Exciting updates about CUGH2020, April 17-20
February 13, 2020
Dear Colleague,
Exciting news! Attendance for our April conference, "Global health in a time of worldwide political change," is 20% ahead of last year. We are poised to have the biggest conference we have ever held.

We just learnt that Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes for Health will be speaking on the last day of the conference (Apr. 20). On that day we will also have powerful plenaries on: reducing gun violence in the Americas; ending cervical cancer; how we can tackle environmental threats like climate change, and the popular Pulitzer Center Communications workshop. April 20 will be a day not to be missed.
April 17 is our satellite day. Over 20, half to full day sessions, addressing big global health issues will be held. Most are free to attend and are open to all . See the sessions and register online at www.cugh2020.org . You do not need to attend the conference to attend these satellite sessions.
We are offering a special deal for institutions to join CUGH. If you are attending CUGH2020 and are from an institution that is not yet a member of CUGH, we are offering a 25% discount on institutional membership fees for your first year. Click here to see if your institution is a member. To join CUGH fill out the application HERE .
Finally, please see a list of our upcoming webinars. We are also starting a special webinar series with the Lancet Global Health. It will be an opportunity for students and faculty, especially those living in low resource settings, to engage online with leaders in the global health community. Zoë
Mullan, the editor of the Lancet Global Health, myself, and guests will make presentations on a variety of issues and will be available on these webinars to field your questions.
We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC April 17th to the 20th.
As always, help us to increase our impact by sharing this bulletin widely.
Best wishes,

Keith Martin, MD, PC
Executive Director
Consortium of Universities for Global Health
Extended Early Bird Rates & First Time Membership Discount

Early bird registration rates extended to February 16. Join over 1800 scientists, students and implementers and be inspired to address some of the pressing challenges our world faces at CUGH2020, April 18-20. Registration information is here . Make sure to stay through Day 3 to participate in the Pulitzer Center communications workshop and to attend the exciting plenaries on gun violence, cervical cancer, planetary health, and the new NIH directors, featuring the 16th Director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins. See the full list of sessions and speakers at https://www.cugh2020.org/program .

We are delighted to offer a 25% first-year membership discount to institutions whose attendees participate in CUGH2020. CUGH is committed to having as inclusive a membership as possible. We want to identify new pathways for institutions to join our growing organization. We all know that together we are a stronger force to address the global health threats before us. This offer applies only to new institu tional members. Please contact jsmith@cugh.org for more information.

Special Conference Rate at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Rooms have been reserved at a special rate at the Washington Hilton (conference venue) for the period of the meeting. Delegates who wish to make a hotel reservation should follow the instructions here .

We are also pleased to announce that a limited number of rooms at a deeply discounted room rate of US$ 119.00 per night (plus taxes) has been negotiated for students. This rate is for students only.

Sponsor or Exhibit at CUGH2020. It's not too late to partner with CUGH to get visibility for your organization. Only a few exhibit tables remain, but spots are filling up quickly.
Pre-conference Satellite Sessions on April 17, 2020 in DC

Attend and promote our pre-conference satellite sessions on April 17. Most sessions are free to attend but require separate registration. Students, practitioners, educators, policymakers, and all those interested in global health and development are all welcome. For more information and to register, visit: https://cugh2020.org/satellites

Please note that anyone may attend these sessions, including those not attending the main conference. CUGH membership is NOT required.

Help us share this opportunity by downloading the flyer here .
The Lancet-CUGH Global Health Webinar Series

CUGH, in collaboration with the Lancet Global Health, is delighted to announce a series of webinars designed to bring practical global health opportunities to you. With the Lancet Global Health's edit or, Zoë Mullan, topics particularly important to students and junior faculty in low and middle-income countries will be featured. Ample time will be devoted for questions from the online audience to the speakers.

  • Episode 1: Speak to the Editors: Getting Published and Other Insights into the World of Global Health | February 26 at 10-11 AM Eastern Time | More Information
  • Episode 2: Increasing Equity in Global Health | March 11 at 10-11 AM Eastern Time | More Information
  • Episode 3: Building Your Career in Global Health and International Development | March 27 at 10-11 AM Eastern Time | More Information
Register Now! Upcoming CUGH Webinars

The One Health Opportunity- A Powerful Mechanism to Improve Global Health Outcomes

February 18 at 10-11 AM EST | One Health integrates a broad range of biomedical and non-biomedical disciplines to improve the health of people, animals and our environment. It reflects the indivisibility between ourselves and the natural world. It is also an opportunity to improve health and environmental outcomes and address the social determinants of health. This webinar brings together three leaders in this field who will share important insights into the power of this platform and what we can all do to impact the challenges affecting us and our natural world. Dr. Sharon Deem, Director of the Institute of Conservation Medicine at the St. Louis Zoo, will outline some of the biggest threats in One Health, the impact of the massive biodiversity losses we are currently seeing on human health and the opportunity that mainstreaming conservation into development initiatives can have on a wide range of global challenges. Catherine Machalaba, Research Scientist at the EcoHealth Alliance, will discuss the importance of the global health security agenda, its impact on preventing, detecting, and responding to potential pandemics and addressing other environmental threats that receive little attention. Dr. Cheryl Stroud, Executive Director of the One Health Commission, will share how One Health is being embraced around the world and what we can each do to implement the One Health Opportunity to improve Global Health outcomes. CUGH's Executive Director, Dr. Keith Martin, will moderate the webinar.

Click here for more information and to register.

Gun Violence in the Americas

March 24 at 1-2 PM EDT | With the world’s highest rate of lethal gun violence, the Americas are in the midst of an unmitigated public health crisis. Just six countries account for over half of the annual 250,000 deaths from guns: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Guatemala. But activists, medical professionals, human rights workers, and policy experts are working together to stop this bloodshed and the vectors that make it happen. This webinar brings together leading researchers and advocates who are organizing an international conference on April 21, in connection with CUGH’s annual conference, on Gun Violence in Mexico and Central America: Challenges and Paths to Solutions. John Lindsay-Poland and Natalia Báez are co-authors of Gross Human Rights Abuses: The Legal and Illegal Gun Trade to Mexico, and are both active in a working group in dialogue with the Mexican government about gun violence and trafficking. Dr. Steve Hargarten serves as the Director of the Comprehensive Injury Center and is the Associate Dean for Global Health at the Medical College of Wisconsin. CUGH's Executive Director, Dr. Keith Martin, will moderate the webinar.

Click here for more information and to register.

Missed our past webinars?  Find recordings and materials in the "  Past Events  " section of our website. Recent ones include:

CUGH's Capacity Building Platform: A Program to Strengthen Training Capacity in LMICs

How can we work together to strengthen training capabilities in LMICs and address critical HR needs? To do this, CUGH created a Capacity Building Platform. It enables universities, governments and NGOs in LMICs to share requests for trainers across a range of medical and non bio-medical disciplines. Organizations can also post trainers interested in providing training in LMIC institutions. We hope this will help address human resources gaps in LMICs.

Please use this database and share it widely.

Access and share the database at: http://www.cughcapacitybuilding.org/

Much thanks goes to CUGH's  Capacity Building Subcommittee  for their efforts in this project.
Correction from the Last Bulletin: Additional CUGH Board of Directors Announcement

Our earlier announcement did not recognize the sixth newly elected member to CUGH's Board of Directors. Congratulations to Dr. Maureen Lichtveld, Professor and Chair of the Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences, Tulane University. Dr. Lichtveld will begin her three-year term in April 2020.

The McGill Summer Institute features eight diverse courses, June 1-12, 2020 in beautiful Montreal, Canada. Take a mix of the 1, 2, 3, or 5 day courses pertaining to the latest trends in infectious diseases and global health. Academics, students, physicians, industry professionals, policymakers, and patient advocates are all part of the participant mix (500+ participants each year) and with 30% of attendees coming from low and middle income countries the varied professional and geographic experiences are part of the draw. For the complete 2020 course schedule and all dates, consult the  website  and  brochure .

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) School of Public Health, a forward-leaning SPH in a global, top-tier Medical Faculty and University, is recruiting all levels of staff . Applications are invited for the following openings:
  • MPH Programme Leader
  • Course developers/teachers for the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development
  • Clinical Public Health specialists
  • Faculties in the field of Population Mental Health and Behavioural Science; Big Data Analytics; Computational Biology, Virology and Bioinformatics; Infectious Disease Epidemiology; NCDs; Others
Online application: http://sph.hku.hk/jobs
HKU will be at the CUGH Conference in April 2020. Please send an email to joinhkusph@hku.hk if you’d like to have a chat with Professor Keiji Fukuda, School Director, before or at the Conference.

ASIRT, the Association for Safe International Road Travel, presents the opportunity to address ways the Education Abroad Community can identify and minimize road risks for faculty and students. Rochelle Sobel, ASIRT Founder and President and Cathy Silberman, Executive Director, offers ideas for developing a plan and tools to share with program administrators, risk managers and student travelers Click here to access the recording.

The Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) seeks to use cooperative international research partnerships to support its mission to reduce the threat to the U.S. and to global health security from the spread of pathogens of security concern, which includes U.S. Biological Select Agents and pathogens of pandemic potential, emerging, and reemerging infectious diseases. BTRP aims to establish and maintain these partnerships to inform and enhance operational biosurveillance systems, enhance global health security, and foster safe, secure, and sustainable bioscience capability with partner countries. 

Learn more about applying for research funding from BTRP here . For general information about the program, click here .

The  Nigeria National Universities Commission  (NUC) is excited to launch the “NUC Diaspora Program” in the area of Biomedical Sciences. The NUC Diaspora Program focuses on fostering collaborations between Nigerian Academics and Nigerians/Non-Nigerians in the Diaspora who are interested in elevating biomedical research in the Nigerian University System (NUS) through collaborative research, training, exchange programs, short courses, sabbaticals, adopt-a-lab program etc. The program is a service to the NUS and does not come with any financial commitment from the NUC to any person who wishes to collaborate with the NUS through this program.
If you are a Biomedical Scientist outside Nigeria (whether Nigerian or Non-Nigerian) and you would like to participate in the NUC Diaspora Program, please register your interest by completing the program “Diaspora Scholars” survey. To complete the Diaspora Scholars Survey, please click  here  or copy and paste the following link on your browser:  https://bit.ly/2SuXTWp .

Are you a health worker? Are you or your facility affected by attacks on health? Your story is important. Stories can move people—and countries—to take action to protect health workers and safeguard health care for millions of p eople who need it. The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition seeks accounts of health workers—particularly nurses and midwives—for their upcoming report. Click here for more information.

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) is delighted to announce the publication of Environmental Health in Nursing , an open access textbook for nurses and other health professionals.The book offers essential information for nurses new to the topics as well as those with advanced environmental health experience. The electronic format provides direct links to authoritative resources such as the EPA, ToxNet and WHO. In addition it provides ease of accessing information because of the electronic search features. ANHE intends for it to be a living document and they welcome ideas for new topics and potential authors in subsequent editions.

Click here to access the textbook.

These grant writing tools from the NIH are mostly geared to experienced US investigators: 


This helpful resource from Johns Hopkins University is a continuously updated repository of federal and private funding opportunities. More information .

In order to train and equip effective healthcare workers, medical information must be accurate and readily available. With greater accessibility to medical information, students and professionals can practice high-quality medical care to meet the needs of communities anywhere in the world. Learning in 10 (LIT) Reviews is a collection of 10-minute, user-friendly and peer reviewed video lectures covering various medical topics created by world-class clinical faculty, for anyone to access free of charge. While illness is universal, medical education is not; LIT Reviews help relieve this unmet need.

Access the reviews at:  http://www.learningin10.com/

The Gund Institute for Environment at UVM seeks an exceptional researcher for a new Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nature and Human Health , to explore the connections between global environmental change and human health outcomes. They specifically seek candidates focused on the mental health impacts from exposure to nature, but other topics regarding nature-health links will be considered.  Application due February 15, 2020 .

Cures Within Reach has officially launched its ReGRoW Pilot funding opportunity Request for Proposals (RFP). Submissions are now being accepted on its CureAccelerator platform , through March 1, 2020 :

  • Up to 3 grants of up to US$50,000 are available for researchers in low and lower-middle income countries (per the World Bank)
  • Projects can be in any unsolved disease and must repurpose an existing off-patent drug, nutraceutical or indigenous medicine
  • Eligible institutions must be "research ready"

See the RFP at  http://bit.ly/regrowrfp for more details.

Students from sub-Saharan Africa can now apply to the ISGlobal scholarship program to pursue the Master in Global Health or the Master in Clinical Research: International Health Track for the 2020-2021 period. These scholarships cover the total of the tuition fees and the university taxes required for a complete registration program. The deadline for submitting the application and the required documentation is  April 5, 2020 .

Click here for more information.

In addition, ISGlobal has recently launched two new courses :
  • ENERGHY - Energising Global Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship | June 29-July 10 | More information
  • Senior Executive Programme Global Health Innovation Management | July 13 - October 9 (exact dates vary by module) | More information

The 2020 Summer Institute is an intensive workshop for educators at undergraduate institutions to share experiences and best practices, evaluate curricular programs and assessment tools, and participate in charrettes designed to refine course and curricular materials that strengthen students’ learning. Participants represent all disciplinary backgrounds and career stages. Faculty, staff, and administrators interested in global public health are invited to attend. 

The University of Maryland Graduate School is excited to share the news about their 12-credit Certificate in Global Health Innovation launching in fall 2020. Partnering with the InterAmerican Center for Global Health (CISG), students admitted to this program will participate in an immersive 10-week learning experience in Costa Rica taught by CISG faculty. The curriculum will explore global health and health care innovation in Costa Rica, a country largely recognized as a global leader in translating good ideas into positive health outcomes. Upon completion students will be able conceptualize the transfer of a health care innovation across borders considering the steps required to approve, scale up, and introduce innovations to a new setting.

March 6-8, 2020 
Washington, DC, USA

Registration for AAVMC Annual Conference Catalyze 2020: Innovate & Inspire is open!  Register  today.

Saturday, April 4, 2020 
Boston, MA, USA

Join national experts and faculty from the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice and Health to address ways to identify the risks of health climate change, advocate for climate/environmental justice, and mitigate the impact of climate change on health and well-being. This symposium will provide health care professionals with an opportunity to engage in robust discussion about ideas for corrective action to improve the lives of people in the face of climate change. Read More .  

May 7-8, 2020 Conference
May 11-15 Workshop
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Offered by the University of Michigan School of Nursing, with faculty from across the health sciences, this third annual UMSN Summer Institute is designed to help participants gain a broad insight into contemporary issues in reproductive and sexual health. This short, intensive course will allow participants to gain the skills and knowledge to advance their inquiry in global reproductive and sexual health through a two-day conference followed by a five-day workshop. Participants may choose to attend the two-day conference only, or both the conference and the workshop.

These events are intended for, but not limited to: nurses, midwives, social workers, physicians, junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows, researchers or investigators, the ministry of health personnel, non-governmental organization monitoring and evaluation staff, and others with an interest in global reproductive and sexual health and research. Read More .  

June 16-18, 2020 
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Health Advocacy 2020 is the 13th biennial conference for the Global Network of World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centres for Nursing and Midwifery. The event will focus on strengthening health professionals’ abilities to advocate for health policy and programming shifts as well as to augment the impact of health professionals in health policy decision making. Read More .  

October 12-14, 2020 
Washington, DC Area, USA

Save the date for CORE Group's 2020 Global Health Practitioner Conference, October 12-14, 2020 in the Washington, DC area.
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