December  2017

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CUSO Registry 
To comply with NCUA's directive that all CUSO's must register with the agency, CUCB has signed up, and has obtained the following for your records:

Registration Name: 

CU Cooperative Branching, LLC. 


Registry number: 


Contact Us
Courtney Miceli
Executive Vice President
(800) 452-7221, 3004
Jennifer Plaisance
(800) 452-7221, 3016
Shannon Morneault
Accountant/EFT Specialist
(800) 452-7221, 3006

Angela Melle
Strategic Services Manager
(800) 452-7221, 3007

Technical Support (help desk):

Network Services
CO-OP Shared Branching
(800) 782-9042 opt 3

Mystery Shops

Congratulations to the following credit unions for achieving a perfect score on your recent mystery shop from July through November 2017. 

Ascension FCU
Baton Rouge Telco FCU
Bayou FCU
EFCU Financial
Fleur de Lis FCU
Jefferson Financial FCU
La Capitol FCU
Neighbors FCU
New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Pelican State CU
Tulane-Loyola FCU
Xplore FCU
Shared Branch Adjustment Processing

As a reminder, with the shared branch platform consolidation, there are specific adjustment processing codes that are unique to the shared branch environment.  The CO-OP Team continues to see out of balances for credit unions due to incorrect processing codes being entered.  Please ensure that you are entering the correct shared branch processing codes or there may be a settlement failure as a result of improper codes. See codes below.

For credit unions that have not received settlement for adjustments as expected, please contact the Network Services Team.
CO-OP Shared Branch Network Rules CHANGE
Member Receipts

The changes that became effective December 1, 2017 are listed below in red. 

Members will receive a receipt for each transaction displaying:
  • Member's credit union name
  • Member's name
  • Amount and date of the transaction
  • Service Center location (Video Teller locations may use the Virtual Teller Branch location)
  • MSRs ID number and transaction sequence number, session number, record number or similar
  • The MSR must have the member's signature on the receipt or the transaction request/voucher - optional for Video Teller initiated transactions via an ATM or Kiosk
  • Identification information for the person completing the transaction must be noted on the transaction request/voucher, acquirer software application or receipt (Type of ID, ID number, state of issuance, expiration date and SS#). Identification procedures/requirements have not changed. (see Policy-April 2016)
  • Identification must be captured and retained at the time of the transaction - required for Video Teller initiated transactions via an ATM or Kiosk
For teller line transactions, it  is recommended that the MSR review the transaction receipt with the member to ensure the appropriate transaction was completed on the member's account, and have the member sign the transaction receipt. A signature on the transaction request form in lieu of a signature on the receipt is permissible.
BSA Reminder
Credit unions must follow the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) in regards to large cash transactions.  This includes all deposits and withdrawals exceeding $10,000.01 in a single business day. 

Please follow The Cash Transaction Report (CTR) filing process advised below:
Acquirer/Outlet Responsibility:
  • When there is one issuer, the acquirer/outlet is responsible for filing the CTR with the appropriate government agency.  The acquirer must provide a copy of the CTR to the issuer via fax.
  • When there is more than one issuer credit union involved in a transaction, the acquirer/outlet is responsible for filing the CTR with the appropriate government agency.  The acquirer/outlet is not required to fax to the multiple issuers.
Issuer Responsibility:
  • When a member exceeds more than one acquirer/outlet visit in one business day, the issuer is responsible for the filing.
Credit unions may refer to the Shared Branch Network Policies and Procedures, Section III. Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering and OFAC Requirements. 
Settlement Reports Offered:
  • Issuers:  Please view Cash Currency Transactions Details Report.  This will identify all cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • Acquirers:  Please view the Terminal Activity Report.  There is not a Cash Currency Transaction Report at this time. 
CO-OP Shared Branching Pricing Change
February 1, 2018

CO-OP Shared Branching has announced Phase 2 of the pricing changes for shared branching transactions.  This change will help balance the cost of accessibility and service, embracing a standardized national pricing structure. 
Phase 1 had occurred on June 1, 2016 with a $0.60 increase for national withdrawal and large-deposit (groups of 6 or more checks) transactions.
Phase 2, effective February 1, 2018 is a $0.40 increase, also applicable to the same set of national withdrawal and large-deposit transactions. The increase, passed to the acquirer, ensures participating shared branch credit unions are more fairly compensated for teller and facility costs.
CO-OP is committed to expanding the member value proposition of the shared branching network and working with credit unions to continue to grow in the credit union movement.  CO-OP will continue to evaluate and implement pricing changes in 2018 to maximize value in CO-OP Shared Branching as an issuer and acquirer.

Please note this price increase is only for out of network transactions. Our in network pricing is remaining the same. 

Network Services Contact Information
Network services can be reached by emailing or calling 800-782-9042, option 3. 

Shared Branching Training Modules 
This is a reminder that everyone should be completing annual training for Shared Branching. We do offer online modules for your credit union to complete this training. 

CUCB Contact List
Please check the contact list to make sure your credit union's information is up to date for both the operational contacts and the accounting contacts. If you need to make a correction, please email