A Message from the CVCA Administration
2020 Distance Learning Details
Dear Parents,

CVCA will provide a distance learning option which will allow students to keep pace with learning activities and assignments in their classes. Through this platform, students will be able to keep up with their classwork any time they need to be at home – so long as they are well enough to do so – and follow along with their classmates and teachers who are in the building. This is not CVCA Online, but a livestream distance learning opportunity.

Distance learning is synchronous and will utilize classroom-based cameras and video conferencing technology. Distance learning is different from CVCA Online in that it is a “live look-in” to the in-person instruction occurring in our building. Students who are at home and able are expected to join their classes during all scheduled class times and fully participate in all assignments/assessments. In this way, students learning through the distance model will continue to progress through the curriculum. 

Distance Learning due to Acute Sickness or Symptoms:
Students should stay home and learn through the distance learning option when they are feeling sick, confirmed sick, or are self-monitoring due to possible exposure but well enough to attend class online. Parents must call the Main Office (330-929-0575) to call their student off for the day and let the Office know whether their student will be attending class online or if the student is too sick to attend class online. 

Extended Distance Learning Option:
An extended distance learning option is also available for families who do not feel comfortable with the risk of being in a group setting. Please complete THIS ONLINE FORM by August 5 indicating your family’s decision to choose this option. Families choosing the extended distance learning may indicate their choice in half-quarter increments.

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Can my student participate in extracurricular activities as a distance learner? 
Yes, students in the distance learning option will still have the opportunity to participate in in-person after school co-curricular activities. Extracurricular activities are only offered in-person on campus.

Will teachers give assistance to my student as a distance learner?  
Teachers will be available for distance learning students. Distance learning students will be encouraged to be proactive in their learning and communication with CVCA faculty and staff via email or through Canvas. Due to the realities of each teacher being responsible for in-person classroom management, students participating in the distance learning option may not always have the opportunity to ask a question in class. Also, there may be some situations where distance learning students are not able to observe all components of a particular class within a block (e.g. if a class moves outside beyond the reach of wifi).

Can my student transition from distance learning back to the traditional classroom?  
Our desire is to have students in the building as much as possible. Extended distance learning students have the option to return to on-campus classes after the half-quarter time period.

How does attendance work in distance learning?
Distance learning students must be online at the beginning of the scheduled block time when the teacher takes attendance and remain in the digital classroom throughout the period in order to be marked “POI – Present Online Instruction.”

Will distance learning be offered all school year? 
We are committed to offering distance learning for the duration of the first semester any time we are able to meet in our building. We will re-evaluate the need for this option for the second semester.

How will certain classes (e.g. physical education, band) be taught and what would be the expectations?
Extended distance learning students may have different curricular expectations in comparison to face-to-face students in certain classes where participatory activities or communal performance is a significant component of the course.

Questions? Please contact administration@cvcaroyals.org .

CVCA Administration