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August 2022
A Message From the Dean
The back to school season of August has been one of my favorite times of the year since I was a child. I enjoyed shopping for school supplies and that special first day of school outfit. I loved seeing my friends from whom I had been separated for the long summer. I was excited to meet my new teacher and learn new things. 
To be honest, nothing has really changed for me in all of these years. The beginning of August this year brought the faculty of the School of Education back together after a summer separation. It was a breath of fresh air for the staff and I to welcome everyone back. We have been getting ready to teach our courses, reading up on the latest research in the field and learning new ideas to share with our students. We have had some wonderful beginning of the year faculty meetings and professional development. This year, we began our first campus-wide faculty workshop with a worship service for all faculty and staff on campus. I feel blessed to be part of this university family!
Finally, last week, our classrooms were full of students, as we began once again fulfilling our calling to prepare them to be teachers, school counselors, and administrators in their mission field, the public schools. We are thankful to report another record enrollment in our first fall term – 900 education majors. 
As we begin working with these students, we are mindful of our recent graduates who are beginning their careers this month. At the June meeting of the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB), Commissioner Jason Glass stated that this academic year is an opportunity for the first year of undisturbed learning since 2019. Our graduates are facing many challenges this year in the schools. Their students will be coming to them suffering the effects of the pandemic - learning deficits and anxiety issues. We also have graduates who will be serving in schools and communities in Eastern Kentucky that were ravaged by the floods earlier this summer. Please pray for our graduates as they work with their students this year that they will have the strength to meet their learning and emotional needs.
This newsletter will feature some of the travel and work that faculty and students completed this summer representing the School of Education. Dr. Hundley, chair of the early childhood program and Dr. Magruder, chair of the undergraduate program led a group of students and faculty to Greece and Italy. Dr. Hundley was also asked to serve on a committee to review, evaluate, and revise the national curriculum for early childhood education in Belize. We also had several of our faculty publish and present at conferences over the break. It is wonderful to work with such distinguished and experienced peers.
Now that we are back together, I’m excited to see what God has planned for us in the SOE and at Campbellsville University this year!
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.  And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds – Hebrews 10:23-24.
Learning at Campbellsville Elementary School
Amanda Greer is starting the year welcoming first graders to Campbellsville Elementary School. They will be in good hands as Greer has a master’s degree from Campbellsville University in Teacher Leadership and Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education. One of her favorite things is seeing all of their smiles everyday. Even when the students move on to the next grade, Greer feels attached to them and loves to watch their smiles grow and their baby teeth leave.

Greer's teaching philosophy is, “be hard on issues, but easy on students!” She treats each one like she would her own child. This includes working with them to build back learning weaknesses accrued during the pandemic. She knows how hard it can be as a teacher and a parent, as she is a mom of two - a 20 year-old in the army and a 13 year-old at Campbellsville Independent iEagle Academy.

Like many educators she was open to a career in teaching because of the many inspiring teachers she had during her own time in school. Apart from meeting needs in the classroom, Greer is also is the Campbellsville Education Association Treasurer.
When she needs to relax after a challenging day or week, she gets a manicure, or spends some time in a relaxing hot tub.
Away and Overseas
The School of Education faculty, students, and trip participants at an Italian pizzeria.
Eighteen students, faculty, and family members spent ten days in the beautiful countries of Italy and Greece. They flew into Florence to experience the Renaissance for a few days. Next, they went to the small city of Orvieto, Italy and had a lovely lunch on their way to Rome. Rome was amazing. The group toured the Coliseum, the Vatican, a catacomb, and so many more historic and beautiful spaces. Most memorable was the Sistine Chapel; it brought tears to the eyes of many participants.

Ever on the go, the next day the group flew to Athens, Greece. They spent two beautiful days in Delphi and then traveled back to Athens. There they visited the Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon. Memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Magruder stated that her favorite experience was seeing the students interact and bond with the older generation. The students helped them cross the street and encouraged the group to slow down sometimes. The students learned about differentiating, a key to being a school teacher.

If you would like to travel abroad with a terrific group, you have another opportunity. All CU students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and family are welcome to join trips scheduled for May, 2023. There is one to Portugal and Spain, and another to Belize.
International Honors
The Belize Ministry of Education invited Campbellsville University Interdisciplinary Early Childhood faculty to participate in preparing and implementing the first national Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum as part of a UNESCO grant.
In Belize, the national curriculum must be reviewed, evaluated, revised as needed, and resubmitted to the Ministry of Education every five years. Jeannie Garbutt, the director of teacher education division services (TEDS), contacted Dr. Sharon Hundley, professor and chair of Early Childhood, in April. She asked if CU would be willing to serve with a team of Belize educators to review and revise as needed the ECE national curriculum. The work group met at Sacred Heart Junior College on July 11 along with representatives from Campbellsville University, the University of Belize, Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College, and Sacred Heart Junior College. The draft review is due in 2023, and the final ECE national curriculum will be submitted to and approved by the Ministry of Education by 2025. The work group will meet for another planning session in September of this year. 
The curriculum review group pictured left to right: Ms. Santos Tesecum, Primary Education Lecturer and ECE Internship Evaluator at Sacred Heart Junior College, Thisbe Lucas Usher, University of Belize Assistant Professor at Belmopan Campus, Rebecca Chun, ECE Lecturer at University of Belize, Dr. Karen Martinez, Provost at Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College, Ms. Jeannie Garbutt, Director of Teacher Education Division in Belize Ministry of Education, Ms. Desiree Morgan, Instructor of ECE and English at Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College, Dr. Sharon Hundley, Chair of Early Childhood Programs at Campbellsville University, Mr. Fermin Magaňa, Provost at Sacred Heart Junior College, Ms. Deborah Holt, Instructor, Early Childhood Education at Campbellsville University, Ms. Nadine Tun, University of Belize Dean of Faculty for Education and Arts.
Writing Inspiration
Dr. Rocky Wallace, associate professor of education, presented at the Textbook and Academic Authors Association online conference on June 21, 2022. The title of his presentation was "Developing a Book Project: Managing Time Leads to Success."

Dr. Wallace has published both personally and professionally. He enumerated strategies such as writing about a topic the author has a passion for, setting aside dedicated time each week to write - Saturday mornings work for him. He also recommends writing in collaboration with others.
Presenting Ideas
Dr. Joetta Kelly, assistant professor of education, presented at the General Federation of Women's Clubs workshop in Lexington, Kentucky. On July 22 she shared various aspects of leadership that those within the organization could use when working with individuals, districts, and different state and local programs. Kelly focused on seven facets of leadership: commit, listen, communicate, be humble, be innovative, learn, and smile.
Publishing Over the Summer
Dr. Brandon Turnley, district compliance officer for Fayette County Public Schools, and Dr. Jeffrey Herron, associate professor of education and diversity and inclusion coordinator, had a book chapter “Mentoring: Bridging the gap for African American male student success” published in the book Using Self-Efficacy for Improving Retention and Success of Diverse Student Populations.  

Herron will also serve as editor for the upcoming book Using Self-Efficacy for Improving Retention and Success of Diverse Student Populations by IGI Global which will be available October, 2022.  
The Nature of Retirement
Dr. Beverly Ennis, former faculty member and dean of the School of Education has published a book titled Just Us Birding in South Florida: Birding for Beginners. Since beginning her retirement in 2018, she has taken up photography, painting and publishing. This is her second book in four years.

In her book, she shares where she and her husband found success in locating birds and other information they wish they had known when they first started birding. They have been birding in Florida since 2012. With each visit, they travel to new sites and revisit the familiar sites. They have helpfully compiled lists with details, an identification chart, and lots of photos. if you love birds and nature, you will enjoy the book.

The Ennis' are two retired educators who found a hobby they both enjoy and can share with their grandchildren. Their vision is for readers to share the photos with their grandchildren or any child to teach them about nature.
You may find a link to purchase the book here: Just Us Birding in South Florida: Birding for Beginners
School of Education Travel Opportunities
Dr. Robin Magruder and Dr. Sharon Hundley welcome all interested parties to travel with them to Spain and Portugal in May, 2023. In the 13 day trip, participants will visit Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Costa del Sol, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, and Lisbon. Current undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and family are all invited on the trip. For more information, please contact Dr. Robin Magruder,, or visit
Hired Option 6 Administrator Candidates
Martina Amshoff (Educational Administration), Assistant Principal, Boston Schools, Nelson County Schools
Larissa Johnson (Educational Administration), Principal, Wrigley Elementary School, Morgan County Schools
Tracy Naylor (Educational Administration) Assistant principal, Russellville High School, Russellville Independent Schools
Hannah Hopper (Educational Administration) Assistant principal, Cumberland County Elementary, Cumberland County Schools
Tiffanie Underwood (Educational Administration) Assistant principal, McKell Elementary School, Greenup County Schools
Jennifer Russell (Educational Administration), Assistant Principal, Glasscock Elementary School, Marion County Schools
Sue Gorman (Educational Administration), Assistant Principal, Florence Elementary School, Boone County Schools
Miranda Parker (Educational Administration) Assistant Principal, London Elementary School, Laurel County Schools
Jessica Smith (Director of Special Education), Laurel County
Holly Elmore (Supervisor of Instruction), Chief Academic Officer, Washington County
Tara Wooden (Supervisor of Instruction), LaRue County
Pamela Baker (Supervisor of Instruction), LaRue County
Daniel Hawkins (Director of Pupil Personnel), Hart County
Cammie Evans (School Counseling) School counselor, Trigg County High School, Trigg County Schools
Megan Baxter (School Counseling), School counselor, Heritage Elementary School, Shelby County Schools
Brenna Cantrell (School Counseling) School counselor, South Oldham Middle School, Oldham County Schools
Jessica Middleton (School Counseling), School counselor, Evarts Elementary School, Harlan County Schools
Shelby Livers-Puryear (School Counseling), School counselor, W.E.B DuBois Academy, Jefferson County Public Schools
Brittany Broach (School Counseling), School counselor, Hogsett Primary School, Danville Independent Schools
Elexus "Lexy" Peake (School Counseling), School counselor, Bloomfield Elementary School, Nelson County Schools
Sarah Duren (School Counseling), School Counselor, Fancy Farm Elementary School, Graves County Schools
Cristy Elrod (School Counseling), School counselor, Jennings Creek Elementary School, Warren County Schools
Ashley Russell (School Counseling) School counselor, Trigg County Middle School, Trigg County Schools
Blake Jessup (School Counseling) School counselor, Wingo Elementary School, Graves County Schools
Kristen Chambers (School Counseling), School counselor, Sedalia Elementary School, Graves County Schools
Ashton Brown (School Counseling), School counselor, Christian Academy of Louisville
Kelsey Fryman (School Counseling), School counselor, Bourbon County Middle School, Bourbon County Schools
Arianna Hall (School Counseling), School counselor, Martha Jane Potter Elementary School, Letcher County Schools
Kara Goodman (School Counseling), School counselor, Carlisle County Middle School, Carlisle County Schools
Ashley Adams (School Counseling) School counselor, Paintsville Elementary School, Paintsville Independent Schools
Haleigh Porter (School Counseling), School counselor, Clark County Preschool, Clark county Schools
Dana Roney (School Counseling) School Counselor, Glasscock Elementary School, Marion County Schools
Kali Simmons (School Counseling) School Counselor, East Calloway Elementary School, Calloway County Schools
Holly Montgomery (School Counseling) School counselor, Flatgap Elementary School, Johnson County Schools
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