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CVIF Highlights!           August/September, 2013
What have we been up to?
Starting Our Service 2013
Being a Full-time missioner in the Dominican Republic!
Two of our volunteers made it to beautiful Las Lomas, D.R. in August and already feel like part of the family! Charles Saunders and Vanessa Hornedo keep us in the loop via email and Facebook often. Here's a reflection that Vanessa writes about her first week: "The mission here in Las Lomas is one built on hope. Hope that the children here will continue to attend classes, hope that they will use their education for the common good of their village and hope that this mountain community will prosper and flourish for many years to come. I am here "Fighting hunger, feeding hope" - I am here to help fight the ongoing hunger for more - more food, more knowledge, more understanding, more opportunity."
More CVs serving...
  Catholic Volunteers Rebecca
and Kate share photos from their service this year!

Rebecca serves as a Resident Assistant at Bishop Grady Villas.
 Kate serves as an Assistant at L'Arche.
Healthy Kids Day! CVs played health focused games with children and completed health and fitness surveys for a new program called "Get Your Fit On"!

Bevin Maynard
St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
Child Advocacy Center


"St. Joseph's Hospital has been blessed since 2004 to have our first catholic volunteer- Keri-Rose Harkins; She was a keeper as we hired her and kept her for an additional 6 years! Kerri was a tremendous asset- bringing her gift of passionate care by building our mobile medical clinic outreach program from the ground up. She even drove the big bus!

We see our CVIF volunteers as team members. We like to call them interns because the experience they gain allows them to grow professionally. They do so much more! Our newest Team member,  Rachel Ehrlich came to us in August. She's already trained and working in our Safety Store. She's also working with our staff to implement a new safety product distribution program in our Pediatric Emergency Department. We plan to have her do home safety consults and provide free safety product when necessary.

What have we accomplished over the years being partnered with CVIF? All 6 of our interns have been an asset to the expansion of our community outreach programs.  

1.      Keri- Rose Harkins- Streamline our processes and became cross trained in our programs

2.      Jonathon Keenan- Helped open our Safety Store- the only one in Florida

3.      Sarah Andes- Staffed our safety store- Educated families at our community events

4.      Candace Harris- Redesigned our educational materials and assisted with Event coordination

5.      Ariel- Her amazing artistic talents allowed us to professionalize our safety boards and Traffic Safety Backdrop for our school based programs.

6.      Rachel- Taking on the task of establishing our Pedi-ED Safety Product Distribution program"




CV Johnathan promoting the Safety Store!
Have you heard?
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