Friday, February 5, 2020

Emily has been working hard to get the new church website up and running. There are a lot of great new features... one of which is the "Church App". Here are her step-by-step instructions on how to install the app to your smart device.

*Please note there might be some differences with iPhones, Androids, etc…If you are having any trouble please feel free to connect with Emily Wise at

Step 1: Go into your app store

Step 2: Click on the search button on lower righthand side, or a search bar at the top. In search bar type “The Church App”.

Step 3: Download or Install “The Church App, Subsplash Inc.”. The icon has a grey cross in the middle with a white background. After downloading, open the app. (This app is free don’t worry!)

Step 4: Click on the three bars at the top left- hand side of the app (looks like a line sandwich) or a “Let’s Go” button. Click on “search by name” (Again, depends on the type of phone you have.) Click on search and then click on the churches button. This will make it, so you are searching for our church and not just videos from other churches (media). In the search churches bar type in “Community United Methodist Church”. **Click on the icon with a dark blue/purple background with a cross in the middle. ** (Pay attention because there is more than one Community United Methodist Church.)
Step 5: Now you are officially in our CUMC app. You can listen to sermons (past and current), open a Bible (audio available too!), you can give to the church, or see what events are happening this week. If you are in a small group, you can add “push notifications” that will send directly to your phone of any reminders (I will send out a tutorial on how to do that at a later time). You can also get connected with the newsletter and submit prayer requests from your phone.

Please understand this is a work in progress. There will be errors at some point, but as we grow with the app and understand how to use it, it will become easier and greatly beneficial to everyone near and far!

I will be submitting videos and more step-by-step tutorials for the app as the weeks go on so we can grow together with the app. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! 😊

Emily Wise, Director of Children and Youth Ministries
Prayers for Dave Halpin and family following the death of his wife Kathi Monday. There will be a graveside memorial tomorrow, February 6, at 11am at the Shoshone Memorial Gardens, 147 Power Ave. Kingston, ID.

Alice DeShazer's sister, Katherine Burton Mitchell passed away peacefully Sunday night with her two children, Rick and Sandy, by her side. Prayers for her family and friends.

Nancy Jones who is recovering from her recent hospitalization and procedure to relieve the pain in her face.

Donna Myers asks continued prayers for Rachel, a 40 yr old mom of 2 and friend of their daughter Stephanie. Rachel remains in a coma in the covid critical care unit.

*Praise: Thank you for all the prayers. Charlie and Ginger Ford have a new grandson, Jack, who was born late last week at just over 23 weeks. Jack will be in the NICU while he gains weight and his lungs continue to develop. Prayers that he gets stronger with each passing day. Their daughter Jamie is home and doing well.

The Triple L group that meets every Sunday at 4pm will be spending this Sunday helping the Our Daily Bread group at Lutheran Church of the Master feed members of the community who are food insecure.
If you, or your group would like to volunteer to help in the future, please contact Dave Jacobson at 208-277-6731.

If you would like to join Triple L, contact the office to be added to the weekly reminder and Zoom invitation. This group meets both at the church and via Zoom.

I would like to apologize to any-one who left a voice mail message recently and had no reply.

As you know, calls are forwarded to my cell phone. When messages are left I do my best to relay them ASAP. However, due to internet and phone issues, several voice mails were delayed until today. Thank goodness there was nothing urgent, but I do wonder if there are others that never made it through.

Please accept my apologies and know that if you do not receive a reply, feel free to call again!

Rebecca, Office Administrator

Final touches are being made to your "Tool Box for Lent" and will be available for pick-up starting Tuesday! The church will be open 10am - noon on Tuesday, and the usual 9am-noon Wed, Thur and Fri. Any remaining packets will be mailed Friday afternoon.
for your continued support!

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