Sunday, January 9
Baptism of the Lord
Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22 (NIV)

In-person & Livestream at 10:00 am

I was recently given a card with these words on the front, “Life happens, coffee helps.” That card currently resides on my door because it’s not wrong and it makes me smile. And in fact, it brings to mind that when life happens, being open and mindful of those things that help, like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are important. 

Did anyone just recognize my listing the fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5:22-23? If you didn’t it’s because we recognize that those very things do help in the midst of life. If you did recognize the list, it’s probably because you had very good Sunday School teachers growing up! But having those things listed in scripture tells me that faith helps when life happens.

Our holy book is not a “bookshelf” kind of book that is used only for reference. It is a book to be used and applied in our discipleship, following in the way of Jesus, central to an active and lively faith. An “in the midst of life" happening kind of faith. SO…as we begin this new year, let us remember that “life happens” and that the essentials of our faith are meant to help.
Blessings and strength in the New Year, Pastor Heather

Thank you for past donations for CUMC’s “Life Start Kits” for 18-year-olds aging out of care in Foster Homes and Transitioning to Independent living.

Two 18-gallon totes per “Kit” are filled with linens for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen; eating & cooking dishes and utensils; items for personal hygiene, first aid, desk supplies, mending, flashlight & basic tools; cleaning bucket & cloths; and a personal finance book. 

ITEMS NEEDED now for the 21 Kits for 2022 are new or gently used: 
  • 4-quart kettles with lids for pasta/soup 
  • Small and medium saucepans with lids 
  • Slotted spoons 
  • Pancake turners 
  • Ladles 
  • Measuring spoon sets (we have the needed cups) 
  • Smaller sized: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and deodorants 
  • Nail clippers and files 
  • 12 to 25 ft. metal tape measures 
  • Solid color twin sheets and pillowcases. 
These items can be placed in CUMC's east hall in the 2 "Life Start Kits" white bins (next to the Foodbank bins).

Monetary donations can be made to CUMC with "Foster Youth" on the memo line. This will be used to purchase:
  • IKEA tool kits 
  • 18-gallon totes 
  • Personal finance books “The Missing Semester” 

If you have any questions about this CUMC Missional Connection Program or would like to volunteer to help assemble the "kits," please contact the church office or Missional Champion, Alice DeShazer.
Michelle Faucher-Sharples would like prayers of healing and strength for Micah Sharples who had monoclonal antibodies treatment yesterday which will hopefully keep her from being admitted to the hospital. She tested positive for Covid even with being super careful and always wearing a mask everywhere she goes. Her body is compromised from surviving her pulmonary emboli and complications from issues that took her to the ER Christmas Eve.

Prayers for Mary Slade who is in the hospital with an infection and working on stabilizing her meds.
If you would like to send her a card, her address is 545 Garden Plaza Ct #284, Post Falls 83854.

Lana Hamilton requests prayers for Carol Cardarelli who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is currently receiving chemotherapy.

Heather Rhodes would like prayers for her Aunt whose melanoma has recently returned, She is under-going immunotherapy. Also for her daughter, Heather's cousin, diagnosed with breast cancer. She started chemotherapy yesterday.

Colleen Briggs asks prayers of peace and strength for Monty who fell a few weeks ago and broke his pelvis.

Dawn Beamish asks for prayers for her great-granddaughter, Elianna, born 4 months early. She is in the NICU in Grand Rapids MI. Also for her cousin Mike who had a possible stroke (post-covid).

Ron James asks for prayers for his fishing partner Bob who was in the ICU before heart surgery with kidneys failure. Also for Ron & Jan’s grandson and his family who were evacuated from their home due to Colorado fires. Grateful their house was saved -just four blocks from the fire line.

Continued prayers for the Heidenreich family and Tanya's father, Jack Alexander, who has pancreatic cancer.

Gerrie Van Voorhis requests continued prayers for husband Jim.

Prayers for Bud Ford who is in the hospital.

*Praise: Ginny Pratt's carpal tunnel surgery and recovery went so well she is already using her hand.

*Praise: An update from Suzanne Zabriskie... My brother and sister-in-law went from 2 grandkids to 5 today! Boy Benjamin and girls Naomi and Collins arrived at about 25 weeks. They are all about 1 1/2 pounds and 12 inches long. All in the NICU in Anchorage. As of now holding their own and are past the viability point. Prayers they will continue to grow and thrive. 

If you would like to send a card but don't have an address... feel free to contact the office!
Jan 6 - Fran Love
Jan 8 - Dave Hylton
Jan 13 - Margaret Self
Jan 18 - Elaine Beck
Jan 18 - Alyse Staley
Jan 19 - Mark Haberman
Jan 22 - Connor Brooks
Jan 23 - Mae Riedel
Jan 28 - Val Wilcox
Jan 29 - Steve Michael
Jan 29 - John Townsend
Jan 31 - Vicki Jo Walker

An 8-week discussion on
The 40 Days of Love, 
a group study based on the book 
The Relationship Principles of Jesus 
by Tom Holladay.

Facilitators will be Rob and Anastazia Inabnet

For more information please contact the church office
or the Inabnets at 208-912-8491.

9am in the Conference Room
Drop-ins are welcome!
for your continued support!

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A big thank you to Patsy Sorenson's daughter Gail for passing on their gently used artificial tree for future use at CUMC!

If you need a COVID test there are now many approved over-the-counter rapid tests available at local pharmacies starting at $10/test. It's best to call ahead since they do sell out fairly quickly.

In addition, you can also receive free tests at several local locations CLICK HERE for the interactive map with locations, phone numbers, and what each site requires - appointments, Dr referral, etc.

And watch for the federal website coming later this month where you can request a free test be sent directly to you. CLICK HERE for more information.

Click on the Northwest Specialty Hospital logo or the Panhandle Health District logo to set an appointment for your COVID Vaccine or booster shot!

It's fast and easy, and with the Omicron variant now in the US there's no time like the present!
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