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November 2022 - Vol. 11 No. 3

Donations are the Lifeblood of CUPS

You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:11)

In this issue

Donation Needs

Follow this link to the CUPS Home page. Donation needs can be found under the Donations pulldown menu.

At this time of year, CUPS is especially looking for warm clothing for winter

Donation Collection Locations

Board Members Needed

CUPS is looking for supporters that would be willing to serve on the CUPS Board. Board meetings are held about 4 times per year, usually in the greater Houston area. If you are interested, please contact board chair Chris Friedersdorf at [email protected]

Upcoming Events

CUPS Board Meeting -November 16, 2023 at Spring Branch Presbyterian Church (SBPC)

Georgetown_Winter_Clothing_2022 image

Winter Clothing Donated by First Presbyterian Church Georgetown, TX

Winter Clothing Donations

CUPS is looking for warm clothing - specifically jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and blankets to give to communities in need in advance of the winter cold season.  Follow the link on the left for donation dropoff locations.

Recent Projects

USAER 95Q Repairs

One of CUPS' projects this year was to lend a hand to the USAER 95Q in Valle Hermoso. USAER is the Spanish acronym for "Services for Aid to Regular Education". Their building was damaged by an electrical fire earlier this year. USAER 95 provides workshops and assistance for families and educators who have children and students needing special educational services. They have provided helpful information on working with children who have autism. Members of the community came together to raise money for the needed repairs, and CUPS also assisted. USAER 95Q is now back up, running, and offering workshops and resources in the Valle Hermoso area. You can look up their Facebook page and even watch their work on video.

USAER95_logo image

Fidencio_with_Community_Leaders image

Mano de Leon Playground

Mano de Leon is a small fishing village on the peninsula south of Matamoros that extends down into the Laguna Madre area towards Las Higuerillas.  Mano de Leon has a long history with CUPS, and we were excited to be able to build school playground equipment for them

Mano_de_Leon_Playground_2022_1 image

Playground 1

Mano_de_Leon_Playground_2022_2 image

Playground 2

The Donation Pipeline

Medical_Equipment_Transport_2022 image
Storage_Unit_Pharr image
HopePC_G2G_Grant_2022 image


CUPS has a well oiled process for receiving donated materials, such as medical equipment, school supplies, computers, and warm clothing, and delivering them to those in need in northeastern Mexico.


Supplies are dropped off at one of the Donation Locations listed on the CUPS web site.


A network of CUPS supporters and board members transport the donations by van, truck, and/or cars to McAllen, where part time CUPS employee Rafa Sanchez inventories them in our storage unit in Pharr.


Rafa coordinates with CUPS' Fidencio Perez and/or Principal Marco Gonzalez to deliver these supplies to Mexico. Fidencio has another storage room at his home in Sta. Librada, where supplies can be stored until delivered to those who need them


Fidencio works with educators and community leaders in Mexico to identify those in need, and he delivers medical equipment, school supplies, and warm clothing to them. Many of these contacts were cultivated by Louise Flippin many years ago. Marco Gonzalez and his wife are educators who help identify educational needs, and who help place computers in schools where most needed.

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