blank or enter as 88 or "Not Applicable" unless vehicle is parked, non-collision or unknown
Drug and Alcohol Test: For each driver of a vehicle, please report if they were tested for drugs or alcohol. If they were not tested please indicate 88 or "Not Applicable" for test type.
When an operator evades a collision scene and then collides with another vehicle this should be classified as a second and distinct collision.

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If you have any questions regarding this newsletter, the MMUCC PR-1 or would like training assistance please contact:

Chuck Grasso

Kevin Slater

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