APRIL 8, 2021
Corrections: A previous version of this newsletter stated that the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act has been introduced - hearings have started, but as of today there is no bill introduced.
Child Nutrition Reauthorization Hearings Commence

Last week there was a hearing in the Senate on Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) Act, which normally every 5 years, authorizes a number of child nutrition programs, including WIC. You can watch the hearing, including the excellent testimony of Heidi Hoffman, Colorado WIC Director (starting at minute 59). ACTION: This is the year to lift our WIC voices. We need to be ready in the coming months when we can weigh in on the CNR for modernizations and innovations. Be sure to let your community partners know this important legislation is moving ahead.
WIC Online Shopping: Click and Collect
There is great interest in online shopping. An excellent foundational report on the issue was provided by NWA as a product of the national workgroup including business partners and WIC staff. Researchers at University of Tennessee and No Kid Hungry recently released the results of their Click and Collect shopping study and this infographic. Dr. Betsy Anderson, University of Tennessee and Noora Kanfash, NWA, will present a workshop on this, on May 5 at the CWA conference. 
Expansion of Postpartum and Pediatric Health Care

State advocacy and federal funding opportunities are directed at expanded health care coverage for women to 12 months postpartum, and children to 5 years. Currently in CA, full coverage for both is provided through Dec. 2021, under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. A coalition of maternal, infant and child health advocates, are requesting the coverage to be made permanent (page 27). For postpartum women, the recently passed American Rescue Plan includes a new state option for extending the 60-day postpartum period to 12 months, with federal matching funds. 
CWA Conference - Share Your New Ways to Work!

Innovative ways to work are being created and tested in local agencies and that information needs to be shared! A simple way to share ideas is at the spring conference in the Local Agency Sharing. Complete this simple form and CWA staff will set up your information so other agencies can easily learn from you. It can be any idea, like an employee performance monitoring form for remote services, protocols for issuing and receiving breast pumps with partner hospitals or via curbside services, or how to use technology for separation of duties in hybrid and remote services, or anything your colleagues could use to improve their services. The more we share the faster we can improve! 
First Annual CMQCC Hospital Awards
California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) provides their annual report, highlighting their multi-strategy effort over 15 years, to ensure birth equity and anti-racist care practices for all California birthing people. Check out the first annual hospital awards, including hospitals that implemented the Maternal Data Center breastfeeding data measures.

Pregnancy Complications May Indicate Future Cardiovascular Risk
Certain pregnancy-related complications may represent “red flags” for future cardiovascular disease in pregnant and postpartum women with a history of complications of pregnancy, according to new research.

Family Meals Cut Risk for Obesity, Eating Disorders
Eating traditions must be preserved in order to maintain the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and promote the health of the younger generations, according to research in Spain.

Stockton Universal Income Pilot Pays Off
A high-profile universal basic income experiment in Stockton, Calif., which gave randomly selected residents $500 per month for two years with no strings attached, measurably improved participants' job prospects, financial stability and overall well-being, according to a newly released study of the program's first year.

Get vaccinated—it’s safe, effective, and free!
Vaccination is one of the most important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic. All Californians 50 or older are now eligible for vaccination. Every Californian 16 and up will be eligible for vaccination on April 15, 2021.
Tax Credits and Tax Help
Throughout California, millions of people are working hard to make life better for themselves and their families. WIC Can Help by playing a critical role in informing participants about their eligibility for various tax credits. 
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