Project Update
December 2018
Dear Friends and Supporters of CVJHP,

2018 was a full and productive year! Thanks to your support and the hard work of all partners, we realized the restoration and re-dedication of two Jewish cemeteries, Penha de França and Ponta do Sol, in the island of Santo Antão , replete with resistant bronze plaques that not only describe the history of the Moroccan Jews and their descendants, but also contain the original Portuguese inscriptions translated into English for international visitors. Even the the Hebrew inscriptions and dates on some graves are rendered in English.

For more on CVJHP activities in 2018, please watch the short video below.
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Penha de França, Before Restoration,
Ponta do Sol, Before Restoration
Penha de França, After Restoration
Ponta do Sol, After Restoration
We reiterate our gratitude to H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco whose contribution is helping CVJHP to underwrite ongoing physical cemetery restoration efforts. Benefactors S. Daniel Abraham and the World Monuments Fund have financed crucial archival research and documentation by CVJHP historian, Angela Sofia Benoliel Coutinho , which will culminate in the publication of a book about the Jews of Cabo Verde.
A special thank you to Isabel Fereira Gould, CVJHP advisory board member, who offered exceptional guidance on transcribing and editing texts for the permanent signage. CVJHP also thanks volunteers Al Neustadter, Rabbi Yisrael Meyerowitz, librarian in the Judaica section of the Library of Congress, Moroccan-born professor, Moshe Cohen, and donor Marc Avissar, for their indispensable help in translating the Hebrew tombstone inscriptions. Please see our Volunteer and Advisory board pages.
Preview of CVJHP 2019 Plans
  • Complete physical restoration of the Boa Vista Jewish cemetery.
  • Install permanent signage for Praia Jewish burial plot (restored in 2013).
  • Publish a book in Portuguese on the Jewish presence in Cape Verde in the 19th century.
  • Continue education and outreach efforts in the Jewish and Cape Verdean-American communities.
Left: Deputy Mayor Francisco Dias; Rabbi Natan Peres; US Chargée d'affaires Marissa Scott; Carol Castiel
Make Your Tax Deductible Gift
Thanks to our benefactors and donors and to each and every one of you who have contributed time, funds and expertise, we had a successful 2018. As you finalize your charitable giving for the year, please consider making a donation to CVJHP, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so that we can continue our work in 2019 and beyond. You will make a difference and can take pride in the "mitzvah" of honoring and preserving the memory of the Jews of Cabo Verde and their descendants.
Rabbi Natan Peres reciting prayers in the newly restored Penha de França cemetery