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Horizon Hills Parenting Program

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Ventura County

Community Foundation

Annual Scholarship Application

Open through 1/20/23!

The program offers very generous education scholarships of up to $8,000 for furthering medical education. 

If you are enrolling in a medical certificate program, or working towards your Associate’s, Bachelor’s or an advanced degree, please check the Ventura County Medical Education Scholarship offered through the VCCF Scholarship Program. 

Visit https:

to learn more and apply. 

Application deadline is January 20, 2023. 



Contact Kirsti Thompson, 

Interim Scholarship Director


Call 805-497-2761 to enroll!

Space is limited.

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Conejo Valley Adult Education Enrichment Classes include fun and interesting topics such as business & finance, music & dance, fitness, food, nutrition, languages, home & garden, and many more!

Questions about our Enrichment Classes?

Call the Enrichment Department Coordinator, Anne Bartholomew, at 805-497-2761 x1201.

Basic Sign Language

  • 601.302 CVAE Main Campus  
  • Ceurvorst, Betsy
  • 1/11/23 - 3/1/23   
  • We   05:45 PM - 07:15 PM

Creative Writing Workshop

  • 8930.302 CVAE Main Campus  
  • Galloway Rogan, Kathleen  
  • 1/11/23 - 2/15/23  
  • We  07:30 PM - 09:00 PM  

Digital Photography Intro

  • 8131.302 CVAE Main Campus  
  • Ferguson, Tom
  • 1/11/23 - 2/1/23
  • We  05:45 PM - 08:45 PM 

This workshop will give you the essential skills needed to get started with digital photography. Learn about camera controls, shooting modes, file formats, resolution, memory cards, electronic flash, white balance, and downloading images to your computer. Additionally, course covers composition, simple enhancement, preparation for email or website, printers, and selecting digital image editing software. Bring your camera and the instruction manual.

Become a Seller on eBay

  • 8039.202 CVAE Main Campus  
  • Horwitz, Howard
  • 1/12/23 - 1/26/23
  • Th  01:30 PM - 03:30 PM 

eBay is both the world's garage sale for used items and a competitive online marketplace for new items. In the beginning class, you will create an eBay and Paypal account, and learn to buy, sell, and navigate the eBay universe safely. 

A Life of Joy

  • 8276.301 CVAE Main Campus
  • Leimbach, Lindsay
  • 1/23/23 - 2/13/23
  • Mo
  • 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM  

Register now at or call us at 805-497-2761

Medical Courses

The Medical Department offers programs that will teach you the necessary skills essential to gain employment in today’s busy healthcare field. Almost all healthcare professions are experiencing shortages, which means the demand for healthcare professionals is strong. Click here for specific program details or feel free to call (805) 497-2761 x1401 for further information, to have questions answered, and/or to receive guidance.

We’re standing by and eager to help you reach your career goals!

BLS Healthcare Provider CPR

The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Classroom Course teaches healthcare professionals how to recognize life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking. Hands-on practice with “smart” manikins to assure proper technique.

People who may need this course:

• EMS Personnel

• Medical Assistant

• Physicians Assistants

• Doctors/Nurses

• Physical Therapists

• Caregivers

6019.116 - CVAE Main Campus


09:00 AM – 01:30 PM

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Pharmacy Technician

  • 6009.104 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 1/14/23 - 5/20/23  
  • Saturdays  
  • 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM  

Phlebotomy Technician

  • 6005.103 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 1/21/23 - 2/25/23   
  • Sa   
  • 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Physical Therapy Aide

  • 6013.302 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 1/24/23 - 3/30/23   
  • Tu Th   
  • 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Terminology for the Medical Office

  • 6031.202 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 2/1/23 - 3/22/23
  • We
  • 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Medical Assistant

  • M601.103 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 2/6/23 - 6/26/23  
  • Mo Tu We Th  
  • 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM 

Medical Office Assistant

  • 6001.103 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 2/6/23 - 4/17/23
  • Mo Tu We Th
  • 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM 

Emergency Medical Technician

  • 6011.301 CVAE Main Campus  
  • 3/18/23 - 8/26/23  
  • Mo We  
  • 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM 

Payment Plans available for all programs! Call Robin (805) 497-2761 ext. 1401

Live Classes Online & Instructor Led

Adobe Photoshop Elements

You love your photos! Learn to use Photoshop Elements to show them off! Fix your photos, add artistic effects, and even combine images with Photoshop Elements!

Prerequisite: Digital Photo Basics, Computer Basics, or some basic computer skills.

5216.104 CVAE Main Campus  

  • Tom Ferguson
  • 1/11/23 - 2/8/23
  • We   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Enrollment closes 1/11/2023 at 9 am!


Website Development

Gain the skills you need to become a Web Developer all at a discounted package price!  Equip yourself with the skills you need to begin a new career in Website Development. Windows desktop computers and wifi provided.

Package includes:

• Website Design


• JavaScript

T522.301 CVAE Main Campus  

  • Thompson, Robert
  • 1/12/23 - 6/1/23
  • Th   06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Prerequisite: Intermediate Computing and Applications

Enrollment closes 1/12/2023 at 12 pm!

Website Design

Explore what is essential for your website to be successful. Understand how to choose a website host, register a domain name, and optimize your website so search engines show it (SEO). Master the details that are important for your website to present a professional, polished image to your audience. Windows desktop computers and wifi provided.

Course includes:

• Website Host Selection

• Registering Domain Name

• Optimize your Websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

5261.301   CVAE - CVAE Main Campus  

Thompson, Robert   1/12/23 - 2/16/23   Th   06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Prerequisite: Intermediate Level - Computing and Applications

Enrollment closes 1/12/2023 at 12 pm!


Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and create portable websites that run on any web host. Fill your pages with titles, paragraphs, pictures, and more! Appreciate how adding format, style, and color makes a web page distinctive. Recognize the benefits of creating standard headers, menus,

and footers. Unravel the techniques that make your web pages look great on any device. Windows desktop computers and wifi provided.

Course includes:

• Create Portable Websites

• Add Format, Images and Color

• Make your Website look Great on any Device

5505.301   CVAE - CVAE Main Campus  

Thompson, Robert   3/2/23 - 4/6/23   Th   06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Prerequisite: Website Design course or equivalent


Bring your web pages to life with JavaScript! JavaScript is a fully functional programming language supported by all modern browsers.  JavaScript lets you change your webpage on the fly and interact with your users. Know how to use variables and functions, control program flow, handle mouse and keyboard events, process forms, and more! Windows desktop computers and wifi provided.

Course includes:

• Change your web page “on-the-go”

• Interact with your users

• Begin your programming journey

5270.301   CVAE - CVAE Main Campus  

Thompson, Robert   4/20/23 - 6/1/23   Th   06:00 PM - 08:30 PM  

Prerequisite: HTML course or equivalent

Horizon Hills Parenting Program


It’s your Turn To Learn in a fun, interactive, cooperative learning environment for you and your children. Help your children prepare for school in a developmentally appropriate, play-based environment, learn how to model social-emotional skills, conflict resolution, and positive discipline, with the support and guidance of Credentialed Parenting Teachers. A place where both parents and children learn through PLAY

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We are here for you with Adult Basic and Secondary Education classes:

English as a Second Language (ESL); Citizenship; preparation for a High School Equivalency (HSE/HiSET) test;, vocational programs or the work force.

Students who cannot attend in person may register for online classes; access to a computer is required. 

For information about

ESL, HiSET Prep, or Citizenship classes,

call 805-497-2761 ext. 1101.

In addition, we offer a one-to-one tutoring

through our Literacy Center for qualifying students.

For Literacy Center information,

call 497-2761 ext. 1102.


Visit our Website

Be a Literacy Tutor!

CVAE Literacy Center

is looking for engaged people who really want to give back to our wonderful community. 

We are always in need of new tutors who love meeting and getting to know great people from a very diverse background. 

No experience needed. 

New Tutor Training for interested new volunteers!

For more information, you are invited to email the center coordinator at or call 805 497-2761 x1105.  

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