Volume 5 Issue 9
Our village has a brand new website
We've created a more beautiful showcase for our village that is easier to use
CVE Master Management has launched a brand new website for Century Village East.

The web address for the community has not changed. It remains www.CenturyVillageEast.com. But when you log on, you will see a brand new, easier to view, easier to navigate site that is a significant upgrade from our previous site.

Right on the home page you will find buttons for the most popular items, including bus schedules, the latest news, information on capital improvement projects, paying your CVE Master Management coupon, and recreation.
You will also find on the home page an easy-to-find link to report something to CVE Master Management.

This is the same program your will find on the CVE Master Management app that you should have on your smart phone (pictured here).

The new website is your one-stop-shop for all information you need here at CVE.
Summer Capital Improvement Project Update
New walkway on Lyndhurst Drive
We have completed our project along Lyndhurst Drive. We made several improvements to the area. They include a new pedestrian walkway to make the neighborhood safer.

We also redesigned the drainage system. We know this was a spot that flooded in heavy rains, so we improved the drainage to solve the problem.
Tilford pool renovation complete.
The Tilford pool is back open following our resurfacing and redesign of the swim lanes.

We made the lanes a bit wider to improve swimmer ease and safety. While we were at it, we also resurfaced the entire pool. Come on out and take a dip in the new and improved Tilford pool.
Drone footage of Lyndhurst Project
What's the MOST interesting thing in this picture???
If you ask US, we would say it's the copy of our CVE Master Management Annual Report which is a must-read here in the Village!

But the better answer might be the coyote peeking in the window! Coyotes are VERY common across South Florida, and some have been spotted in the Village. Critter Control has been hired to relocate them. They seem to be attracted to the dripping A/C lines on the sides of the buildings. Coyotes may look cute (and you may even think it is a small dog), but they are wild animals. Even though they are probably more afraid of you than you are of them, you still should not approach one if you see it.
A few reminders...

Please remember to park only in permitted spots. If you are visiting a pool, do not park at nearby buildings.
If you have a dog in the Village (and remember dogs are not allowed except for VERY limited circumstances) you MUST pick up after it.
We're continuing our annual summer repaving across the village. You can always get the latest paving information on www.keepingcvebeautiful.com
Welcome our newest team member
Please join us in congratulating our newest CVE Master Management team member.

Kira Hays joins our office as our new customer service representative.

If you stop by the office, Kira will be the first person to welcome you. We are very excited to be working with her.
Scam caller claiming to be CVE Master Management targeting residents
A scam caller has been targeting the Village by claiming to be CVE Master Management, verbally abusing residents, and issuing threats.

Numerous residents have received calls from an individual claiming to be with CVE Master Management. The fraudulent caller ID gives the impression the call is coming from the CVE Master Management office. Many of these calls are being received after business hours.

Except for emergencies or rare cases, CVE Master Management will not call you outside of business hours. If you receive an after hours call from a number that appears to be CVE Master Management, it is suggested that you let the call go to voicemail.

If you receive a call during business hours that you feel may be fraudulent, you should hang up and call our office at 954-421-5566 to confirm its authenticity.

If you find yourself on the phone with someone claiming to be CVE Master Management, do not provide ANY personal information to the caller. Do not provide any contact information for any other residents to the caller.
Message from the Executive Director
We're opening up our board meetings again
After careful consideration by our Board of Directors, we have decided to once again open our monthly Board meetings to in-person attendance.

Beginning with our September 15th meeting, you are welcome to attend in person. The meeting will be in the Activity Center at 9:30 am. You may recall the Activity Center was one of the buildings that received an upgraded air filtration system during the height of the pandemic.

The Board will be located in Activity Room A. In order to allow for appropriately distanced audience seating, we will be opening the room divider and setting up public seating in Activity Room B.

Of course, we will continue to provide a live feed of the meetings via zoom. You are always welcome to log in and join us virtually.

Meanwhile, I want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day, and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.
Be well. Stay Safe.

Vallen A. Smikle, CCIM, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.

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2) Click the link that appears and follow the directions.

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LOOK FOR THIS LINK ON OUR WEBSITE, www.CenturyVillageEast.com
Keep up to date on news from the City of Deerfield Beach
You can always check the latest information from Deerfield Beach City Hall by visiting the city's news page on its website. CLICK THE RED GRAPHIC TO VISIT THE CITY'S SITE.