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School Meals During School Closure  
  The "CA Meals for Kids" mobile app has been updated to help students and families find meals during COVID-19-related emergency school closures. It's available on Apple, Android, or Microsoft mobile devices. Download it here: 
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Using Short Meditations to Cope   
The coronavirus is testing our leadership in ways we have never experienced or imagined. Individuals respond in different ways and how we respond makes a huge difference for the workplace.This blog provides insight into how to recognize individual reactions and respond in healthy ways that support colleagues including use of meditation for any age. Free meditations are being offered during the COVID-19 outbreak. 
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Families First Coronavirus Response Act 
On March 18, 2020, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was signed into law, marking the second major legislative initiative to address COVID-19 (the first was signed on March 6 and provided emergency funding relief for domestic and global efforts). The Families First act included $500M in additional funding for WIC. Kaiser Permanente has provided a summary of the Families First act, including a table of key provisions, including paid sick leave, insurance coverage of coronavirus testing, nutrition assistance, and unemployment benefits.
Negotiations Over Stimulus Bill Continue  
As a response to an initial stimulus bill being stalled in the Senate by a lack of support, the House Democrats have released a counter-proposal, the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act. The Democrats' bill would prevent corporations from using taxpayer money for stock buybacks, boost unemployment insurance, strengthen the child and earned income tax credits and inject nearly $40 billion into schools and universities to stabilize funding. It also directs billions of dollars in grant funding for states to carry out this year's election through the Election Assistance Commission.
CWA News
CA WIC Clinics are Serving Families
WIC services are being provided across California thanks to the strong collaboration between state and local agency WIC staff. Existing WIC participants, other families re-engaging with WIC and new participants are receiving food benefits. To protect participants and staff, a variety of clinic operations such as remote issuance of benefits, texting, email, videoconferencing, and delivery to participant's cars in parking lots, are being used. Surge shopping has created food and infant formula shortages, especially challenging when WIC shoppers are limited in their selections. CDPH WIC leadership is communicating with grocers and infant formula manufacturers, and local agencies are engaging with local grocers and assisting participants. The COVID-19 outbreak comes as state and local staff prepare for the final regional roll out on March 30 of the new WIC card, WIC app, and WIC WISE MIS system. These historic changes, over a decade in the making, modernize and streamline services for participants and staff. The new card has made benefits issuance much easier than checks during the virus crisis. Heartfelt thanks to the WIC staff who have worked quickly and collaboratively to ensure WIC benefits are provided and also taken care to protect the health and safety of participants and staff.
Spring Conference - Rescheduled!
CWA has rescheduled the annual conference and trade show to July 6-9 at the same hotel, the Town & Country, in San Diego. This year's theme, Unite, Inspire, Uplift Empowering California Families could not have been more accurate for the challenges we are under. We have updated our registration site with the new dates.If you were registered to come in April and are able to come in the summer, you can keep your registration as is. We will offer you a full refund if you cancel your registration by June 5, 2020. The hotel cancelled all rooms for April and sent cancellation notices. A new hotel link will be live soon and new rooms must be reserved for July. Please contact Meghan Saddler at or Lena Workman at with any questions.  
Our Top News Picks
COVID-19 and Pregnancy
Pregnancy can sometimes be an uncertain and stressful period in the best of circumstances. But during a pandemic, that anxiety can quickly multiply. Researchers are working quickly to learn more about what the new coronavirus - as well as its impact on our daily lives - means right now for people who are pregnant. And health care providers are game-planning with mothers about how to best manage care in light of growing limits on public contact. Check out NPR's round up of what research has been done and what experts are saying to make the safest choices you can. 
Antibiotic Use in Pregnancy Contributes to Obesity Risk for Children
A study in Obesity shows that children whose mothers took antibiotics during the second trimester of pregnancy have increased likelihood of being obese or overweight, compared with those whose mothers did not use to antibiotics during pregnancy. The findings, based on data from 23 studies, also showed a higher risk of overweight or obesity among children who were exposed to antibiotics when they were infants, compared with those who had no exposure during infancy. 
Breast Milk May Help Prevent Sepsis in Pre-Term Infants  
A study out of Washington University School of Medicine finds that, in mice, a component of breast milk may help protect premature babies from developing sepsis a fast-moving, life-threatening condition triggered by infection. A molecule called epidermal growth factor in breast milk activates receptors on intestinal cells to keep dangerous gut bacteria from migrating into the bloodstream, where such microbes can prompt sepsis. Researchers say that an implication of the study is not only the necessity of using breast milk to feed preemies whenever possible, but milk with higher concentrations of epidermal growth factor. They speculate it may be possible to add epidermal growth factor to donor breast milk or formula that has lower amounts of the important substance.
CWA COVID-19 Resources Page
CWA has now posted a COVID-19 Resources Page. It includes guidance and information from CDPH WIC and USDA about WIC policies and changes to the way services are offered to meet this moment, as well as resources for staff and families about unemployment, food, housing, and resources for education while kids are out of school. We will continue updating this page as the situation changes and more resources become available. 
NOURISH! Supporting Postpartum Families and Community Restaurants
Postpartum families need support and nourishment more than ever during "shelter in place." For a list of restaurants and nutritionist-selected postpartum dishes visit: . Postpartum moms, family and friends can order these dishes for direct delivery from the selected restaurants. Due to rapidly changing situations, restaurants are struggling to stay open. Let's support postpartum families and community restaurants! (Status of restaurants and availability of dishes may fluctuate.) The launching of NOURISH! was initially planned for Postpartum Justice Day - May 17, 2020. We are soft launching it now to mitigate the impact of "shelter in place" on birthing families and community restaurants. Please share this information with prenatal clinics, OB offices, friends, and families. Postpartum nourishment is crucial to healing and breastfeeding. M2M Postpartum Justice Project is 100% volunteer-run and community-based. It has no financial arrangement with the restaurants. Restaurants and dishes were selected by nutritionists and M2M team members. For additional information: and @m2mpostpartum or contact: . 
Webinars on Infant Nutrition and Healthy Weight  
The American Academy of Pediatrics, Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight, has published two webinar recordings on infant nutrition and healthy weight . The " Empowering Families to Make Healthier Food Choices Through WIC " presentation provides an overview of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and how it relates to obesity prevention. The " Early Child Nutrition: From Birth to Two Years " presentation highlights key findings from the article titled " Dietary quality among children from 6 months to 4 years, NHANES 2011-2016 ."  
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