Champaign-Urbana Friends & Allies  of Immigrants & Refugees
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Thanks to everyone that answered our call for donations to our "Bus Pass Fund".  
The fund is fully subscribed and each member of our new Afghan & Iraqi families will soon have his/her own bus pass.   Providing a bus pass to each family member is an important element in supporting their transition from dependency to self-sufficiency!  

Well done, Champaign-Urbana Community!!
Although our call for donations for our "Bus Pass Fund" is fully subscribed, YOUR help is still needed with the following:

  • We need an experienced bookkeeper or accountant who is willing to volunteer his/her time to do our bookkeeping and maintain our financial records to assure compliance with our 501(c)(3) standing.  A retired CPA would be the answer to prayer!  CLICK HERE and let us know if you're willing to offer your expertise.
  • We need volunteers for our mentoring team who will commit to visit one of our immigrant or refugee families each week to be sure the case plan is being followed and that the family is moving successfully in the direction of self-sufficiency.  ‚Äč(Don't be put-off by the phrase "mentoring".  The role basically means being a friend and point-of-contact.)  CLICK HERE and let us know if you're willing to be a visiting friend.
  • We need volunteers to serve on our fund-raising team to help us keep the flow of supportive abundance coming.  If you are willing to be added to our fund-raising team, please CLICK HERE and let us know.
  • We still need additional transportation volunteers who are willing to provide occasional transport for our immigrant and refugee friends and neighbors to appointments for medical care, social security, cultural and social events, etc.  If you are willing to be added to our transport team, please CLICK HERE and let us know.

  The mission of CUFAIR is to provide resettlement services to immigrants & refugees to support them in moving from dependency to complete self-sufficiency.  Your financial support is essential for our work to continue.
CUFAIR is now designated as a non-profit 501(c)(3)
so all donations are tax deductible.