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CU Members Mortgage Launches New Client Engagement Group 
to Expand Credit Union Support
May 31, 2018, Addison, TX  -  CU Members Mortgage, a division of Colonial Savings, F.A., has launched a new Client Engagement department to enhance the credit union's onboarding experience and provide current credit union clients with additional support and growth opportunities.
The new Client Engagement team will be led by Lori Chennault, an underwriting expert from within the division.  She will work closely with the CU Members' managers, sales team, and the individual credit unions to successfully engage and launch with CU Members Mortgage and support them over time.  This includes shortening the ramp time to maximize submission volume, improving training opportunities, strengthening internal and external communication protocols, and assisting credit unions as they grow production. 
"The new Client Engagement team will be vital to the success of credit unions as we all transition to a more complex lending environment where competition is rigorous making every loan essential," said Steve Hewins, Senior Vice-President of CU Members Mortgage.  "We are fortunate to have someone as experienced as Lori Chennault to begin this team. She has a unique skill set and broad depth of knowledge to tackle almost any challenge facing our credit union partners or their members and this is exactly the kind of support we want to be able to offer."
Chennault has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage lending and more than 15 years of experience working with credit unions.  She has a diverse background working with multiple lending channels, underwriting various loan products, appraisals, accounting, consulting, training and quality control.  She joined CU Members in 2005 as a senior underwriter and became underwriting supervisor in 2014. 
About CU Members Mortgage
Established in 1982 as a division of Colonial Savings, a federally chartered thrift, Dallas-based CU Members Mortgage provides comprehensive mortgage services to credit unions and CUSOs nationwide. CU Members Mortgage originates more than $1 billion in FHA, VA, and conventional loans each year. With a portfolio of $25 billion, Colonial is one of the largest servicers of mortgage loans in the United States. The company is privately held and has offices located nationwide. For more information, visit .