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Farewell from Outgoing President Sandy Jamison
Upcoming Events
2015 Calendar of Events
WANTED - Adventure Coordinator(s)

Valley Road Cleanup

Annual Waterfall Hike & BBQ

Quebec Bike Trip

Whistler/Blackcomb in 2016

Big Sky Photos

Range News

Show N Go Skiing Report

Annual Dinner Meeting Report:

Meeting, Awards, Dinner, Raffle


Photo of the Month 

Farewell message from outgoing president Sandy Jamison


Dear CVOA members,

     Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association is one of a kind.  It's a unique blend of many people with varied interests and yet we find common threads of the love of the outdoors and the belief that it is our responsibility to care for it.  These threads are wound tightly together with respect, acceptance and friendship. 

    As we celebrate our 15th year, I reflect back on the many adventures I've enjoyed with CVOA.  I want to share one especially fond memory I have ...

     It was my first CVOA trip to Baxter and being quite new to the club, I really didn't know what to expect. I, innocent that I was, didn't know about the "A- Team..."   And so as people were talking about the hikes they planned that next day, one group was going to hike Hamlin Peak and, if time, over to Katahdin and back down.  I knew it would be a rugged hike... didn't know if I could do it.  So ... I asked a zillion questions about it, trying to figure out what to expect and see if I wanted to do it.  Pete and Judy Weston were doing this hike.  Poor Judy bore the brunt of my constant questions.

     This is the ONLY time I've seen Judy be maybe just a little bit, just a tiny bit, mildly ... hmmm... annoyed... and she finally said - "well, go if you want to and don't go if you don't want to"!  So, I decided not to go.... Until morning... then I decided I would go.  It was the toughest hike I had ever been on to that point in my life AND I was traveling with the A-Team...   I mostly remember scrambling up over rocks and around rocks and being on this open ridge and just putting one foot in front of the other. (I'm actually afraid of heights...) and I was slow.... Very, very slow.  And as we all know, the A-Team is fast, very, very fast.  Of course, they would wait for me at some beautiful stopping point, never the least bit impatient.  And to this day, I remember climbing up - seeing Pete sitting on the edge of some ledge, legs dangling and exclaiming every time - "would you just LOOK at that view!"  Big smile on his face.  Of course, they had been resting for an hour by then and jumped up to start anew.... Me, trudging behind.... 

     And so my introduction to the A-Team was one of encouragement, patience, humor and incredible appreciation for the beauty surrounding us.

     I was hooked.... on both challenging hikes and CVOA adventures.

     I've been happy to give back to a club, as secretary, vice president, and president, that gives so much - both to me personally and to the outdoors community.

     A BIG thank you goes out to each and every one of you who has dedicated time and effort to our amazing club.  Without your efforts, this club would not be able to do all that it does. It's been an honor to work with all of you. 

      And thank you, Pete Weston, (retired) treasurer, for all you have given to CVOA and for being my voice of reason and common sense, no-nonsense voice that I always knew I could count on.

     And a special (huge) thank you to my vice president, Nancy Perry for all of her support, guidance, humor and of course, good cooking:) 

     As I climb out of the saddle, I hand the reins over to a new and capable board and to our new president, Nancy Perry. 


Let the adventure(s) continue.... 

Sandy Jamison

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Upcoming Events


May 16 - Valley Roads Clean-up


May 17 - Cascade Stream Hike

Waterfall after waterfall, Quill Hill, BBQ


June 13 - Coastal Bike Ride & BBQ

We need a trip leader, can you help?


June 20 - Membership Meeting with New Board

4 p.m. at the CVOA Shooting Range, followed by BBQ


June 25-28 - Bike Trip to Quebec City

Make your reservations NOW!


2015 Calendar of Events

May 16


Valley Roads Clean-up

May 17


Cascade Falls Hike

June 13


Coastal Bike Ride & BBQ

June 20 . Membership & Board Meeting

June 25-28


Quebec Bike Trip

July 11


Chain of Ponds Paddle/BBQ

July 31-Aug 2


Summer Camping Weekend

August 9


Dead River Paddle/BBQ

September 18-20


Little Lyford Pond

September 26


Exploring The Bigelows

October 11


Exploring The Bigelows

October 9-12


Sugarloaf Homecoming

October 24


Exploring The Bigelows

Stayed Tuned . Golf Fun Day


How about planning an Adventure? Or becoming an Adventure Coordinator?

Leaderless Adventures are the June 13 Coastal Bike Trip and a Foliage Weekend.

     Interested? Contact Nancy Perry, CVOA President, at cvoa.president@gmail.com.

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Wanted - Adventure Coordinator(s) 
  CVOA Needs Your Help!      

     CVOA is looking for 1 or 2 new activity coordinators as Linda & Jan are both stepping down.  Anyone interested in helping out with this important position can contact Linda at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com for details. She would be more than happy to talk to folks and explain what's involved, and is happy to work with folks to bring them up to speed. 

    The Adventure Coordinator(s) do not bear the job of being trip leaders, but rather oversee and coordinate the adventures for the year. Our trips and adventures are a big part of what CVOA is all about; it is critical that we fill this position by June 1st.


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Valley Roads Cleanup

Saturday, May 16th


Every year, a Saturday in May is spent by local volunteers cleaning up the roadsides of Carrabassett Valley. Mark your calendars for this year's event on May 16th and join a contingent of CVOA members for this important and fun event. Details will be published in the CVOA May newsletter and in the Irregular.

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Annual Waterfall Hike and BBQ

Cascade Stream in Rangeley - Sunday, May 17


     Join us for a short hike along Cascade Stream, which has waterfall after waterfall.      This is one of the most scenic hikes in the area.  It is an easy to moderate hike, but not very long, and at the top you are overlooking a gorge that is over 150 feet deep.

     After the hike we will drive up Quill Hill for a 360 degree view of the Rangeley area.  We will then make our way to Joe & Gail's camp for a CVOA potluck BBQ.  Be sure and save the date.  This hike got rave reviews last year, you won't want to miss it.  Look for more details in our May newsletter, but it is not too early to sign up with Gail Miller at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.

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Bike Trip in Quebec City

Arrive Thursday, June 25 - Depart Sunday, June 28


Bob Brickley is our trip leader for the popular Quebec Bike Trip in June. He has reserved 21 rooms at the Hotel Le Saint-Paul, the same hotel as last year.


Prices per room for two persons (includes breakfast, taxes, bike storage):

  • Standard Room with 1 Queen bed -   493.83$ CAD
  • Superior Room with 1 King bed -       529.35$ CAD
  • (there are no twin rooms available)

A Welcome Party will be held on Thursday evening with appetizers and a cash bar. Cost is 8.50$ CAD per person. The cost of parking has not yet been determined.


Payment Schedule:

We need a deposit of $150.00 USD per room by April 23, 2015.  

Second payment of $135.00 USD per room is due May 22, 2015.

Balance is paid at check in.

Payment is to be made by check to "CVOA" and mailed to Bob Brickley, 26 Cooke Road, Plymouth, MA 02360.


To reserve your spot on this trip, or if you have questions, email Bob Brickley at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com, or call him at 508.830.0299.


Click here to check out the photos from last year's trip.

CVOA is going to Whistler/Blackcomb in 2016!!

Big Sky Post Trip Photo Party was well attended.


     Nearly 60 CVOA members gathered at the CVPL Begin Room on March 21st for the annual post ski trip picture party.  While snacking on the various tasty appetizers made by the attendees and enjoying our favorite beverages, we watched the photo show put together by Lee Souweine.  Lee collected photos from others on the Big Sky trip, and included videos he took with his Go-Pro.  There were photos and videos of skiing at Big Sky, as well as from the day trip to Yellowstone.  Lee even had a video of 2 stag elks fighting. 

     Lee also had photos and videos from the failure of the King Pine lift earlier that day.  Lee was on the lift and had to be evacuated and he took videos of the whole event.  Meanwhile, his son was in line at the bottom and took videos of the lift going backwards and people jumping off the chairs.  Needless to say, it was amazing and quite unnerving to watch.

     The attendees weren't there just to see the photos and to visit with their friends; they had a job to do!  This meeting is traditionally when we decide where the ski trip destination will be next year.  Peter Weston put together a Power Point presentation highlighting the features of three areas recommended by our tour operator, Great Events & Escapes: Telluride, Colorado; Banff, Alberta; and Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia. It was a tough decision, as all three are great areas. In the end Whistler/Blackcomb was the winner, easily beating out Banff and Telluride.  We expect to book the trip for the last week of February or the first week of March. 

     Look for more information on the Whistler trip, including pricing, in the CVOA May newsletter.  If you are seriously interested in going on the trip to Whistler, please let Cindy Foster know, so she can get an idea of the level of interest and wishes. Condo or Hotel room? Air from Boston or own air? This will help us work with GE&E on an appropriate package.  Contact Cindy (our fearless trip leader again next year) at cvoa.membership@gmail.com.

~ Peter Weston

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Big Sky Photos



Click here to view over 200 photos from our Big Sky trip:


Click here to view photos from the Yellowstone Day Trip:


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Range News


     As usual, we'll kick off the 2015 season of trap shooting on the first Sunday of June and continue through the middle of November. The May newsletter will contain complete information about the Range Tags and early-season Range events.


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'Show and Go' Sunday Skiing


Paul and Linda Trueworthy, Doug Andrews, Zoey and Chris (taking the photo) Paradis enjoyed a sunny Sunday morning of skiing together.

March 29 - CARRABASSETT VALLEY - With another successful season, Show & Go Skiing has gone into the record books with today's last official meet-up of myself and four other CVOA'ers. I want to thank all of you who came out to join the group this year, despite the many very cold Sunday mornings, for some fun and camaraderie with fellow CVOA members.


Until next year, I want to wish everyone a great finish to the 2014-15 ski season over the next few weeks and many great summer outdoor adventures!!!



Christopher Paradis


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Annual Dinner Meeting - The Meeting


CVOA members elected a new slate of officers and board members at its annual

Outgoing president Sandy Jamison, leading her last meeting.

 dinner meeting March 28.  The newly elected officers include:

  • President: Nancy Perry
  • Vice President: John Morey
  • Seretary: Cindy Foster
  • Treasurer: Gail Miller

Newly elected board members include:

  • Glenn Bickford
  • John Pease
  • Mark Curtis

Reelected to three year terms were:

  • Jim Heichel
  • Rick Young
Peter Weston presented the CVOA Treasurer's Report for 2014View it HERE.
Annual Dinner Meeting - the Awards



     Two CVOA members received special honors during the outdoor club's annual dinner meeting March 28. The meeting, planned as a celebration of CVOA's 15th birthday, focused on the volunteer spirit that has kept the organization alive and flourishing since its founding.

     Veteran CVOA member Peter Weston was recognized for years of dedicated service as treasurer, president, vice president, ski trip leader, event coordinator, adventure leader, TV personality, spokesman and salesman.

     "Pete has suffered through countless board meetings that have run past the happy hour deadline and yawned through far too many debates over such monumental matters as the CVOA logo design and been forced to wade through sloppy expense reports, illegible receipts and frivolous spending by members in order to keep our bottom line in the black," said incoming president Nancy Perry.

     Cindy Foster, CVOA's new secretary, was named Volunteer of the Year.

     "Cindy is a powerhouse who never says no. She finds a way to make things happen. She has revamped the way we communicate with our members and has brought CVOA into the 21st century," said outgoing CVOA President Sandy Jamison in presenting the award. Sandy noted that Cindy had upgraded CVOA's archaic membership system, improved the club's email communication system and, in her spare time, organized a week-long ski trip to Big Sky that drew record numbers of CVOA skiers to the Montana resort.


     Others honored for the volunteer service to the club included:

  • Sandy Jamison, who served as president, vice president and secretary for four years. "Sandy epitomizes the volunteer spirit that keeps CVOA alive. It's been a tough ride, but she has weathered it with a smile!" said incoming President Nancy Perry.
  • Peg Bickford, who served as secretary for 2 years and has led the club on many adventures, including two weekend trips to Stonington. "We know Peg will continue to play a vital role in the workings of CVOA," said Sandy.
  • Longtime Adventure Coordinator Linda Trueworthy, who is stepping down after several years of planning events and adventures, including hiking, biking, canoe and camping trips. "She keeps the fun factor alive," said Nancy.
  • Jan Doherty, who worked with Linda to plot CVOA's 2015 adventures. "Jan is always the first to volunteer to help out during all our adventures," said Nancy.
  • Diane and Ray Stone, Range Volunteers of the Year for their work at the CVOA shooting range: helping young folk learn to shoot and handle a bow and arrow, working on the annual BBQ, cleaning up after trap shoots and bringing "an exuberance and enthusiasm that sets a positive tone," according to Sandy.

~ Nancy Perry

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Annual Dinner Meeting - The Dinner

Great Fun, Great Food!

Mardi Gras hats and accessories for all! Front and center: Dennis, Bee, Pete
Nancy Perry and Jeannette Parker sure know how to throw a party! 
(with Sandy Jamison's help, too)



     Gumbo is really just a big pot of heavily spiced soup featuring the Cajun "Holy Trinity": onion, celery and pepper. If you toss in garlic, it's the Holy Trinity and The Pope. Round it out with whatever else suits your fancy: seafood, chicken, sausage ... rice ... okra ... chef's choice. Plan on a cup or bowl per person depending on the go-withs. This one is a classic chicken and sausage ... sometimes called Gumbo Ya Ya.



Olive oil for sautéing

Pete Weston, retiring treasurer; 
Rick Chenard, gumbo wait staff.

1-2 lb. boneless chicken, cut in chunks

1-2 lb. sausage (I used a mix o

f sweet, hot and chorizo)

2 large onions, diced

1 pepper, diced

1 cup celery, diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

4-6 tbl. flour

4-6 cups good chicken stock (homemade  ... Better Than Bouillon brand)

1 tbl. fresh thyme

Creole seasoning, file powder, black pepper and red hot sauce to taste

2-2 cups rice, cooked

1-2 cups frozen peas or okra

1 cup green onion, diced


     In large fry pan, sauté chicken chunks in oil until brown. Don't crowd pan... do it in batches. Remove chicken to soup pot ... add a little stock to fry pan and stir, scraping up brown bits. Add to soup pot. Reserve chicken.

     Repeat, using up all the chicken.

     Sauté sausage, reserving grease.

     Add more oil to fry pan. Add diced veggies and quick fry until they start to wilt. Add reserved grease. Sprinkle with flour and stir until flour begins to brown. Add stock to cover and stir to make a thick roux, adding more stock if it get too thick.

     Spoon veggies and roux into soup pot. Add spices and remaining stock. Simmer 1 hour, adding more liquid if needed. Add reserved chicken and sausage and cook another hour. Add rice and peas and warm through before serving. Top with scallions and celery leaves if desired.


~ Nancy Perry

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Annual Dinner Meeting - the Raffle Winners   


Three CVOA members hit it lucky Saturday night (March 28) when their tickets were drawn in the organization's annual raffle worth a total of $1,500 in prizes.

  • Diane Stone of New Gloucester was the winner of the grand prize -- a Sugarloaf season's pass for the 2015-16 season.
  • Doug Andrews of Falmouth had the lucky ticket for a Ruger 10-22 Anniversary Model .22 caliber rifle, or for the equivalent value of equipment at Howell's Sporting Goods in Gray.
  • And Phyllis Coggeshall of Falmouth won an overnight for two along with dinner, breakfast and a bag lunch at any of the Maine Huts & Trails huts.

Raffle Chairman John McCatherin thanked Maine Huts & Trails for their donation of the huts package and Sugarloaf and Howell's Sporting Goods for their significant contributions towards their prizes.


~ John McCatherin

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Discounts for CVOA members:  


Maine Huts and Trails offers a $10 discount on the cost of an annual 
Maine Huts & Trails membership to all CVOA members. Use the code "CVOA" online, or contact


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Photo of the Month


Photo by Steve Schaefer during fishing season in Grand Lake Stream.


     Submit your photo for consideration as our photo of the month. It must be taken by a CVOA member within the past year, and somehow relative to CVOA. 

~ Cindy Foster, Newsletter Editor - cvoa.membership@gmail.com

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