Attitude Is Everything
                Practicing Positivity Can Help Lighten Your Load

     During this public health crisis, I would suggest that this is the perfect time to take a look at the thoughts that enter your mind in any given moment and whether you tend to embrace positivity or negativity with such thoughts.  Since your life actions are influenced by and follow your thought forms, you have great power and opportunity to create your focus and what flows from it.
     With all this in mind, I invite you to take a moment to carefully notice what it feels like in your body, mind and spirit when you ask yourself these questions....

Do I lean more positive                           or do I lean more                                                                             negative?

Do I look at the glass as half full              or as half  empty?

Do I look for the light coming through         
the window                                             or  do I look for the 

Do I expect things to work out                 or do I expect 
                                                                  the  worst? 

Do I view challenges as opportunities      
for learning and growth                           or as struggles,  
                                                                   calamities,                                                                                   impossibilities?

Am I open to new ideas                           or do I strike them                                                                           down as unworkable?

Do I find the good in life situations          or tend to see the bad 
                                                                  in all? 

Do I look for the best in others                 or am I quick to judge                                                                       and criticize?

Do I embrace my abilities as                     
well as my imperfections                        or do I criticize        
                                                                  myself and say                                                                            " I can't do this..." 
                                                                  or  "I am really bad at                                                                   that..."? 

Do I encourage and hold myself up          or discourage and drag 
                                                                   myself down? 

Do I feel expansive, light                   
and relaxed                                            or contracted, tense                                                                           and  heavy?  
How do you prefer to feel in your body, mind and spirit?

     Know that you can embrace a positive and optimistic attitude and be supportive and encouraging of who you are, your health, your life and any circumstances that come your way, while also being realistic and sensible.

     Positivity is something that each of us must nurture with awareness.  I invite you to foster your positivity in the following ways:


     -Be a little more gentle with yourself, a little more forgiving of yourself, and watch how such feelings ripple into your daily activities and relationships;

     -Each day, express  gratitude for what you have in your life, for what fills your senses, for nature, for the world around you and watch how your days begin to fill with light.  Be surprised by how grateful acknowledgment of the tiniest, most insignificant detail can bring warmth to your heart and melt tension in your mind and body.

     -If you catch yourself thinking or saying out loud an unsupportive or discouraging thought, you can immediately turn that around by coming up with a positive, encouraging twist.  Say the positive thought out loud several times so that your nervous system can entrain with it.   Notice how you feel in you body when you do that.  If you would like help in coming up with positive phrases, I am happy to assist you with suggestions.

     We can only think of one thought at a time, 
 so we might as well make it an uplifting one!

     Please share this information with your friends, colleagues 
and loved ones who may benefit from it and
encourage them to put their vitality first. 

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Reclaim your vibrancy, empower your health and  THRIVE

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