June 15, 2020

Phase 2 COVID-19 Review Meeting Wednesday June 17th, 7:00PM
The zoom meeting will open at 6:30 PM JUNE 17 th. We would appreciate people joining the meeting early as we need to move everyone in from a “waiting room” into the meeting. Depending on how many people decide to join the meeting this could take a while.

The actual presentation will start at 7:00 PM but if you join then you will miss the first 5 or so minutes while you wait to get moved into the meeting from the waiting room.

Apologies for the confusion on the date, JUNE 17 th  NOT JULY 17 th, and the times. This is a brave new world on Zoom for me and I appreciate your kindness and patience as I find my way.

Jane Pritchard
Interim Registrar CVBC