February 2024

Todd J. Pokrywa, President of The Viera Company,

touches on the growth of the Space Coast.

Todd Talks - Parks and Open Space


Viera's Big Year!

Eva Rey, President

Central Viera Community Association

Whenever I am faced with writing the February President’s Corner, since it is the month of LOVE, I just can’t help myself from using the #lovewhereyoulive theme, mostly because it has so many meanings. Of course, I mean that literally in that “leaning in” to the place you live and really love it makes for a happier and more meaningful experience in the community in which you live. From participating in the local events, volunteering, recreating, exploring, and just embracing the lifestyle that your community offers to getting involved in committees, social groups, helping others, and creating opportunities for others to lean in.

It also means loving your actual home. Being able to create your personal space that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle (within Viera’s architectural standards, of course! 🙂



Parades, Concerts, and Festivals, OH MY!

Hunter Parviainen

Viera is home to so many fun and exciting events during the year. The Light Up Viera Parade around the holidays and The Great American Celebration on the Fourth of July have become beloved traditions for the community. However, in our 35th year of development, the amount of events and organizations hosting events have skyrocketed. As our community expands, so do the interests and needs of residents. Today, the growing diversified lifestyle options for residents range from art festivals to drinks with your dog!

Duran Golf Club and Tradewinds Restaurant host of a variety of events and specialty nights year-round. Golf tournaments are frequently hosted here benefitting multiple local charities. Inside Tradewinds Restaurant, guests can join any of their event nights such as trivia, live music, and more! Duran Golf Club has tons of events around the holidays too including their annual Trick-or-Tee Halloween event


Survey Says!

Every month we are asking residents to answer a question just for fun!

We will reveal the answer in next months newsletter.

Please click on the answer that best represents you!

What upgraded feature would you like to add to your home?
More Storage
Outdoor living / Pool / Outdoor Kitchen
Landscaping / Hardscaping
Pet spa
Technology / Smart Home
Wine Room
Butler's Pantry
Solar Energy
Tankless Water Heater
Bidet Toilet with Advanced Smart Options (heated water, seat warmer, light, deodorization)

New to Viera or have you been here a while and want to know the facts? You should attend one of our monthly FREE Resident Orientation meetings. These two-hour classes will help keep you informed about our history, governance, local ordinances, environmental issues and so much more....including the Roundabout.


March 27

May 22

All classes are held at Addison Village Club and begin at 6:00pm.

For more information or to RSVP, email or call Hunter Parviainen: [email protected] / 321-242-1200

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