CVIF February Highlights, 2014
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Recruitment 2014!
Facebook 'NOTES"
Looking Ahead...
30 Year Celebration!
 is in Full Swing!

CVIF is recruiting for the 2014-2015 Service Year starting in August. If you know of a College Graduate looking to serve a community in need for a year, send them to

 Are you interested in helping us recruit?

-Can you pass out information at your church, or in your community?

-Would your parish be willing to put CVIF in the weekly bulletin?

-Would you be willing to visit a college for us?

-Can you send information to interested people through email?

call Darcey Dinh at 407-426-7771 or at and tell her you can help!

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What's coming up for CVIF? 
- NOW!
Staff are collecting applications and holding interviews for the 2014-2015 Service Year!

- March 9th
CVIF speaks at St. John Vianney Church Youth Group
-March 13th Formation Director Darcey Dinh speaks at a Deanery-wide Theology On Tap about Service and Missions! 
-March 31st-April 4th CVIF participates in the VEV Partners National Gathering in Chicago!

-April 7th-11th CVIF Spring Retreat at the ADoMiami Youth Center  


FOCUS 11  
CVIF Director of Recruitment and Formation, Darcey Dinh attended the Diocese of Orlando's FOCUS 11 event this month put on by the Diocese of Orlando Office of Vocations, aimed at offering 11 year olds and 11th graders the chance to   learn more about vocations.
 God has called each of us to serve! Living in community and serving others in need for a year of full-time service is a great way to consider the path ahead of you. Devoting a year, or even your life to mission work is an amazing vocation opportunity. CVIF was proud to attend this event with men and women from great religious communities.
30 year Celebration was a HUGE success! 
CVIF celebrated 30 years of service this month with an anniversary celebration!
Alumni, friends of CVIF, and family gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion. Honorees Dr. Michael McCarron and Kevin Johnson were given the prestigious awards for their years of service and dedication to Catholic Volunteers In Florida. 


 Bishop Grady Villas brought their own "cheering section" to help congratulate Executive Director Kevin Johnson. Some current volunteers came to lend a helping hand that night too! Founder Fr. Pat O'Neill, and CVIF's first Executive Director John Geiger, offered tales of how our program originated 30 years ago while guests were treated to a spread of hors d'oeuvres from Cathee Brady Catering. The evening was complete with a FANTASTIC  Improv show from the local Orlando SAK Comedy Lab!

A special thanks to our Event Donors above, as well as St. James Cathedral School, Diocese of Orlando Bishop John Noonan and Chancellor for Administration Carol Brinati, CVIF Alumni and Board of Directors for helping to make this all come together.
Monthly Meeting
This month a few CVs from Orlando headed over to visit the Tampa Community. Jenna Gmeinder reflected on the weekend: We had a wonderful weekend visiting the Tampa girls for our February monthly meeting!  During our time together on Saturday we visited the Catholic church Rachel and Kristin go for worship.  We walked the church's beautiful grounds, which included the rosary path (pictures in attachment - signing cross, praying, walking path) that my Catholic friends experienced together.  Later that evening were enjoyed attending mass at the church as well! We finished up on great weekend with a night of bonding over various board game, including Clue, Life, and Harry Potter!
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