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CWA Flash E-Newsletter - February 21, 2017
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Tax Season
Working families may be eligible for tax credits worth thousands of dollars, especially here in California with the state EITC - and free help filing their taxes - even if they did not earn enough in 2016 to owe income tax! See our February WIC Can Help info and referrals to help WIC households this tax season.
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Getting Enough Vitamin D?
A recent analysis suggests vitamin D may help reduce the risk of respiratory infections, including colds and flu - especially among people who don't get enough of the vitamin from diet or exposure to sunlight.
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Policy Updates
Affordable Care Act Update
Last week Republican policymakers shared an outline of repeal and replace plans for the ACA. While some aspects of the paper are conceptually improvements, access and coverage for sick and low-income individuals are seriously threatened. The Republicans' emerging blueprint includes expanding Health Savings Accounts, but these accounts are used mostly by higher-income earners. The return of high-risk health insurance pools, which were used before the ACA, forecasts multiple problems with patients not getting coverage, unaffordable premiums, lack of access to health care and some patients literally dying while waiting for care. Tax credits to help Americans without employer-provided insurance are proposed on a per-person basis, with low-income and wealthy individuals receiving the same credits. States that created the Medicaid expansion are not expected to receive extra funding, and proposed 'per capita caps' raise concerns about access and coverage for low-income individuals, with more than 20 million folks expected to lose coverageincluding huge losses for the gains made for CA children. The "repeal and replace" legislation is expected to be taken up and passed under an expedited process requiring only 51 votes for passage in the Senate (known as reconciliation). ACTION: Attend a town hall meeting and follow the dialogue as members are back in their districts and many are at Town Hall meetings, hearing from constituents that health care access needs to be protected.
DC, Here Comes WIC!
We are ready to provide WIC program education to our Washington representatives while we learn and network with our national WIC colleagues at the NWA Washington Leadership Conference next week. 38 WIC staff will visit our 53 House Members and our State Senators describing the need among young families for effective nutrition and breastfeeding support and healthy foods for growing children. Not going to Washington this year? Check out these resources that you can use to invite your representative to visit WIC sites in your district! We can say with confidence and pride that WIC makes America great!
Dietary Guidelines Report
Optimizing the Process for Establishing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: The Selection Process, focuses on the process of establishing the committee that creates the guidelines. The 2015-20 Dietary Guidelines, received significant criticism and Congress ordered a review of how the guidelines are established. ACTION: Read the report and background to understand the use of the guidelines in setting nutrition policy.

CWA News
Spring Conference Updates
With 6 weeks to go before we meet in San Diego April 9-12, the  CWA Annual Conference & Trade Show  is on target to be another outstanding opportunity for learning, networking and professional development. In a few words: exemplary agenda, engaging trade show, community-building meetings, challenging activities, competitive teamwork, and new twists. Get your agency team ready for this year's team competition: the "CWA Go!" scavenger hunt - more info on the web page next week. New this year-bring your lunch to lunchtime table talks on using tech to engage families and working with farmers' markets to accept the FVC- check the agenda.  ACTION:  Send in your  Local Agency Sharing  information to reserve your table.  Register online  by March 31, or in-person at the conference.

Our Top News Picks
More Kids Eating Breakfast at School
According to the latest School Breakfast Scorecard , an annual report released by the Food Research and Action Center, school breakfast participation among low-income kids grew 3.7 percent in the 2015-16 school year. Over 12 million low-income kids now eat breakfast at school, up almost 50 percent from 10 years ago. Advocates attribute the growth to the expansion of the Community Eligibility Provision, which permits schools where 40 percent of the student body qualifies for free or reduced-price meals to offer meals free to all students, reducing stigma and paperwork while funneling additional federal money to nutrition programs in high-poverty schools. It also makes sure more kids get breakfast - 9.4 percent more kids compared to control schools, according to USDA - which is linked to better standardized test scores and less truancy and tardiness. House Republicans attempted to reform the program in their version of last year's Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill. They believe CEP unfairly subsidizes the meals of kids who could afford to pay full price, and have advocated for a 60-percent threshold to determine a school or district's eligibility.
New Consensus on Maternal Mental Health Care
A series of recommendations jointly issued by ACOG, the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health, and other groups calls on OBGYNs to integrate mental health care into their care of pregnant and postpartum women. Perinatal depression affects one in seven women during pregnancy, while 11- 21% experience anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. The recommendation bundle aims to provide a framework for women's health care providers to use in developing a system of care that includes: standardized risk assessment for existing or emerging mental health issues; strategies for brief interventions; identification of available community resources ; and/or resources to support the provider in addressing the woman's needs facilitating appropriate referrals, and addressing emergencies to prevent harm.

Get Action Alerts to Defend ACA Breastfeeding Provisions
It will likely be weeks or even months before we know what to expect for the ACA breastfeeding provisions. Although everything is still very much up in the air right now, action alerts will be fast and furious in the weeks ahead. The U.S. Breastfeeding Committee has launched a new text alert system to ensure that dedicated supporters can quickly and easily respond to action opportunities right from their phone. Sign up by texting USBC to 555888.
Three Key Years
Providing a rich and stimulating environment during a child's first three years has long lasting impact. Taking advantage of everyday experiences and interacting with children grows healthy brains. Check out the Three Key Years website with resources for parents, care providers, policy makers and educators.
UC Davis Maternal & Child Nutrition Graduate Program
There's still time to apply for UC Davis' Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition , a program designed specifically for full-time, working professionals who want to earn an advanced degree in this specialized area. Students in this 36-unit, part-time program will learn from internationally known researchers and faculty who have shaped U.S. and international policy on maternal and child health, and discover how to design, implement and evaluate nutrition intervention programs for mothers and children from a variety of backgrounds. Applications are due April 15 for the fall 2017 program. For more information, call (800) 752-0881 or email extension@ucdavis.edu .

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